Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Teenagers Alive

Like, I've actually been having some leisure time at work. Freaking jobless but I'm like, really psyched since it gives me the opportunity to like, polish off the endless rows of books unread from my desk. Finally.

A few coma-inducing ones unfortunately ( insert yawn here! ) but seems I can't find winners in the whole bloody grab bag after all. Then I find My Side of the Story by Will Davis. God, the definition of where it's at! And I'm like, all blitzed out, man.... suddenly all slacker sixteen ( just a shade older than the molestables ) wrestling with my hardly repressed sexuality, sneaking out for a smoke and a fumble in the gay bar, causing minor havoc in school with the homophobic neanderthal goons - and at home with the way-uncool parental units and my holier-than-thou sister.

Not that I was any of the above. Like I totally swear with fingers crossed and all.

Damn, it's hard being a teenager!

Total shocker by the way but in comparison to chip-on-the-shoulder troubled rebel-without-a-cause Jarold, I'm practically a freakin' monk. Robes and crosses, really, hanging out with the other dudes in denial back in the monastery. Seriously, I never really had all that much teenage angst myself - well, I like don't think I did :) Though you gotta ask the gory deets from my mom to be sure. Seems like I always had my head screwed on straight most days. Sure, I like, had the weekly teenage revolt against parental authoritarianism and mindless conformity but ended most with a peaceable time out.

Like what's the point? Do y'know what I mean?

First off, though I had my totally wild shenanigans and stuff on the side ( make that hottie ex fucker on the side ), I like, remained on the straight and narrow for the most part. Made my way through boring classes without playing hooky. Inevitably punked a few lame posers but mostly adolescent mischief rather than juvie hall. Probably would make you boys snigger some but though I choked some smokes ( disgusting habit, really! ), I never really delved into the blissful E-zone. Fumbles in the little boy's room with my ex but certainly no spaced out mornings in a stranger's bed ( well not till later at least ).

Hell. Maybe I'd be like less uptight if I had. :P Though it'd be a damned sight more exhausting with all the crazy highs and lows for sure. Isn't it like totally weird that kids wish to be older ( Strapping Shane for one ) while old folks my age ( not me for sure! ) would kill to be teens again? Like I already left all the pimpled troubles of adolescence behind - and certainly wouldn't want a horrifying revisit - but I certainly wouldn't mind having the totally juiced-up metabolism of a teenager again :)

But seriously, tell me straight, would you wanna be an angsty teenager again?


charming.calvin said...

I wouldn't mind going through my secondary school again. It was the best time of my life, though most would say it's their university time. I was carefree and without homosexual desire, even though I already knew I am gay. Started to struggle in university. And the coming out when working. It is not easy to cope with, really. If only I could turn back time.

Sue said...

No way in hell would I be a teen again. I hated it. My parents divorced, my family was dysfunctional, it was a nightmare. I would, however be 30 again. That was when the really good years began.

angel said...

Wot's up, Doc! ;)

Teenager again? Why not? Gee, my secondary school was also the best times of my life, not uni years.

*shakes hands with charming.calvin*

But then again, I don't think I'd want to take up the opportunity to go back in time... better to move forward, aye? :)

So you have been to Ikealand before too? Don't you think everything there is so Ikea?? And you had McD's everyday?? Get outta here! :p

mstpbound said...

i wouldn't mind being a teenager again...it was so much easier being thin, and i never had to study. ;p ;p

gaia19 said...

I am a teenager. Not an angsty one. But damn I don't want to get older. That means jobs and bills right? No thanks lol

RcKs said...

You deleted my comment! :p

18 isn't that far from you too. Muahahaha.

Renegade Rickie :x

Jonzz said...

Ahh.. it would be nice to be thin... oops... teen again. Albeit with a little bit more hindsight and experience for cheating and making alternative choices.

Maybe life would have been easier if you know the future.

Dang.. I think I watched too much 'Next'.

jay said...

I'm 22 and whilst I don't want to be a teenager again, i feel like once the teenage years end, time just seems to fly by so far like once big blur. 2007 is already almost halfway over...

William said...

I wouldn't mind a 2nd growth spurt. :P

Kiss My Mike said...

yeah. tell me about it. the thing about growing older is that people's expectations of you (and maybe your own too) tend to be higher as well. i guess that part freaks most grown-ups out, hence, we desire the teen lives with little real-world rules and only stuff like curfew, no drinking, smoking etc.

Cyclohelix said...

Certainly wanna turn-back-time to fulfil those unfinished business...yesterdays so lost and gone, and the future's so out there.. I need some 'Next' or 'Click' (or a man, least there's still a slim chance for 1800-dial-a-man :P)

strapping.shane said...

Can someone spare me ten years? I wanna be older... :P

Psychosis Personified said...

Loooove your writing style. Random, witty, coveniently descriptive. THIS is why I love gay men. One of the most entertaining blogs I've ever read....the eye candy that follow each post helps a lot too. :-)

Janvier said...

While we love the idea of going through the years again gotta remember that there was a mix of bad and good - the biggest one being the fact that whenever we dream of exams they're now labelled nightmares. Imagine having to sit through papers for subjects you absolutely abhor, again.

savante said...

GASP. But without desire, it would have been dull, calvin. What about the one night stands and the drunken nights?

Ouch. That must have been traumatizing, sue!

Yeah, angel, I have been to ikealand and spent my time in KcD. Cheaper mah. Either that or sucking on hotdogs while drooling over the hunky Swedes.

Never had to study, mstp? Surely you must have cracked a book or two :)

Right idea, gaia :) Bills suck majorly.

I didn't delete? Did I? But you're pretty young lah, rickie. It's nice to be young.

And thin too as jonzz said.

No argument there. After leavings chool, time does fly, jay. I wonder why.

GASP. How short are you, william?!

Expectations. Sigh. So hard to live up to, mike.

Next or Click, helix? :)

Why older? Everything will be sagging then, shane.

Thanks, psychosis :) Always nice to have praise.

Exams, janvier? Thank god you reminded me of something I abhor.