Monday, January 31, 2005

A brief intro - and a start of my blog

Just a few days ago, a real cutie suggested that I should write a column ala Carrie Bradshaw, something about life, work and all the rest. Not that I would aspire to such heights of greatness but it seemed like a great idea at the time though. Lately however, with my less than desirable workhours, my nonexistent social life and the obvious lack of desirable men in a 5 km radius, I should probably be writing something closer to Celibacy in the City. Not that easy writing about sex when the last time I wore a condom had to be - embarassingly enough - more than six months ago.

Lately dating has been getting a bad name in my books. There seems to be a dearth of men that I find interesting, gay and importantly enough, single. Certainly the small town that I live in has its obvious limits. With a population of almost half a million, I would only have to work with less than 50,000, assuming that a tenth of them are gay. The numbers would be halved with an assumed number of lesbians in between. Weed out the ones already attached, the ones still heavily in the closet, the ones that are jailbait and close to fishbait, the ones who are actually in jail ( and we're not talking about the hunky Chris Meloni in Oz types ) and we're left with a significantly smaller number. Not very favourable odds for me.
Man with a tool
Furthermore in a small town the size of mine, there is a decided lack of facilities catering to gay men like myself. There are the obvious meeting places for gay men such as the notorious park in the centre of the historical enclave ( a surprisingly rural vista admittedly ) where it's rumoured blowjobs are freely available and also the oddly suspicious sauna only for men in town. Both of which I have yet to patronize.
Small town conservatism acts as another barrier for me as I search out the available gay men in the area. It isn't all that easy for a rusty gay-dar like mine to detect the gems in the rough when most of the men here remain straight-acting and stubbornly refuse to show any signs of homosexuality.

I am not obsessively picky like Carrie, I doubt I'd be asking for much. A big heart, a great smile, a wonderfully wacky sense of humour and ... well lately, I have been having a
queer eye for decorating, so a guy who's reasonably handy with his power tools would be great.
So to all you gay men in the small towns around the world, I salute you if you've already found someone. And if you haven't, well there are well-deserved holidays in the more cosmopolitan cities around the world where sex and companionship can be found in other than shady parks.