Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Getting the hands wet

Does anyone hate doing laundry as much as I do? :) It's boring, it's dull and there's only the monotonous rumble of the washing machine to contend with while you wait. I do have my own at home which I use regularly and I usually hang out the wash like a good housefrau in the evenings ( anyone looking for a reasonably attractive househusband who bakes a mean cheesecake? ). Hanging laundry has to be one of the most boring jobs in the world...

Laundry Business

Perhaps it was the detergent fumes, the blistering sun or the sheer boredom but I did something oddly unprecedented today when I went out for a bite. I made a pass at a waiter! I usually drop by a small beef noodle joint that's close by - and it has the cutest waiters from Myanmar. Dark-eyed, mouth-watering men that provide some eye-candy along with the spicy noodles...

Dark & Delicious was there again and he dropped by for a short chat, speaking in his flattering, pleasantly accented English. It had to be the spices or the chillies that inspired me since I suddenly ran my hand up the waiter's muscular arm and winked at him. The gall. I can be such a slut sometimes. Hmm... you know what, I definitely need to get laid.

But he smiled back though!

Monday, May 30, 2005


Just had an early dinner with an old friend of mine that I knew back in school. It has been some time since I've spoken to him in real life since he has been away in a God-forsaken jungle outpost island studying medicine.

One of my peers, Shaman Sam abandoned a fledgling yuppie career in a pharmaceutical giant to pursue a vocation in medicine. It seems that while I was playing with tow trucks and paper planes, Shaman Sam had entertained thoughts of wielding a stethoscope and ordering young women to strip for a physical examination - although I would assume that his intentions in that direction has more altruistic purposes nowadays :)

Still he never really let go of his childhood dreams and as always, such stubborn singlemindedness always commands respect from me. I wouldn't say that I had dreams of becoming a doctor, seriously never even thought of such a thing. Sure, I always though that doctors looked cool in their white coats - and medical drama, ER certainly looked fascinating with all that blood, gore and excitement. But I never imagined joining them. I imagined ekeing out a living as a struggling writer/artist in a miserable garret on the Left Bank. I thought of selling books and antique curios in a small store in town.


Seriously never imagined that I would be doing what I did last night, performing chest compressions on a road traffic accident patient while drenched in blood. :) Of course unlike Goran Visnjic, I was wearing an apron and a mask - and I sure as hell didn't look that good covered in bodily fluids.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Weekend funk

What can I say? I hate working Saturdays. It takes ages to summon up enough energy to slam the alarm clock, drag myself out of bed and stumble into the shower to clear the sleep from my eyes. Going back to work again on Sunday with an on-call makes it even worse - and leaves me in a crabby, depressed funk throughout the weekend. It really is a drag.

The one thing that really brightened up my day was DVD Dan. Went by his shop to return the DVDs I leased - Golden Girls, if you guys recall correctly - and flirted outrageously with him. There was one time when he was talking that I felt like grabbing his face and planting a wet one on him. No dimples but still, the shy smile on that cute face sure made it worth the dreary 10 km drive from my house in suburbia. :)

Secondhand Lions

Still I managed to get a recommendation from him and I've settled down for the evening with a bunch of Secondhand Lions. Good-old fashioned Southern fun with Haley Joel Osment - and not in that way! ( What dirty thoughts! He's barely a teenager! ).

Anyway, my ISO is back for the weekend again and plans to bring over some baked fish - to take my mind off my call tomorrow.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Having a cuppa

Been a while since I slipped into a coffeehouse and last night's post acted as an inspiration. Back when I was still struggling with stacks of textbooks in medical school, I spent a lot of hours drowning myself in java. As I've mentioned before, it's a lamentable habit that I'm trying to wean myself from. Certainly doesn't help that my nurses seem to be encouraging my caffeine addiction by providing jugs of coffee daily. :)

When no one was looking, trotted down to the nearly ubiquitous Starbucks for a shot of caffe mocha - but stayed true to my promise by taking only one cup! As usual, I flirted with the staff. And as friendly as the guys are, I got away with a free biscotti... don't tell the Starbucks Corp!

Those amazing dimplesWish I had dimples like the waiter though. Apart from melting blue eyes, I have only one other weakness which is a smile with boyish dimples. What can I say, it turns my knees to water! No prizes for guessing that my ISO has dimples - and damn it, I have none!

And no one has cuter dimples than Josh Holloway - who plays sexy Southern conman, Sawyer on Lost. Damn, he can cheat me out of savings ( not that much anyway! ) anytime... :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A New Hope

Could I be one of the few gay men who dislike going to clubs and dancing the night through? :) Know you love it Jay, but it's true for me, honestly.

Sure, the idea of slipping and sliding against the sweat of dozens other hot, half-naked gay men with throbbing music pounding the floor and strobe flights flickering might sound like the idea of heaven for many gay men but it's not for me. I prefer slipping and sliding against hot, half-naked men in the privacy of my own bedroom :)

That said, dancing has never been my forte - and on the dancefloor, I look too much like a wooden puppet who has lost its strings. Not a good sight, trust me. I need a helluva lot of alcohol to release my inhibitions enough to really gyrate my hips! And hell, I'm way too proper, too shy ( and please, I still have to work off those love handles ) to strip off my shirt in public.

Perhaps ( horrible though that sounds! ) I am actually growing older. Is it too much to hope for a gay coffeehouse over here where I can hopefully share a hot cuppa with a stud without getting squashed in a tin can with twenty other men? Where I can share a conversation without yelling at the top of my lungs to be heard over the thumpa-thumpa gay disco beat?

Monday, May 23, 2005

The Phantom Menace

Just waved my ISO home an hour ago - and what a relief it was too :) Note to self, do not engage in lusty perversions in darkened theatres with an ex. It makes things so damned awkward and raises a deadly phantom menace all through the day as I wait for him to raise the question. Knowing me as well as he does, he decided to keep me on teeterhooks by keeping quiet about it all day long.


One other thing I realized is that I shouldn't stand next to my ISO anywhere I go. Somehow I never realized it when we were going out before since I was too busy staring at his biceps and all that other stupid, sentimental stuff we often do when we're mindlessly in lurve. Somehow or rather, no matter how much I primp and pamper, I always appear like the uncouth, unkempt Neanderthal besides him. Dragged out of bed with his hair tousled on end, a stubbled five-o-clock shadow and his grungy clothes askew, he looked like a sexy, rough-and-tumble guy you'd want to screw around with. Dressed to the nines, I still looked like something he picked up by the wayside as a sad pity fuck. :)

Ah, the benefits of good genes and healthy living. Some guys have all the luck. Again, damn.

Attack of the ISO

It's a three day weekend over here which is quite a relief after all my problems at work recently. I desperately need that time off from work. Let me tell you a secret. I'm definitely no workaholic! If I ever manage to get a half-decent boyfriend who'd support me, I'd ditch my job to become a full-time househusband. :)

After my recent fall to the Dark Side, I wondered whether it would be possible to return to the land of the clean-cut and partially decent. After he called to tell me he was coming over to catch some DVDs, it was with some trepidation that I agreed to have my ISO over. It isn't exactly easy to talk to a guy you just brazenly felt up in the theatre ( like a desperately daft but utterly shameless hussy/slut ) especially when it's an ex you broke up with not too long ago.

Thankfully for once my ISO remained the perfect gentleman and made no mention of my fall from grace. Still I maintained a hopefully platonic conversation, ruthlessly censoring even the veriest whisper of sex in my speech - which was a little difficult since I usually had some raunchy conversations with my friends. Shameless Shalom and Graceless Grace remained thankfully oblivious throughout the night. Obviously, they were much too engrossed with the crazy activities of four retired ladies in the Golden Girls.

Apparently, thinking that I was safe from his probing questions in the presence of innocent bystanders was a fatal mistake since I continued receiving wickedly suggestive messages all night long on the phone. How could he possibly maintain that perfectly straight face while thinking such lewd, explicit thoughts! And I could have sworn he had this horrible smirk all the while.

What the hell are you smirking about!

Still he didn't mention anything at all - to my utter relief! Then again perhaps the damn bastard means to torture me by saying nothing!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Return of the Sith

A lesson to be learnt. Do not tempt thy ex-boyfriend's irrational lusts :)

Out of plain insanity, deep, repressed lusts - or due to the simple fact that Anakin and Padme were boring me to death with their overly sentimental re-enactment of a sappy, pseudo romantic scene ( bringing to mind their previous hilltop romp in Attack of the Clones ), I decided to do a lil naughty finger-walking on my ISO's hard thighs. Instead of nudging me away in irritation or even gasping in disbelief, he turns, knocks my hand away and slips me some tongue. In the darkened theatre. In public!

But it has been some time since I had me some tongue and it was great.

Still I pushed him away, told him to mind his manners and asked him for the popcorn. I can be such a tease sometimes. Nothing has changed between us but he did message me tonight asking whether I wanted some sugar.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Some downtime

Even a wicked Sith Lord needs some downtime and I'm glad to have the next few days off from work! It gives me a chance to relax and catch up on some DVDs, write a little ( yeah, I know I've been behind on that :) ) and pay back some of my astronomical sleep debt. Gonna sleep late for the next few days. It's tough getting up early for work ( don't really have much of a choice too since my large bedroom window faces due east ) - especially since I'm a guy who functions best later in the day.

Don't stare slack jawed at this but there is also a chance that I might be venturing forth into the far away galaxy yet again since my ISO insists on watching Revenge of the Sith with me this weekend. It's a free ticket with popcorn thrown in so how can I resist? So that's another chance to dig deeper into Anakin's drum-tight abs - and if I take Jason's advice to get laid, a chance to get into my ISO's jeans. :)

BTW, I might have liked the new addition but obviously not everyone shares this opinion. Read this hilarious but less than complimentary review of Revenge of the Sith that Towleroad found. Beware of spoilers though.

Oh yeah, before I forget, I've been listed as a great personal gay blog. Thanks to the five of you - one of you obviously sent a recommendation :)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Darth Paul

Like any obsessive fan of the Stars Wars franchise, I waited patiently in line at the theatres for ( since I wasn't lucky enough like my idiot ISO to score tickets for the premiere - he offered to bring me but I had work... dammit! ) the Revenge of the Sith. And I'm glad I waited! :) Definitely a worthy addition to the sexology - can I call it that? And who knew that Hayden Christensen had been hiding an impressive six-pack underneath those baggy Jedi clothes? I'd definitely be tempted to see the Dark Side of his Force anytime.

While watching though, I came to the sad conclusion that I would never make it as a chivalrous Jedi knight. A terrible disillusionment especially coming on the heels of the fact that according to reliable sources, I'm also far more suited for the House of Slytherin but that's something else entirely - and a totally different franchise altogether.

Darth Vader

It seems pretty obvious that I'm more suited for enlistment on the ranks of the dastardly Sith Lords. I don't think I could make it on listening to logic and reason alone since I rely quite a lot on gut feeling and emotion. And I wouldn't ever think of distancing myself from the ones I love. Not to mention the neverending preaching about the good and the worthy? Gaining strength through contemplation and passivity? Oh please! I'd prefer giving people the wicked, scary-eyed stare, slashing people who offend me into tiny, bite-sized pieces and riding around in flattering ( and slimming ) black robes that flutter so dashingly in the breeze.

And that celibacy clause in the ascetic Jedi contract? Please. I'd jump on the closest sexy clone I can find and ream out his Dark Side. That mind-altering ability performed so well by Obiwan Kenobi would help tons!

Darth Paul in the making?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Bedtime Stories

Didn't have coffee today! :) An achievement of sorts.

Came home a lil late tonight since I had a night out with some of my colleagues from work, Tiny Tim and Tina - and also Shameless Shalom. Had a delicious dinner of crabs, clams, squid and prawns over at the Portuguese Settlement ( gonna play havoc with my diet for sure - and earn my ISO's ire! ) while we dissed our superiors and other colleagues at work - and made fun of our poor, hapless patients.


Some of you might have wondered why Bedtime Stories? I have been asked that before actually on my other site. :) One of the reasons is the time I write. Usually my hours are packed and the only free time that I have left for myself - and obviously the few hours that I have to get online - are in the later part of the evening. Close to my bedtime... and my unfaithful ISO used to wonder what I was typing away and I'd reply 'My Bedtime Stories'. Used to drive him crazy with curiosity as he wondered what I was writing since I flat out refused to let him see my stories.

At work too, I tend to spend my free time reading. I used to try reading medical textbooks but that's an instant sedative and I usually end up snoring blissfully away on the cardiac table. So that's definitely out, so nowadays I rely on a blend of fantasy/romance/sci-fi to keep me wide awake. My boss tends to call those my bedtime stories - since it looks like I'm reading stories to my anesthesized patients.

Before I forget, the gorgeous guy sleeping nicely on the white sheets isn't me. If I looked that good, I'd be modelling underwear - and not injecting anesthetics into occasionally weepy patients. :)

Monday, May 16, 2005

Getting personal

Sometimes it seems like everyone's falling in love. Once in a while, we hear of couples meeting online - and some of them even getting hitched ( amazingly enough! ). We hear rumours of romance blossoming in the anonymous, intangible world of the net and sometimes I start to wonder whether it's one of those mysterious urban myths - that always seem to happen to your ex-boyfriend's neighbour's friend.

Obviously I must be doing something terribly wrong in my ads since I get the weirdest responses. Not only do I get cute blond twinks from the odd Eastern European country asking for financial support ( come on, do I look like a sugar daddy here? I can barely support myself, and sometimes I wouldn't mind having a sugar daddy of my own! ), I also get the odd request to join in wild, kinky orgies held in seedy areas ( are they really serious? ) with some questionable, possibly illegal sexual practices. I'm certainly not a prude - and my ISO can attest to that - but I feel I need to know at least your name ( whether real or assumed ) before we screw around.

In return to my admittedly verbose letters, I get replies that are the new millenium equivalent of a telegram. Come on, has everyone forgotten the lovely art of letter-writing? Monosyllabic words in a short, succinct sentence does not a letter make, no matter how sexy the writer might be. Tight pecs and great abs does not necessarily compensate for a nice letter of introduction ( well, not always! :) ).

Sunday, May 15, 2005

A post call day

Only took two cups of coffee yesterday which is a huge achievement for me ( in comparison to my late lamented wild caffeine-guzzling sprees! ). Took the second one since I was pretty groggy... after all it was 3 am in the morning, and I had to give a spinal for a caesarean section. Needed that pick-me-up desperately! Usually the patient chatter would keep me up indefinitely but I had a pregnant underaged waif who sobbed incessantly throughout the entire procedure for no reason... ( she wasn't in pain, I checked! Twice! ) unless she actually had the cruel intention of soaking my sleeve with her tears. When questioned on the reasons behind her sorrow, she blubbered an unintelligible reply.

Otherwise though, it was a pleasant enough call yesterday with very few emergencies. Obviously the bad boys chose to remain at home and not find a place for themselves lying broken and bleeding underneath a ten tonne truck.

Sexy smileDid something awfully funny and embarassing today though... Perhaps I'm still lil groggy and disoriented from working for 24 hours straight but anyway, I dropped by a DVD rental store today - not one of those fake DVDs ( rampant and cheaply sold in various undisclosed locations in Malaysia despite the crackdown on pirated products ) but the real licensed ones. Obviously I've been starved for male companionship since I somehow got conned by a cute guy - DVD Dan - into becoming a member in spite of my reservations. Dang. The things I would do for a cute toothy smile and a nice tight tush.

No wonder I was stupid enough to fall for my ISO! Still I managed to get some DVDs home - will be watching Golden Girls tonight. How stereotypically gay can I get?

Hmmm.. Wonder whether DVD Dan is married.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Missing mail!

What can I say! I'm a ditz. My ISO who has always been savvier with gadgets and what-nots would probably call me a dumb techno bimbo. And it seems that he might just be right this time!

I've been fooling around with the computer and somehow I managed to erase some of my e-mail addresses. And the worst thing is I lost John's address. He's one of the nicest guys I've met online and I don't know how to find him. So anyone in Illinois who knows of a Greek guy called John Gavras, tell him to drop me a line! Gonna send him snail mail too!

Pretty free next week so I have been writing incessantly in between cups of green tea ( my replacement addiction since I've been eschewing black coffee )... so don't worry, I have not forgotten about my stories!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Chatterboxes at work

Is it wrong to shut someone up? :) No, it isn't as bad as it sounds, I didn't pull some Mafia style assasination and toss someone into the Malacca river with their feet encased in cement ( though I can think of a few colleagues I wouldn't mind doing that to ).

This morning at work, I had three incredibly garrulous patients who kept on chattering away during the operative procedures. One elderly man spoke of his previous hospital visits and all his previous procedures which bored me. Another young man ( a guy who leapt off nine stories - and amazingly only suffered a broken leg - after being commanded by voices ) started speaking incessantly to the said voices, whispering and giggling in an obviously fascinating conversation. My honest mistake since being the good guy that I am, I actually placed them on epidurals. So I decided to sedate them a little with intravenous Midazolam to knock them out.

What can I say! With only one cup of coffee, I don't need the agitation. I like my peace and quiet in the operating theatre. I need the time to go through some of my travel brochures. Am I wicked? :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Intriguing Istanbul

Seems like Turkey is sounding better each day. Went around canvassing everyone I knew for their opinions ( well, everyone well-travelled which is actually a really small group ) but I did meet a few nurses who have been there. And they actually loved it. Think of the Grand Bazaar with the rugs, the lamps, the art work... And the baths :)

Steam : The Turkish Bath

Gonna hit some tour agencies tomorrow and gather some pertinent details. One thing I know is that I hate tours! I hate waking up early in the mornings, rushing from one sight to another and then staying for hours at places I detest but I don't know whether it's easy to get around in Istanbul. Anyone?


Tiny Tim and Tina have returned from their honeymoon, brief as it was - they actually went to Cameron Highlands, a hill resort not too far away. Although they're now officially husband and wife, I pray that they have learned to live separately now.

Everyone knows of such couples... two perfectly independent individuals who suddenly find themselves joined magically at the hip once they become a couple. They sit together at meals, finish each other's sentences, go everywhere together as a unit... you get the idea. It is like they've lost the ability to think as separate sentient individuals. That's exactly what happened to Tiny Tom and Tina once they got together.

I envy them their closeness but i don't think I could emulate such behaviour. I could have sworn that I never did any such thing when I was with my ISO. I never clung desperately to him during meals. I never cooed and petted him in public. I never called him every half hour to tell him that I adored him. I simply can't do that! I certainly don't intend to fawn and drool over my boyfriend as if he's my sole reason for living. That kinda spineless, co-dependent behaviour actually makes me want to hurl.

Then again, maybe I should have. :) I actually messaged my ISO with this comment and he just sent an infuriating smilie in return. What exactly does that mean?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Planning a trip

While at work today, I picked up a women's lifestyle magazine from my colleague - trying to keep my mind off the caffeine! - and read it while my overly talkative patient was heavily sedated. Hell I actually love reading them - and it's a secret guilty pleasure of mine. It's just so great reading those quaint articles like How to find out if Your Boyfriend's Cheating ( yeah, I should have checked it up with my ISO ) and Five Fabulous Ways to a Better You. Shallow, superficial, terrible to one's self esteem - but hey, it's still fun.

One of the fab ways mentioned in the magazine was actually to plan a trip. Supposedly planning forward to a trip or any event jumpstarts the endorphins so I started following the advice. This time I've decided to place placards all over the department ( hell, the whole hospital! ) advertising the fact that I might be leaving on a certain date so that it doesn't get cancelled at the last moment. No way are they gonna Bogart my plans again! So I'm down to a choice between Turkey, Italy or Morocco again.

With the rising euro, I might have to shelve the hot Italian boys for the time being. It would be too sad to walk down the streets of Florence and find myself too poor to even afford those incredible leather boots! Then I recalled the floors in my house and I wondered what it would look like with some amazing Turkish rugs... and perhaps some Moroccan lamps on the ceiling!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Caffeine and chips

I'm writing this to remind myself to stay away from both caffeine and chips.

Ever since I started medical school, I've been downing gallons and gallons of caffeine. Not only for mugging in the lat enights but also to stay awake during some of the more monotonous lectures. it didn't get better once I started work since there's always a hot cofffee pot ready by the pantry for everyone working nights. Obviously the medical fraternity doesn't find it unethical to perpetuate this unusual addiction.

And then came the chips at work. Financed by my overzealous colleagues, the pantry's stocked with biscuits and chips, easily digested sources of quick carbohydrates. During the day, various ravenous beasts crawl out of the various wards and theatres to devour the food contained within.

Since I'm hoping to lose some weight this year, I'm trying to stop both habits!

Boy meets boy

When I watch high school dramas such as The O.C. or One Tree Hill, I see cute boys and girls going to schools - and I sometimes wonder. Where were the hot guys when I was in school? I went to an all boys school, a mission school, so I was obviously crowded with boys of all ages and sizes. With my teenage hormones in an uproar I certainly kept a clear lookout but surely none of them looked as hot ( at that time anyway - since then some of them have grown up really, really well ) as Chad Michael Murray or even Benjamin McKenzie.

One of them who grew up really well is my own ISO. Actually read through what I wrote the last few days - and somehow horrifyingly enough, for some reason it sounds as if I'm still carrying a torch for my ISO.

It's not true! Really. Honestly. Cross my heart and all that.

Deep in thoughtWell, is it possible to still have the hots for a really cute guy without imagining anything more than that? Even though I have no intention of going through another disastrous relationship for him, I still have the occasional dirty thought when I see him walk by in his tight jeans. God, I'm only human. Of course I keep it to myself - but the shameless bastard certainly has no qualms revealing what he'd like to do to me against the fridge.

But there is no way in hell I'd consider going out with him again. That's all in the past which is why I've been going out on dates with other guys. Hopefully guys who are more into the old-fashioned notion of boy meets boy, boy gets boy, boy gets lovely suburban house with picket-fences and a golden retriever attached. Evidently, my ISO's old-fashioned fantasy is boy meets kinky orgy.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Bali Bust

Well, if circumstances had gone the way they were supposed to, I'd have been lying naked on a table somewhere in Bali getting a massage. But in my line of work, nothing ever goes the way it's supposed to.

But I'm feeling much better today :) I've realized that I have my friends, and my health - and it's all good. It took some reminding though - and a large shot of alcohol to help the message along. And I realized for the first time in a long time why I actually became friends with my ISO in the first place. Sure, the bastard might make a lousy, cheatin' boyfriend but he makes the best of friends. It only took him a second on the phone as I blubbered out my woes before he decided to drive 3 hours over to my place to talk me out of the dumps - and bless him, he never even thought otherwise.

Balian of Ibelin

Prior to pouring alcohol down my throat, he actually dragged me to the movies - one of the things we enjoyed doing together even when we'd mutually dumped each other. Okay, the Kingdom of Heaven wasn't as great as I'd imagined. It could have done with a better script ( come on, some of the lines were just plain lame ) and much slicker editing.

But it was still cool seeing Orlando Bloom looking all hot, toned and bulked up with muscle. Unfortunately with the Malaysian censors busy slicing and dicing ( more than the Saracens and the Crusaders did, I believe ), we didn't get much chance of admiring Orlando's naked flesh.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A bad week

Definitely a bad week for me. After getting the unfortunate news of my rejection that left me reeling a few days back, today I had another rejection... the rejection of my leave application. With the department shorthanded at the moment, it seems I won't be able to take leave for a short trip to Bali. After checking up on the place, getting the details ironed out and getting my bags packed, the last-minute rejection certainly threw a damper on the rest of the day. But of course... I don't get sad, I get seethingly mad. That unwelcome news had me feeling pissed off for a large portion of the morning - probably bit off the heads of some of my unfortunate colleagues.

God, I definitely need a break! Maybe my chakra's a lil off lately or something - and it needs to be cleansed.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Crime Scene Investigations

Sure, everyone's talking about it - and after two spin-offs from the main CSI series, there's obviously something worth talking about. Obviously with my medical background, I find the series extremely illuminating since I never actually paid that much attention at forensics classes. Come to think about it, I never actually thought of doing forensics - sure after all this time, the corpses don't freak me out but I just find it a lil morbid being down in the morgue all the time. And the smell... everyone remembers the oddly antiseptic and citrus-like scent pervading the mortuary. Even that overpowering scent doesn't completely mask the lingering odour of death.

It's also pretty much something that's reactive. And after all, I'm a guy who thrives on the occasional adrenaline rush which is why I'm in charge of the Intensive Care Unit. Someone smart once summed up my work as ... 'Hours of boredom, moments of terror'

Carmine GiovinazzoThe latest series based in New York, CSI : NY is led by Detective Mac Taylor and his partner, Detective Stella Bonasera. What I find fascinating is the fact that they've grouped some of the best looking guys in town! Sure, everyone knows - or has seen Gary Sinise who plays Mac.

But it's this guy who's caught my attention, the guy who plays Danny Messer. Yummy. Even with those cute glasses, Carmine Giovinazzo looks hot. Doesn't it make you want to tear them off and throw him down on one of those trolleys?

Felt the same way during early dinner today. Obviously to those around me, I'm usually brimming all over with enthusiasm - since Yummy Yee came over after noting my lack of energy today. Still a little down over the fact that I'm too inexperienced for the programme I mentioned yesterday ( too junior!? WTF! I've been working forever! :) ) Well, he certainly managed to lift me out of my doldrums - what can I say, pretty eye candy makes me happy. And I certainly felt quite energetic when he leaned over the table and I got a good look at his pecs. :)

Monday, May 02, 2005

The full course

Don't know whether to feel relieved or depressed. Since I'm already pretty senior in my department, I decided to try out for a subspecialization programme by sending in an application. Truth to tell, I was a little afraid of getting it since I'm hardly prepared to undergo the rigours of burning the midnight oil studying again.

But when I received the news half an hour ago that I was much too junior and inexperienced - and to try again this year, I found myself at point-non-plus. Not sure if I feel a little low or a little elated since I have another year to prepare.

Balinese door

I know. I know! I have mentioned before about an upcoming trip to Bali but I just couldn't resist getting my hands on something Balinese before that. This certainly wouldn't interest anyone not into home decorating but those who read my blog regularly should know that I'm still in the midst of filling up the rooms of my new place ( and probably will be doing so for the next decade or so, I'm an avid nester in case anyone gay, single and available is interested :) ).

With the recent Labour Day Sales, I found something that caught my eye. One of those amazingly intricate, beautifully decorated Balinese doors! The price was certainly above my touch but so much cheaper than any I've ever seen before that I couldn't resist. Somehow I knew I'd regret it for days if I let such a golden opportunity pass! So for the next month with this large deficit in my account, I suppose I shall have to depend upon the kindness of strangers.

Obviously I need a fiscally prudent boyfriend to balance out my ridiculously spendthrift qualities.