Friday, May 18, 2007


Although I've hinted about the troubles between me and my ISO a number of times in my blog, we've actually rarely spoken of it ever since. Guess it's easier to sweep the problem unseen under the proverbial rug rather than to deal with it. No doubt my ISO wouldn't dare speak of it since he knows my unequivocal views on the subject of adultery.

But with our recent frienaissance - not to mention the problems plaguing Charming Calvin, today he surprisingly managed to broach the subject heretofore taboo. Albeit via sms - so he could be somewhat confident that I wouldn't be able to throttle him.

My ISO : How do you do it?
Paul : Do what? Balance the fork on my nose?
My ISO : Come on. Forgiving me? Honestly I'd have been livid.
Paul : I didn't have that luxury. You had my books and cds in your house. I wanted it back.
My ISO : Very funny. I envy your ability to see the best in others.
Paul : Easy enough to do so. But seeing the best in others also means anticipating the worst :P

Amongst my friends I'm usually the first they come to when something goes terribly wrong, running the gamut from minor infractions such as lover's quarrels to far more unethical misdismeanours such as adultery, deception and petty theft. Cardinal sins that would certainly astonish that poor father in the confessional. Easy enough to sit on that moral high horse passing critical judgement but I usually try to refrain from taking sides, taking it in my stride instead.

Tell me all!

Far from a perfect paragon of virtue myself so it's easy enough for me to recognize fallibility in others since I'm quite as susceptible to them myself. People who stay in glass houses and all that. And maybe it's because I've been cursed with the uncanny ability to see both sides of the coin. In every argument I immediately see the other side of the story. Easy enough to empathize with the impenitent sinner when you've stumbled in his shoes a time or two after all.

Guess it's true what the horoscopes say - Scorpios are the guys you call for help after you've just accidentally stabbed someone and need to hide the corpse. :P


Janvier said...

Seeing different perspectives just mean we just can't be pissed off with other parties (or, at least not for long) without feeling that we're being unreasonable about it. Not good sometimes because we can't feel self-justified :(

strapping.shane said...

Kor, I think I need your help then. We need to find a new place for that woman I killed. NOW! =P

nyonyapenang said...

hmmmm...i may need to borrow your ear once a while.

ENVY said...

Just a hello from Paris...where your blog is accessable! and very readable...


Cyclohelix said...

the saint, be ours please! :)

shiftgloomy said...

ur article's very difficult to one chinese because many new words!

Dashing Dan said...

Waaaaah. SHowing the 'Saint' part of Saint Wicked, Doc?

Justin L said...

hello paul. nice to see you again :-)
have not been following up for quite sometime.


Sue said...

Done is done. You left him and that was all you could do (legally). You just know that he is a dog and thus harbor no hard feelings because many times such are men. So you know him well enough to be his friend too. I say good for you Paul for not taking it personally.

charming.calvin said...

Not sure if I can do the same. I hope I'm forgiving enough, or the other party is forgiving enough.

chin said...

Paul, things could be worse, and take it from an old timer like me, things could have been much, much worse. Just chalk it all up to experience and remain as friends.
All the best,

savante said...

I know. So hard to stay pissed off when you can see the other perspective, janvier.

I'll tell you. Later, shane :P

Whoa, what naughty things have you been up to, nyonya?

Whoa! You're in Paris! I am getting even more jealous, envy.

Muahaha... what kind of naughty saint would that be, helix?

Oopsie, shiftgloomy.

Yes, I am good dammit, dan.

Glad to see you back online again, justin.

Already took it personally but I got over it, sue. He's too much a part of my childhood.

Well, I'm finding it hard myself, calvin :)

I know. Thanks, chin!