Tuesday, October 31, 2006

FutureSex LoveSounds

I'm an old-fashioned guy.

By all known accounts - and possibly from some of the wildly unconventional, counter-culture things that have accidentally cropped up from my irrepressible mouth, there are some who might dissemble with this unprecedented declaration. It's true nonetheless. Despite advocating some peculiarly queer notions such as two men actually living together in Pottery Barn inspired harmony ( GASP! ), at the base of it all I actually have some pretty dull, square run-of-the-mill conservative values.

Of course I don't blindly leap all the way into the conservative bandwagon since a quick check on that particular baggage claim area would find such items as opposing big government, gun control, environmentalism and homosexuality. Certainly not that easy ( not to mention takes lots of self-loathing ) opposing homosexuality when you're sleeping with men.

Of course I do have my very own outre twist on traditional values. Respect for your elders, filial piety and celibacy before marriage ( oops! ). Seriously. Don't laugh. Obviously somewhere along the way, some of the missionary school doctrines they harped endlessly about did manage to chisel their way into my brain. Don't be shocked but even legalized abortion still has me shaking my head in disbelief sometimes. Just skipping merrily into a clinic to have a life torn out from deep inside? Hmm...

With my strong views on infidelity, open relationships with threesomes and fourgies on a weekly basis would have me staring in strictly bourgeouis astonishment. Commitment's a word that's practically etched in marble for me and although the idea of checking out the hunky gardener's hedges might be deliciously titillating, it certainly wouldn't occur to me to stray. Unless it was Brandon Routh and Chris Evans - but I mean, they have to be considered extenuating circumstances, don't they? :) At the most, I could consider them temporary hormonal insanity.

Isn't it interesting to see that even with Justin Timberlake's current take on Futuresex Lovesounds, he does manage to come up with some very old-fashioned words on his new single, My Love?

This ring here represents my heart
But there is just one thing I need from you
Saying I do

Albeit a marriage proposal of sorts with some marvellously avant garde riffs, unintelligible rap and fancy footwork. It's far from high-brow Shakespeare for sure but the surely the sentiment remains. Nice to know that even in the future, sex and love sounds obviously wouldn't have changed that much :)


AJ said...

sexy is sexy!

sexy is sexy!

sexy is sexy!

i think i've just written the lyrics to my next disco hit! lol

ikanbilis said...

i practically could just melt!

Anonymous said...

Some things just never change and that is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Hey hey hey. You've been nominated in several categories at Gay Bloggies (gaybloggies.com/voting.php). Voted for ya, of course! Lykke til, good luck as we say in Norwegian! Hope you win those porn site memberships! :-)

Grafx said...

"get your sexyback".. what does ythat even MEAN!!!

Music these days aim to sell just by the beats or the tune!!!

Love will never go out of fashion tho....and thats what keeps the bling coming in for them!!

Annie said...

You? Conservative? I could've sworn you said you colored your doctor's coat bright pink and you always wear a rainbow tie and you never ever leave the house without your bright orange feather boa. Humph.. fine. You.. conservative.. plain white lab coat, paisley tie and no boa.
I'm just kidding. I adore your traditional values - to me it's called decency (is that spelled correctly?) been a while since I've seen the word. Being decent is a good thing.

Ban said...

Justin Timberlake? Ewww. I don't care what the lyrics are if he doesn't walk the talk.

savante said...

I think that should be the next hit, aj :) Get the pussycats to do the intro.

Yeah, isn't it sweet. ikan?

The more things change... sue :)

WHOA! Thanks for the update, mark. Will take a look at that.

It's all talk about bringing sexy back, grafx :)

GASP! Who has been leaking tales of my feather boa to you, annieieiieie?

You know who JT is? That's an improvement, daniel!


Anonymous said...

Who woulda thought you were such a traditionalist! =P

hrugaar said...

Um, there's more to commitment than just 'not straying', that's just basic fidelity.

Trouble with inherited traditional values (apart from the fact that they can become blind prejudice) is that they can crack under pressure and people get nasty cuts from the shattered pieces ... it's the problem of the 'Letter of the Law' without the spirit.

And Justin Timberlake is getting uglier.

Sorry, not being bitchy ... just tired and cynical.