Monday, October 16, 2006

The Lucrezia Borgia Affair

DaggersIf anyone wants a life full of adventure, suspense and mystery, you need not look any further.

For some unfathomable reason, seems like I might soon be plunged into a deep morass of deceit and duplicity especially since Charming Calvin took note of my secret engagement plans ( well not all that secret anymore ). The idea pleased him somewhat although he did remind me that there be dragons. According to my usually silent partner, any such public announcement would possibly have me at loggerheads with his formidable mother, possibly the Asian reincarnation of the aforementioned Lady Borgia. Seems like I'll be in her black books for trying to educate her innocent scion in all the despicably low, sinful ways of the Sodomite.

Zounds! That's me! The wicked corrupter of the patently unspoilt! Always been an oddly contrary fellow. Once already tarred and feathered, I don't see any use in trying to reclaim any lost reputation... why not be as despicable as possible. :P

Sounds like I'll have to start sharpening my hidden dagger soon. Or if all else fails, away we fly to the anvil at Gretna!


connerkent said...

OMG Paul, your dreams are finally coming true! :D

So happy for you!

Anonymous said...

I smell the fresh scent of roses, leather bound photograph books and the newly printed invitations... =P

Ah... love is in the air! I'm so envious! =P

Kiks said...

Sounds like you had some double caffeine shots with a nice dash of sugary goodness syrup. Or also known as, White Chocolate Mocha Double Iced Shaken Double Shot.

Btw, I DO hope to get invited to that fabulous wedding!

quicksilverlining said...

hmm, looks like a photo project unlike no other. need to polish the lens and sharpen the skills in wait for the big day, then.



engagement plan, eh? don't forget to invite me, tau! hehe...

William said...

A big step. :D. Best wishes. A photo-less post, how rare...

Perky said...

I just can't help but smile when I read your post. Don't you just love weddings ;)

Annie said...

Awe yes.. the Asian mother. Beware it is no easy path to please an Asian mother. They are like force fields that can't be penetrated unless you know her weakness: flowers? chocolate? good manners? Grandchildren via adoption?

If you can't please Mom, it's going to be a tough road. My 41yo bachelor brother is living proof.

Anonymous said...

Jesse and I are thinking of marriage too. Of course, it's a little complicated so I'm not sure how it would pan out. We're thinking somewhere in Spain. Doesn't it suck that we can't marry where we live.

Colin said...

Add Canada and UK to list of places to marry even if you're not residents.

Sigh.. all the cute guys are taken. Where do I meet nice guys like Paul in KL?

Anonymous said...


Got my ring from mantra last sunday!

Guess, october is the new love month! lolz!

Anonymous said...

To please an asian mother? hmmm... how did mantra please my mom, he showed her that he is the best man i can get! Maybe it will work for you too.

Actually, he is the only that passed her test, really dont know how he'd done it.

There are times, i feel that my mom loves him more when i argue with my man! lolz!

Good luck paul!
I know all of us here are happy for you!

Ban said...

Heh. Paul the corrupter of the innocent. Don't we all know it. :)

envy said...

Wedding? invitation? are you leaving me? i thought? well at least invite me! :)


savante said...

conner, just a dream :)

Ah leather bound photobooks! You brilliant man, sam!

Was working, kiks. Needed that double caffeine shots.

Another free cameraman! Yeah, quicksilver.

No prob if it ever happens, shah.

I know. So I quickly put it up, william.

I do, perky. When's yours? :)

Bachelor bro, anniiee?

Spain does sound like a good idea these days, cliff. And colin seems to have some ideas too. Nice guys like Paul are a dime a dozen btw.

Mantra, khalel? So sweet!

I am pure, bunny!

No prob if you'll fly over here :P


hrugaar said...

Um, what about when breaking the news to your lovely Asian mother, paul? Or did you do that already and I missed it?