Monday, October 30, 2006

Trays of Gold

I know people have marvelled over the amount of time I've put into my blog and imagined that I lie around for hours wracking my brains on what to blog about ( honestly, it probably takes less than half hour a day actually ). A few have even wondered how someone with my hectic crazy-packed schedule can find the time to even scribble a few lines for the blog post everyday.

Simple reason enough. I enjoy it actually. Not only do I love writing - as evidenced by my little menagerie of bedtime stories which I have yet to reproduce on a new site online - but I also enjoy shifting through other blogs reading about the lives of others. Through my playing the inquisitive voyeur, I've managed to expand my severely limited social circle ( due to my oddly antisocial behaviour ) by getting to know several new online friends ( even a few I've actually met in real life shockingly enough ) and even a sweet charming guy with an indefatigable ironing fetish called Calvin. Certainly beats going through hours of hopeless speed dating, parading through the online personals or even sweating my guts out at the local gay nightclub getting turned down by that hot clubkid de jour :)

What can I say? When he's not preoccupied with ironing that perfect crease or imagining vindictive conclusions for a certain deposed Persian Overlord, Charming Calvin's great :) - though occasionally given to fits of deep introspection and melancholia but hey, I'm superficially shallow & positive-minded ( possibly manically hyped up on volatile gases ) enough to balance that out. Could also tell you all about his irresistible moans and groans but I bet that would be a little TMI after all :)

And yeah, every once in a while, you do get a wonderfully unprecedented birthday surprise ( FEDEXED! ) like a lovely silk-screen lamp :) What does it feel like having a deliveryman drop by with a gift from someone unexpected? A blog pal, no less. Think that first Christmas morning. Think that sudden lottery winning that you never expected. Of course for my astonished father unceremoniously woken up by the urgent knocks, it was more like a suspiciously ticking package delivered by an armed terrorist.

A thoughtful package from a sweet someone and yet I think it's worth more than trays of gold :)


BTW as a side note, over the seeming holidays ( seemingly since I was working throughout ) I've gotten a new obsession, this new serial family drama called Brothers and Sisters which stars amongst other luminaries the irrepressible stickwaif Calista Flockhart, the ever-fabulous Sally Field and the talented Rachel Griffiths.

gay kiss!
Not that starched-up after all

Oh yeah, and one of the brothers mentioned is incidentally gay - and kinda hot despite his uptight, buttoned-up personality ( then again, those are the guys you wanna slam down on the office table, tear their conservative suits apart and fuck them hard, right? ). Nothing fey about serious solicitor Kevin Walker so it's gonna be interesting watching him find his feet in the gay dating world as he romances the fabulous Scotty with some tongue action.


Naked Boy said...

I love Rachel Griffiths on this show. She is so great. And I like all the "old" actors they bring back like last night at the charity event -- actors we haven't seen for awhile, contemporaries of Sally Field, the mother.

JL said...

It's always wonderful to receive gifts but it's even better receiving it from someone you love :)Glad that you have found your special someone.

Absolutely adore Calista as Ally McBeal, eventhough her character could be so blur, naive, sometimes not so bright (for a lawyer) and not forgetting eccentric. Reminds me alot about myself :)

Can't wait to get my hand on Brothers & Sisters...cheers & have a nice day

Anonymous said...

I just love getting presents delivered to my home. It is even better if they are a surprise or from someone who I love. It wouldn't be TMI for me to hear about Calvin's little noises. Though he may disagree. Sorry Calvin!
I can't seem to get into Brothers & Sisters, though I have tried twice. All I have Sunday nights is Desparate Housewives. Sigh. Trays of Gold. I love that title.

xavier said...

now where's kevin? want to give the second installment of the tongue feast ... :p

Anonymous said...

Amazing. I'm beginning to think that great minds think alike.

I happened to wonder about how you always have the time to blog and I wrote it down in my entry, to voice it out.

Then, I hightailed over to your blog to read today's entry - and lo behold, you're talking about how people always wonder how you manage to blog despite the time crunch.

I'm starting to think I'm psychic.

ikanbilis said...

wow. a fedexed birthday present! kagum!! Charming Calvin seems to be much more a greater person than ISO! *wheee* i'm simply impressed =)

Anonymous said...

I also love reading other people's blogs and it's fun to make friends from that circle. I am amazed by your writing skills, Paul. Not only do you churn one entry after another, but also they are insightful and well-written. Bravo or should I say, Brava!

Jay said...

I am completely in awe of how bloody prolific you are! How the hell do you do it?!

Show us a picture of the lamp!

Better yet, show us a picture of you and Calvin lying naked next to it.

In fact, forget the lamp - the two of you can just lie there naked!

Las montaƱas said...

limited social circle.. those in the hospital not good enuf?

executorlouis said...

What's this? A 'serial family drama' with two guys kissing? I gotta check this out!


gift delivered unexpectedly to your door? how cool is that! lucky you, paul!

nyonyapenang said...

i enjoy reading blogs too. and you write good. ;)

Ed said...

Hi, Paul. A good blog, indeed. Consider a chatbox already?

Harvey said...

Ooops, I totally missed it. I hope it's not too late to wish you a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY. although I believe you're already very pleased with your birthday (gifts). :)

No wonder you can blog so much despite your hectic job schedule. Yes, I'm one of those who's amazed by your frequent posts. On the contrary, it take me ages to write something out . And I'm a slow reader to boot. Sigh, I guess it takes talent like yours.

Perky said...

Oooh don't you just love presents? I absolutely adore getting gifts *hint hint* ;) hehehe..

So far the only present I ever got that was delivered to me as a bouquet of flowers on valentine's day from darling. It's cliche but it made me cry :)

envy said...

I'm really sorry doc...I missed your Birthday:(
well lots of things kept me busy...other doctors lets say...I really wish u the best...wished i could bring u a cake or something...maybe one day!

Anonymous said...

u write darn well, doc. so, dont stop writing & dont posting those hot pics u painstakingly googled up online. or, were there save alphabetically in ur HD

anyways, Happy belated burfday. im scratching my head with ideas on how to beat that guy who fed-exed u ur gifts cos my babe's bday is around the corner.


Jemima said...

I've said it before & I'm saying it again - "You're a good writer, Paul."

Who knows? The day will come when I'll be asking you to autograph my copy of your 1st publication. :p

Anonymous said...

Hey Amigo, Feliz Cumpleanos, from Spain. I know that you are really a great writer and indeed at the first that i crossed your blog i was really fascinated and always come and go checking it everyday! so good job then....
Yeah it was really a tray of gold when its your bday and the mailbox is there with something surprisng. Cheers amigo!

Anonymous said...

Hola Amigo from Spain, feliz cumpleanos. I know that its really surpriseing if you can come with this gift on your mailbox though. Anyway since i come across your blog you have done a great write ups that is why i keep on coming... good job bro!! take care!!!
regards to Charming Calvin!!!

aod said...

How very sweet to have a present delivered to your door.

Keep on writing. You are a great writer. And don't forget those hot pics either. Do find a new home for all your old stories for those who never had a chance of reading them.

Steven said...

Re: Brother and Sisters, I was surprised they showed so much tongue action.

It's ABC, for chrissakes!

savante said...

I KNOW! I love Rachel Griffiths, naked boy!

It's from a nice blogger actually, jl. A really sweet guy :)

You'd like to hear all that gritty info, sue? You gotta ask Calvin for that :)

The second bit of the tongue feast comes in the next episode, xavier.

GOSH. We do think alike, sam!

He is a sweeter person, ikan bilis :) My ISO isn't as black as I paint him.

Thanks for the cheers, mark.

I'm awed by you, my Lord Jay! But I don't think pics of myself would draw visitors - it'd scare them away!

Certainly not, las montanas :P

Go google it, louis!

No argument there, shah.

Thanks, nyonya. So do you!

Chatbox? Afraid it would be filled with smut, ed :P

Tardy belateds are still wonderful, harvey.

I do love presents :P And obviously so do you, perky but when's your bday?

Best wishes are more than enough, envy.

Your babe's day? I have tons of ideas, ethnwg!

GASP! I am waiting for that day, jemima!

Thanks for the feliz cumpleanos.. I hope that's birthday, right, neil?

New home coming up soon.. once I get over the exams business, aod.

Great, huh! Steven, I was shocked myself.