Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Coming of the Magi

Presents. Seriously, who doesn't like them?

Unpleasant surprises are one thing but surprise boxed gifts wrapped neatly with a pretty pink bow are always welcome. Just look at how the Trojans celebrated when the wooden horse was brought in, and the Greeks didn't even bother to wrap it up back then. Although they are wonderful, presents for birthdays and Christmases are par for the course - and hardly reason for any extreme bout of astonishment. These days unruly packs of spoilt brats can even be seen in large department stores demanding presents at Christmas and whining tragically till their spiteful faces turn blue if their wilful demands aren't met.

Spank the lot, I say. Don't they know how special a present is? Christmas gifts are always great but there's just something delightfully extra about receiving a gift for no particular reason. Just for being you. Just because the sky wasn't gray that day. Just because.

Managing to get the whole Deeparaya break through a combination of mad bribery, sheer luck and ancient black magic, Charming Calvin ( the lucky dude! ) made a mad rush down under for a spot of rest and relaxation. Unfortunately with my packed schedule during this time of the year, I couldn't quite make it but he made up for my damned sacrifice by returning today bearing gifts. Perfectly wrapped with a ribbon too especially since I once made a withering comment about his handing over a gift that hadn't been wrapped to his friend - with price tag still tackily attached!

Pooped out!
Dead tired!

Though my poor Lord of Perpetual Yawn certainly didn't look like he'd managed any rest. Elbowing his way through the crowded malls for the gift and then wrapping it must have tired him out, the poor thing :)


matrianklw said...

Aww... how sweet of Calvin. Santa will bring you both presents this year!

closetalk said...

aha. but wat was IN the box and the ribbon?

thompsonboy said...

I never did see the point of hiding price tags...after all, they can always find out the price themselves or through personal judgment. Every single cent was hard earned. The thought and the effort in getting one present to begin with is...as cliche as it might sounds, priceless. Always leave them the receipt so that they can return it if they don't like their present. No point making no one but the shopkeeper happy at the end of the day.

William said...

It wasn't frankincense and myrrh, was it? ;P

I don't think the "gift return" policy is that established here.

ikanbilis said...

whats in the box??

Annie said...

Leave the price tag on? *GASP!* That's just so. so.. tacky! Yuck.. Returning gifts are just as tacky. I've never done it. Somebody thought enough to give me a gift, I accept it; but that's just me..

I like wrapping presents too and buying the gifts as much as receiving them. OOOOH! Paul, is it nearly your birthday?

thompsonboy said...

Yeah but think of it from the practical point: someone pay good money for something which you don't want or need and it will do nothing but sit in the cupboard. Wouldn't it be better if you can return it for something that you will use? That way, everyone can be happy. Maybe it's just me because I always leave them the receipt and tell them to return it if they don't like it which isnt often because again one need to make a point to find out what the other party wants.

As for return policy, you would be suprised. I mean third world doesn't practise cash return but you can exchange it for store credits or something else. Oh, only valid if the tags are still attached.

Anonymous said...

I smell a wedding ring. =P

Christopher said...

Who is that boy in the photo?