Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hey La Hey La The Ex is Back

Haven't had any mention of my ISO for a while since he's away on some working trip. Or at least that's what he claims. Sometimes it's hard to differentiate what he means - when work for him could actually mean lying suntanning on a tropical paradise somewhere getting a rub with luxurious oils from eager, half-naked cabana boys.

Yeah. Work.

Still, from what I saw in the background - don't you just love spying webcams? - he did look like he's getting crazy bored out of his skull in an oddly generic city hotel room. Then again, the man is some kinda idiot savant techwhiz and it wouldn't surprise me if he had fiddled with the little thingamajig to present a fake pre-recorded image. But then I shouldn't badmouth the man when he very nicely nudged me online to wish me a happy belated.

Paul : I'm old.
My ISO : Nah, not old. Aged like fine wine.
Paul : You're only saying that cause you're older.
My ISO : You've got a good point there.

The usual of course. Talked about some of our old friends and what's been happening in their lives. Who's getting married, who's getting separated, who's getting that nose job - or nowadays, who's finally getting pregnant? At this particular stage of our lives, most of our terribly adult thirtysomething peers have already started moving into the young hopeful ( hopeless? ) father routine. Just simply amazing to imagine some of the brash, unruly idiots we knew back in school shopping for diapers and comparing prices for laundry detergent. Honestly, some of the guys I knew can barely be trusted to keep a cactus alive.

Not what I saw on the webcam

As usual, I bitched about my terrible hours and pathetic pay. Blessed with a healthy bank balance, he could only complain about the hours of course - and the fact that he's obviously stuck in God-knows-where Timbuktu staring at a foreign television screen without subtitles.

My ISO : What about this Calvin guy? Hey, we should all meet up.
Paul : Like that's gonna happen! You'll scare him off.
My ISO : Hey, I'm a sweet gentle reticent soul. Thousands can attest to that.
Paul : Funny. Gonna have him insanely, madly attached before I'll bring him around to meet the beast.
My ISO : And that's gonna take a while, right?
Paul : Hey!

Still. Knowing me, the smart man bought gifts ( from what he showed me on his tiny webcam ) and I simply can't strangle someone who wraps them up as beautifully as he does :) With frilly bows and glitter... now, how gay is that?

You know what they say. Never look a gift horse and all that...


matrianklw said...

Happy Belated Birthday as well, Paul!

Super Boing Boing said...

Birthday? When was it? I wanted to send you a bo... a gift!

Anonymous said...

Oh puh-leez! You're not old! You're 'mature'

Grafx said...

heyy happy belated bday to you~~~ and err yes im back again after yet another wandering~~~!!

Lavish Louis said...

Happy Belated Birthday Paul. Don't worry. I am not buying diapers for my babies.... just trying to keep them alive and they are not even mine. How did I get myself into such a responsibility..... anyway how about that lunch/dinner?

xavier said...

ahh.... the good 'ol ex that is still in good terms... such warm feeling aint it :)

Anonymous said...

Oh shoot me! I can't believe I missed greeting you on your birthday! Well wishes, Paul!

I am just amazed by people who are still in touch with their exes. For me, once you're an ex, I am cutting my ties completely. Or maybe my break-ups have been bad?

Anonymous said...

They just keep coming don't they? =) So you better make sure Calvin is really attached, in case someone tries something funny. =P

I wouldn't put it past him. =) But then again, some exes are different.

Mine's different. =)

ikanbilis said...

boo. ISO is a jealous freak. haha!

and yay! Scorpio rules! =D

Jemima said...

Dear me! I missed your birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday, Paul. :p

savante said...

Thanks, matt and jemima!

YOu wanted to send me an australian boink? That's always welcome, bunny. Just make sure there are holes in the package for the OZ stud to breathe.

You're brilliant, ws. Mature. That's so much better.

You're alive, grafx!

Ah, louis and his babies.

Warm enough, xavier :)

Breakup was bad enough, mark, but it's been a while.

Always love men who keep on coming, sam.

YAY! Scorpio rules, ikanbilis.


Annie said...

Don't do it Paul! Don't you dare share Calvin with ISO.. ISO just wants to check him out and measure his "replacement".. *scratching head* .. well, that's what women do. Then we'd tell the "new love" all about your bad habits and make you look bad. No way. Cover your ears Calvin!! Everyone deserves a fresh start with fresh meat. :D

executorlouis said...

Happy 30th, Paul! Speaking of holidays, you should be treating yourself to a nice vacation with lots of suntanning and half naked cabana boys servicing... attending to you!

nyonyapenang said...

ya, sounds like ISO wants to check Calvin out. hahaha...

Pete said...

I am still waiting to see your ISO's picture though :P

Anonymous said...

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