Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Let's talk Politics

Perhaps it's the way I was brought up or just pure habit but one thing I can't live without in the mornings ( apart from my sole pathetic cup of coffee ) is my regular newspaper. Just for those who assume that I'm only a desperate shallow purveyor of male flesh who skips through the morning news pausing only at pictures of half-naked men, you'd be utterly mistaken. Although I admittedly do gawk at more than a few titillating shots, I do also skim through some of the more heated current events!

Just to show ya that I'm not a mere himbo, that I do actually have some serious thoughts rattling around in my sadly empty skull and that I am quite capable of semi-intelligent discourse :) Rare it is indeed for me to even make an inflammatory comment but though I'm a naive correspondent, I simply can't help it sometimes...

The ever-pervading haze

Please. If a neighbour lights a raging bonfire once in a blue moon or unfortunately gets his house on fire, I'd be sympathetic, desperately bleeding with the milk of human kindness, possibly even offering a water bucket ( offering to smother the fire especially if hunky firemen are in the vicinity ) or a warm pallet to sleep on. But annual bonfires that spew smoke and ash all over my lovely manicured lawn? Please. You'll be talking to the authorities. Oh yeah, and my lawyer.

Indonesian men

The ever-increasing bombs

Seriously. You can't afford to feed everyone in your family and you're busy making little phallic nuclear weapons. Pray tell me why? Is it a game of one-upmanship? Perhaps my cojones is bigger than yours? Seriously. Grow some rice first. Lil Kim and Moon look hungry.

The ever-present quota

Really. The implemented quota system has its benefits. Let's help our brethren in need, the poor, the needy, the helpless - regardless of race or denomination. Doubt anyone has any problems with that. But when large quantities are distributed to a tiny elite portion of that particular race or denomination? When unfortunate sons of farmers and fishermen are left straggling behind while fortunate sons of rich cronies flit around in their swanky exported cars to foreign schools? Really. Explain how it works to me again?

Politics. It's always a potential minefield. :)


ikanbilis said...

i agree. politics is definitely a dangerous minefield! and i have a quote to share from some blog i've visited previously;

"Datukship are easier earned than scholarship"

now i wonder what and where the Tsunami Fund goes. i recalled they collected more than a billion ringgit yet i see the survivor, both local and international are still struggling.

executorlouis said...

I couldn't have worded it better myself, Paul. ;)

QuaVadis said...

Splendid post, hopefully your next one would not be from Kamunting ISA Detention camp, but, yes, splendid and well said

asm@di said...

here's a political thought (another himbo trying to sound intelligent)

why is it that after every mention of political issue, then there must also be a mention of ISA? i'm not saying that ISA is justified, but i don't think just by expressing our opinion in a non-inflammatory manner we could be in kamunting

(but then again we're in malaysia, so i do see why ISA is mentioned. i know, am not making sense)

p/s another issue that gets to me. why do we care so much about what that old geezer LKY said about malaysia? are we that insecure? rather than focusing on him better focus on getting rid of the haze once and for all!

p/p/s to non-malaysians, ISA stands for Internal Security Act: if someone is deemed a threat to the nation, s/he can be detained without trial (this is AFAIK)

Las montaƱas said...

politics, that is where a doctor might make it to the top. Are you next? =P

Colin said...

Not just a pretty face, I see.. :)

Anonymous said...

If the ISA comes after you - you know where you can look for help...

*holds a big sign that points down and says HERE*


Anonymous said...

funny thing, really, is that i only ever look at politics when i'm in need of a laugh. then i decide that the chances of a benevolent dictatorship are more likely than a sensible elected government.

Wild Reeds said...

* Slow finger-wag at smokey-spewey neighbour *

William said...

Brainless comments, knee-jerk reactions. We lap it all up.

Maximus Leo said...

Politics Politics Politics.....the root to all evil!! Not money incidentally.... Take the politicians away and the world would be better place to live in. I say vote them out!!

Yeah - the world is getting crazier! one after another. Chavez, Ahmadjenied (can't spell his name) and Mr Kim.

joshua p said...

thumbs up to paul and asmadi!

I found it ridiculous when ppl say the world is better without politics or when they like to give those "ISA" threats.

we live in politics. like it or not, its everywhere (especially in our working world) and it affects ur lives. you cant avoid it like you avoid minefields. and its important for us to express our opinions upon inequality and injustice, and the stupid behaviours of some of our national leaders. can you not laugh when those mat rempit are encouraged to form as an activity?

i read the paper today and couldnt believe how our so-called leader covering up their backsides by ignoring academicians' survey and facts. and sadly enough some of us are still blindfolded by whatever filtered information fed to us by our pro-government media. read the newspapers, but find out the truth thru online independent media or international media.

and i have to agree with colin, not just a pretty face, paul :)