Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wake me up before they go go

One of the things that we're most afraid of during a draggy on-call is falling asleep. Sure when disastrous untoward events occur despite our vigilance and the adrenaline rush is pumping through the veins, we're wide-awake and hyper-alert. But when the event's over, the patient stabilizes and the rush fades, the sweet, tender arms of somnolence start reaching for us again.

Difficult to resist the siren call of sleep especially when the slow beep beep of the monitors tend to lull softly like a lullaby. Thank God there are several things that do help...

a) Midnight food runs
What can I say? There's nothing quite as deliciously wicked as this - making a quick run for it, escaping to the nearest food junction. Anything has to be better than the nutritionally sufficient, bland tasting hospital gunk.

b) Torrid romances and trashy magazines
Seriously. Medical text can only keep me interested for an hour at the most before the words star to blur and my head starts to tip forward. Thank God for wild unbelievable, suspenseful romances and the ever delicious Brangelina affair.

c) Heavy metal / pop on the radio
Slow sentimental music or classical? Please, that would certainly knock us out faster than a dose of Sevoflurane. Nothing like some pounding thump-thumpa beat to keep our eyes wide open.

d) Sending messages
Yeah, it happens. I keep myself updated with my friends with all sorts of kinky, naughty messages that aren't quite suitable for public viewing. Hitherto sterling reputations are shredded into little pieces during the fraught discussion.


Anonymous said...

What no coffee?

Anonymous said...

hello, being reading your blog and just wondering when working nite shift, the body is become heaty due to lack of sleep cause if i am working late or did not have enough sleep, i will fall sick. thanks Yeong

ec said...

how about watching a funny video? Would you be interested? =P

patrick said...

And how about listening to ghost stories. I have a few nice "haunted resort".

Anonymous said...

You missed out Supernatural - didn't you say you watched that to keep awake?

P/S: If my phone starts beeping at otherworldly hours with "naughty messages" - I'll know who's on the other end. =P

Dave said...

You need a cup of coffee with cinnamon sticks and some chocolate muffins to go along with some nice jazz music and perhaps, a gay novel, to go along with.

Eating combat rations (and one of my fav. is Japanese curry chicken noodle) left from the previous fieldcamp in the wee hours keeps me going on to catch those late night European films.

nemesis-on-fire said...

:D i LIVE for midnight snacks

tsk tsk.. kinky, naughty messages at ungodly hours? are your friends awake for that? but i guess it IS a good way to stay awake. nothing better than suspense to keep the adrenaline pumping :P

except: NO COFFEE?

Lavish Louis said...

I have a hospital ghost story, in a certain un-named hospital in Malaysia (not in Klang Valley, in case you are wondering), no one goes into a certain operating theatre after 10pm because the night staff can hear children laughing inside... joyously......


Las montaƱas said...

how blessed to have a nonhappening oncall.. when you wished that they will page you!

but if that doesnt happen, there are also those quickies in the quiet darkness of the OT. :P

Annie said...

Naughty Naughty LM.. LOL!

What Dr. Paul needs is a good SMACK on the head and HOT coffee poured down his pants and maybe a couple viewings of Friday the 13th or which ever movie that involves Freddy Kruger coming after you in your dreams.


ec said...

this is the link->

savante said...

That's coz I've limited myself to one or two cups per day, sue.

It does become heaty hence the need for herbal drinks the next day to balance my yin yang, yeong. :)

Saw that ec :)

Haunted resort, patrick?

Not trying the Supernatural thing again, sam :)

Ah, if only I had all that here, dave!

nemesis... I do have friends who work late hours too.

YUCK! Hope I don't know where that is, louis.

Wish it was actually non happening, las montanas.

Hot coffee is a blessing, annieiie..


ec said...

paul, do you like the video?