Friday, October 13, 2006

Mr Notorious

Started this blog a while ago as a place to pen my thoughts - kinda an extension of the heavily guarded journal I used to keep once upon a time as a kid. Back then, the journal was locked with three different locks and combinations and hidden in a safe place known only by a cryptic secret map that even the wily Indiana Jones would have found problematic to decipher. Life caught up with me later - not to mention my writing progressively deteriorated to an unseemly scrawl - and I found it difficult to maintain a regular journal.

Till the blog arrived. Started writing posts on my blog almost two years back, detailing my frequent rants, occasional exploits, and the rare men. Although it was on public domain, I always imagined that it'd be safe from prying eyes - especially from mere acquiantances that I've met in real life. Just a little hideaway for my deepest thoughts. Obviously sheer dimwitted naivete forms a part of my internet psyche since it never occurred to me that I'd gain some little notoriety from this blog :) With the blog, the original six degrees of separation seems to have shrunk into a mere two or three. People that I work with have found it child's play to recognize others - and most horrifyingly, even themselves in the veiled descriptions that I mention every once in a while.

Obviously not as vague as I once imagined.

Really I'm not babbling incoherently, actually leading somewhere with this... :) Never really expect people I know to read it since it's just a minute insignificant thread in the internet quilt, so small that it's always a surprise to have someone stumble on it. Although it doesn't come as much a surprise as it did when it first happened months back, I still managed an astonished gasp when an old friend from school rang me up. Lavish Louis did take his time to get to the point however.

Louis : Uhh. Ahhh.
Paul : Yeah?
Louis : I have something to tell you.
Paul : You're married with ten kids and your girlfriend doesn't know.
Louis : Not about me. I found out something about you.
Paul : I'm married with tens kids and my boyfriend doesn't know?
Louis : I read your blog.

Seriously, each time someone tells me ( with much trepidation, mind you ), they obviously expect me to keel over dead from the heart-stopping shock. Or else to immediately decapitate them with a blunt katana to keep the secret hidden. Well, maybe the first outing by Shameless Shalom did give rise to some mild palpitations, some degree of hypotension and a sinking feeling but I've grown steadily acclimatized to all that by now.

Maybe if I hide, they won't see me!

Still, it literally amazes me that this little blog has grown... quite oddly notorious in spite of my faultless angelic behaviour. Really! Haven't even propositioned a handsome stranger in months - since I doubt Charming Calvin would find it amusing!

Still, the odds are amazing how anyone I know can possibly stumble across this... Maybe I should buy that gay Da Ma Cai lottery that Will mentioned.


matrianklw said...

You bet it have grown and gained popularity! Still, you're very humble despite all the attention you've been receiving. Just don't be Mr. Obnoxious, that's all! And we all love you and the blog!

Harvey said...

I just got my mom to buy 4D for me and I didn't win. meh~

Come to think of it, I didn't exactly want anyone to know about the existence of my blog, especially not my family, nonono. My heart galloped like a runaway horse when I accidentally commented with this Harvey account in my straight friends blog (and it happened more than once)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to stay anonymous to my family and I don't even blog about anything 'outrageous'! I keep having nightmares about my romance-reading cousin stumbling on my blog because people link to me now. I know I would keel over if somebody told me they read my blog.


a good thing will always get noticed. hehe...

Anonymous said...

And to think my blog address contains my name! Eeeek! I heard from someone that employers "Google" job applicants, and what would they find in my blog? Naked boys and confessions about ex-es. Ugh.

Goddess of the Earth said...

Well since you did link me here. I would keel over and die if anyone found my blog and not this one but my other one.

But it is odd how people can find things on the net nowadays. *shock* people are smart then ;)


quicksilverlining said...

speaking of, does anyone know that code strip that you put on the top of your blog coding to stop search engines logging it?

i had to get like a seperate blog for my darker, erm, secrets. my parents read my blog. gergh.

Pete said...

You did propositioned a handsome security guard in a mall not long ago :p With Calvin present! :P

snowdrop said...

tis a constant worry of mine... not helped by the fact that the same photos on the blog are often proudly circulated about the office! :O

coolgardy said...

I want to tell you that your blog is one of the ones that I really look forward for updates.
It's full of life and gives me the opportunity to learn more about others in my community.

Keep up the good job ya...

Annie said...

There's a way to stop people from Googling you? I've noticed that if you use a unique spelling of your blog name or a title to your blog, then it's very easy to google it and find you. Links also connect you to people you'd never meet or would want to. LOL. What's sad is there are people out there ready to pass judgement.. yet they won't blog, but they'll read and say tsk tsk. To them I say, "Get a life and stop lurking"

who doesn't care for lurkers.

Anonymous said...

Gee whiz, I look forward to reading this blog, because it is the best written I have found so far. Well, the closest to my liking. The other day and good friend of mine, whom I forgot I gave my url to so that she could read my book, told me that my blog showed her a whole new side of myself. Eeek! So, you see, I know what you mean.

Anonymous said...

what are the odds that ur frens or worse, ur boss, stumble on ur blog?

everyone is pretty 'cyber' these days. even a 50 over years old cranky boss, oops.... so jus be careful with what u blog lor. i was actually thinkin' abt the same subject last night while showering...err...

ps: gay da ma cai?

a.o.d said...

Your blog is one which I read regularly. Love the way it is written.
Had contemplated writing a blog some time ago but just didn't quite get to it. Rather remain anonymous for now.

Anonymous said...

How can we not love your blog!? You're just bleepin' hilarious and you write really well too! When you get noticed - it's hard to hide... but who cares about hiding! Let's pain the town red! =P

Wyler said...

I love your blog, probably you wouldn't be surprised too that there are some from the medical community read your blog. Me included.

ikanbilis said...

i don't quite advertise my blog to many especially people from school. i get intimidated if i do so, as i bitch alot about people.. well sort off. somehow the popularity could just burst just like that. but heck, i love your blog and the content of it. i rather learn english and writing skils just by reading your fabulous entries!

Anonymous said...

It's always a tough call to decide how open a personal blog should be. That decision's influence is two-way - sometimes it can inform your content as well.

For me, with all the personal stuff on my blog, it's an even tougher call, but I choose to think that raw honesty is the best way to engage an audience.

Anonymous said...

Keep it coming :)

savante said...

Why not be humble, Matt? :) Thanks!

Wah, yualso buy number ah! Never expected that of you, Harvey. Go buy the lotto in OZ.

Same reaction as mine then, may. Almost fainted the first time. But it's happened four to five times.. from last count.

Not always, shah :)

They might hire you even more, mark!

Nothing like increased connectivity all over the place, shabana.

Hmm... wouldn't know, quicksilver.

Oh yeah, forgot about that pete :P

Ah, your culinary triumphs, snowdrop!

Thanks, coolgardy.

Unique spelling? Is this unique, anniiiieie?

Amazing how well connected the world is, isn't it sue?

It is a compicated cyberworld, ethnwg.

aod. You have me curious whetehr I know you around :)

No problem with the red paint, sam.

Wyler? Where are you from :O Do I know ya?

Hardly advertise. Hardly even mention the fact at work, ikanbilis.

Trying to be as honest as possible, cliff.

No prob, sbanboy.


Lavish Louis said...

Hi Paul,
This is Lavish Louis. I am glad I got mentioned. Actually it took me quite a while to contact to you. To think I have to contact 3 other old friends to get your number. Like all the other commentors, yours is the best blog. You always have a flair for words and descriptions in medical school and I always thought why don't you just go ahead and write bodice-ripping Nora-Roberts-esque kind of novels and win the Booker for Malaysia.