Saturday, October 21, 2006

Do you want to be a millionaire?

What would you do if you just received 8.7 million US dollars?

Seriously. I'd probably faint disgracefully from the shock - desperately clutching the cheque in a near-death grip. Whoever said that money doesn't buy happiness obviously didn't have quite enough of it.

Never been all that rich. Laypeople always have this odd assumption that doctors ( apart from the lucky few printing money in their lucrative private practices ) earn the big bucks when usually the reverse is true. Trust me, most people underestimate them but the truly wealthy dudes are the mechanics, the plumbers and the hawkers. Most doctors barely scrape enough to make a decent living - which my ISO fully comprehends hence the freeloader meals.

Well, we all know by now exactly what the idealistic Dr Isobel Stevens would do with the sudden windfall ( especially if you've been catching up with the recent episode of my guilty pleasure Grey's Anatomy ) but hey, not everyone's gonna be satisfied just having the precious cheque pinned to the fridge with a magnet or left hanging around the kitchen waiting for orange juice to be spilled on it. Certainly not materialistic me. Like my fair Miz Dolly once said, wealth is meant to be spread around like manure, helping young things grow.

And I certainly love spreading wealth around :) No worries. I won't just go stircrazy and impulse-purchase some twenty foot yacht with my name on the bow or some hedonistic pleasure such as the secluded island of MenmEnmeN.

Just let me loose in a large department store with an impressive bookstore and you can just see me at work. Think fabulous leather-bound books with gilt edges on oak shelves in a floor-to-ceiling library. Think super-sized walk-in wardrobe with suits, sweaters and slacks out of a menswear magazine. Not to forget to-die-for butter-soft leather shoes. Of course that's all after my jetsetting round-the-world trip picking up persian carpets, matrushka dolls, murano glass, moroccan lamps, japanese yukatas and every other odd desperately expensive thingamajig that might catch my eye.

Allan Wu!
Spreading the wealth!

Admittedly there will be generous politically-correct souls who'd consider handing part of the cheque over to charity. Unfortunately altruism would come in rarely - all depending on the worthiness of the charity - but still it would be terribly rare since hell, I'm practically a charity case myself! How can I give it away before I've finished enjoying spending it on me, my family and friends? And boy, you guys do know that Charming Calvin has some pretty expensive tastes, right? :) Gotta keep him happy with extravagant Haagen Dazs after all.

Just before my conscientious brother starts ranting endlessly about my serious lack of financial management though, I'd invest some of it in solid blue chips. Wouldn't want to run out of all that lovely cash now, would we? And hell, it'd shut him up.


ec said...

sighing.. i have a friend who also complain about my lack of financial planning. he said, "hey you are at your thirties, you better start planning before it too late." thank you for your bday's greeting. It is 3 days in advance

Annie said...

LOL Paul! ?
You said, "8.7 million US dollars"
You *DO* know what that means? After the US government taxes the crap out of your check, you're left with a dollar and 50 cents.. LOL! which could possibly buy you a pack of gum if you're lucky.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry Annie, he would still have enough money left to spend, spend, spend!

I googled Moroccan lamps and bought 2 for my Asia room. I just love them; they look fabulous. Thanks for the recommendation. So, now when you open that decorator shop, I will not be needing a lamp. Sorry Paul. :(

savante said...

Hey, it's on Raya day, ec! How great :)

Only a pack of gum. Damn taxes, anniiieie... does izzie know that?

True enough, sue. I'll have to bargain a bit harder though. You bought them from where?


jase said...

you sure you want Matryoshka Dolls
? they are kinda boring you know since even chinese people have similar dolls like that.. hehehe

savante said...

Actually I do have a few matrushka dolls already - even bought some iconography. And really exquisite handpainted ones too. The Russian ones are definitely different from the chinese ones :)

Dave said...

Once when i was in polytechnic, one of the questions asked in our life skill subjects was: if you won a million dollars, how would you spend it?

My ans: $400,000 to be divided equally among my parents, bro n sis. $300,00 into Swiss bank acc, $100,000 to charity, and the remaining $200,000 on my family's funeral.

savante said...

What an extravagant funeral!

Anonymous said...

Investment in blue chips is one of good way to maximize ur wealth. The returns is pretty satisfied sometimes but it's quite risky too, it's not a so called courage way if u r a risk adverse person :P

Btw, u still need a proper financial management and planning in long run, even for ur investment! :P Go get an accountant boyfriend where you can enjoy everything FOC, but I'm not sure can you have one now, Oppps!! kekekkeke :)

Anonymous said...

8.7 million US dollars! O_O

That can buy me so many Lexus RX300's that I can barely count!

Well, if I had that money - I would definitely spend it all on friends and family, plus myself. I'm dying for some new leather shoes and some new outfits. Oh wait... I'll need to upgrade the closet first, but then my room is kinda small - so that means I need to upgrade the house.

Oh dang it, I'll just buy a plot of land and custom make a house. =P

If not, I'll use that 8.7 million on something else: I wonder how much does it cost for that Invisibility Cloak that I heard they were just making? =)

Annie said...

What or Who is izzie Paul?


jase said...

In that case, collect on until you have no more shelf space to display them!

Anonymous said...

Here are the lamps I bought:
I have put amber bulbs in them and they are very pretty.

Stephen said...

I'd buy a new house on the quayside in Newcastle city centre, and new houses for my parents and sister elsewhere in the city. Then I'd buy a trip into space. I expect I'd give up my job. I'd have to do something else, maybe part time, as without a job to keep me occupied for part of the week I'd probably spend the money within a year. But it would be a job I did because I wanted to, rather than something I had to do.

nemesis-on-fire said...

ooo.. leather-bound books in gilt edges on oak shelves in floor to ceiling library!!! *faints from orgasmic delight* :P i'd get me a fantabulous kitchen with an equally fantabulous cook too :P after a shopping spree of course. all those manolos and choos. i can see them in my mind... dammit, paul! i was happy with my lot till u posted this up!! :D

Las montaƱas said...

I'm like you. But I'd spend them on clothes instead of books. Damn, I know I'm poorly read.

doctors ARE still obscenely paid! Here are the statistics:

Medical off: XXXX.XX a month
Specialist: XXXXX.XX a month
Consultant: XXXXXX.XX a month (plus wednesday off for golf)

William said...

I guess buying blue chip stocks is still considered shopping. And a wide selection they have too.

Being the frugal creature I am, I don't know if I can even finish spending the monthly interest if I deposit that obscene sum of money into the bank.