Monday, May 28, 2007

Monarch of the Glen

DVD reruns and bags of chips are how I spend the weekend usually. A fact that my ISO obviously knows which is why he came over with a stack of DVDs just the other day. Would have preferred a 42 inch plasma TV :)

The man certainly knows me well enough to pick the perfect DVD though. Almost exactly a decade back I actually spent two nippy weeks in Scotland. Surprisingly enough to those who know me as a dedicated urbanite, I actually spent the time traipsing through the woods and glens of the Highlands with a book bag in hand. Not sure why but there might have been some foolish youthful attempts at emulating the brooding Heathcliff - though in a far chillier locale.

Of course most days I recall ending up with my sorely aching feet on the embroidered pillows to rest at the end of the day ( while my ISO shivered by the window griping about the cold while munching on biscuits dunked in warm tea ) but it was certainly well worth it :) Since I happened to be back in the bed & breakfast anyways, I always managed to catch up with the latest BBC series being shown at primetime - and coincidentally enough there was a series about the prodigal return of the dashing laird to his financially encumbered highland estate while he struggles between conflicting forces of familial duty and personal desire. The perfect cozy cup of tea before bedtime.

The laird of Glenbogle!

Suitably enough known as the Monarch of the Glen, it stars Alastair MacKenzie as the new ( though terribly reluctant ) laird of Glenbogle, Archie Macdonald. And believe me, he's certainly dishy enough to carry the show :) Though that of course discounts the wonderful efforts of his co-stars who portray various quirky, idiosyncratic characters in this quintessentially Scottish drama.

And though our young laird, Alastair might not have been enthused over becoming laird of the glen in the beginning, who else amongst us would say no to owning acres of the most beautiful Scottish highlands? Not to mention chief of some strapping droolsome Scotsmen, in kilts no less! :P Now to get my hands on the rest of the series.

Faith and begorrah, my daft ISO spent his time glued to the screen with Ballykissangel. :) Like all reprobate lapsed Catholic boys, there's nothing quite like cute priests to get him going.


Running Dan said...

Heh. Looks like he knows what you like to watch. Any drama with dishy men will do?

Sue said...

I really want a plasma tv too. Can't afford one. Sad but true.

I love BBC productions. Currently I am watching Hex. But I will check out Monarch. Thanks for the tip!

thompsonboy said...

OMG BBC love you much.

jay said...

BBC is cool. I like Torchwood. I'd certainly like some wood from the male actors on the show.

khalel said...

ei, just checkin' if the doctor is in...
Cheers paul! I missed reading your blog!

Shout back soon ayt?

btw, like my new photo? thats the thing that kept me busy... lolz

seth (on the left) said...

I love Monarch of the Glen. PBS is the only channel we get in the hinterlands where we live, so we have to make the best of it. Me, I prefer to snuggle in on cold winter nights and watch all BBC all the time

savante said...

Sometimes, dishy men just won't do, dan :P

Ooh, my dream is to have a plasma tv as well, sue. Sigh. But the Monarch of the Glen suffers in the last season or so.

I love it as well, thompsonboy!

Ah, jay. I know exactly who you mean :)

Definitely in da house, khalel, as you can see.

Hinterlands? Whoa, gotta check out your blog, seth.