Thursday, May 03, 2007

Why is the Rum Gone?

Shiver me timbers. Where is the rum? Where has it gone?


Possibly because I drank it all. Or at least my ISO tried his best to.

Will Turner
Searching for rum

After all he claimed he needed some alcohol to lubricate his vocal cords after the enforced abstinence during our holiday trip the other day. Warned him after all that if he'd gotten all besotted in a foreign country that he couldn't depend on me to pull back his hair as he worshipped the ubiquitous porcelain god - since I'd probably be tempted to give him a revenge swirlie instead.

Whether rum, wine or beer, I don't drink that much - well not as much as my friend who takes a generous tipple every once in a while with his debauched clients. Not that my ISO ever gets smashed silly but poking fun has to be an ex-boyfriend's prerogative, right? Still it was mostly virtual liquor for me since I refused to partake in the festivities of wine, men and song while chatting online - although my ISO allowed himself to imbibe freely since he was lazing alone at home in his study.

It's nice to see him all silly for once - instead of me being the clumsy fool :P

My ISO : Come celebrate the end of the Prohibition!
Paul : It was only for three days, ye drunken bastard.
My ISO : Only one can of beer lah. Or was that a bottle?
Paul : Turn your webcam on and I'll confirm that, liar!
My ISO : *Hic* I swear! Only one bottle of beer on the wall.
Paul : So tell me what would you tell someone just coming out of the closet?
My ISO : Get a fancy doorstop just in case you want to go back in?
Paul : Funny.

Ever inquisitive, he quizzed me about the reason for ten minutes before giving it up in a fit of pique. Didn't see any need to out one friend to another so I discreetly kept Jaded Jeremy's name out of the conversation as best I could.

Just starting to grope his way out of the closet ( after 3 whole decades :O ), Jeremy's still relatively new at all this and wonders how to handle himself in this brave new world without being bitten by a rapacious gay shark or two. Surprisingly despite his suspiciously inebriated state, my ISO managed to brainstorm several intriguing ideas that I've started compiling into a brief email for my semi-outed friend.

Maybe he gets better with rum. :P


jay said...

Interesting question. I would say take it slowly and try not to get tooo caught up in anything.

When I first came out, I wanted to know and experience everything out there and whilst I managed to keep myself from going all out crazy doing everyone and everything, it's not easy to do.

People can smell innocence and new blood and they hunt!

I also got my heart broken because I didn't yet understand gay life. Whilst I wanted more, others just wanted some fun and I failed to realize this.

I recommend just going out with him and showing him the ropes. I wish someone did that with me. Well someone did but they wanted to show me alot more than ropes if you get what I mean....

Cyclohelix said...

Looks like both of you could be deemed 'soulmates' at the expense of alcohol..classy & 2 by sea :)

drownedglass said...

30 years in the closet! If I were him I'd be throwing myself into that sea of rapacious sharks. Screw the life jacket.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

how about adding an address to the "Send to" bar? For someone who took two decades and is still trying, I dare say I could do with some tips from the seasoned. Not to say that you're old, of course. :p

savante said...

That is so true. I've actually seen it happen more than once, jay. You're right and I should give him a warning or two about the rapacious sharks.

2 by sea, helix? If you mean I'm about to drown him sometimes, you could be right :P

You've got a point there, ws. After 3 decades, I'd be ready to be feasted upon too!

Will check it out, calvin.

What address to the send to bar, junkie?


Anonymous said...

that email would be, thanks doc! :D