Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Just a Little Recap

Remember that motivational course I mentioned? Although it was Big Bicep Barry who attended the entire series of experiential lectures ( amazingly he managed to stay awake through all that monotonous jargon! ), I managed to glean quite a bit of information from my last day there.

First thing I learned about myself if I'm not a naturally physically affectionate person. Have quite a stiff upper lip actually. Sure I can offer a hug if the occasion calls for it but getting cheek to cheek with a relative stranger every five seconds seems to be a bit much - though I certainly don't object to having muscular arms around me :P

Recap time!
Given me time to think...

Second is when it comes to sales pitches, I'm a pretty hard nut to crack - certainly not plain kuaci as Barry put it. Although their enthusiastic sales spiel ( seemed like they were all on a sugar high ) didn't manage to secure my application for their next batch of students, it still make me think.

Third thing is normally average guys can transform into gorgeous men with the right suits - while guys like Barry turn near irresistible. But that's something I already knew before this.

As usual ( don't you guys watch Oprah and the like? ) the motivational people started digging into the past trying to discover exactly what goals have been buried in the past whether due to crimes of circumstance or follies of fate. Shockingly it actually took me a minute or two to think of even a single goal that I've left behind. Seems like I'm actually on the right track, doesn't it? Sure I do have some dreams that I haven't fulfilled but I certainly haven't put them aside, perhaps a better name would be shelved till future notice - but I still take them out to dust them off every once in a while.

1) Financial freedom
Does anyone not dream of this? :) Would be great to just be free from the constraints of work, just to live free from day to day ( like some loitering broadcasting students I could name ). Some would call it dull as drying paint but hell, I'd find it absolutely liberating. Imagine all that free time - with money to spend. Whoever said money doesn't buy happiness can send a few bucks my way.

2) Opening a bookstore / curio store of my own
That's easy enough since I've mentioned it before but I certainly don't plan to do that now - unless providential manna falls from the sky sufficient enough for a starting capital. Perhaps later in the misty future when I've established myself sufficiently in my career to branch out - or perhaps to even indulge a little. Maybe hire a hunky ( and perpetually shirtless ) bookstore assistant in my stodgy old age to ogle at :)

3) Dreams of travel
Ah, travel. That's easy enough and I do that every year as much as I can so I can't exactly place it in the realms of the impossible. Planes, trains or automobiles but next stop Morocco or Spain for sure.

Not sure whether my budget ( shocking deficit I assure you! ) can cover my next destination though - and who exactly's gonna be my faithful Passerpartout ( yes, I know think that travelling alone can be quite a drag ). With his ever-pressing financial constraints, Charming Calvin is probably grounded for some time here while for my ISO - although he's certainly flush with ready cash damn him - I think it's a bit inappropriate to go for jaunts longer than a chaperoned weekend with an ex-boyfriend.

4) A family of my own
Well this one is a little hard to achieve. Settling down with bling bling ring and downpayment for that house in the suburbs might seem easy for some ( marry at haste, repent at leisure anyone? ) but I could never make that impulsive leap without weighing the risks and benefits first. And judging from the number of troubled relationships I'm seeing floundering on the shoals, I think taking it slow has some merit. Guess I am more of an actuarist than I imagined.

And even after the committed partnership ( for want of a better word since homosexual relationships are still taboo in these parts ), the trials and tribulations of adoption in this country still bears thinking about. Doubt it's that easy to do a Jolie over here - especially for two men wanting a baby. Can already imagine the militant conservatives raising a ruckus with pitchforks and torches outside the orphanage.

Not sure what I can do about the last goal ( anyone with the least inkling? ) but to achieve the rest, I think I'd better tighten my belt a bit since money seems to be the stumbling block. Sounds like it's gonna be economy rice paired with generic black tea in the near future :)


Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

Good to see your plans for the future. :-)

closetalk said...

ok, so if i come to whereverur, will ISO go to bed with me? :)
pretty plsssssssss. lol

jay said...

With regards to the last one, move to Canada or Amsterdam! The hard part is finding the right person and being sure that it is the right person that seems impossible.

CTG said...

Hey there Paul. Please update your link - I changed my blog and started over. Thanks. CTG (aka, Morné), Homme du Cap.

CTG said... I meant to write... Ciao.

Dashing Dan said...

Mmmm... economy rice...

mjiahua :: tyne&wear said...

hej paul:
mind joining me to spain & portugal & morroco this coming summer?

Cyclohelix said...

hmm, try authoring?

Sue said...

I sure hope you find a way to have a child. It would be a shame to give up on the dream of being a father because of society's values when there are so many orphans in the world. It really is unfair to you and your future child.

savante said...

INteresting thots, eh, nigel?

You gotta ask him yourself when you come over, closetalk.

Canada or Amsterdam, jay?! But I would miss my nasi lemak!

Done, ctg.

Yum. DOn't you miss it, dan?

Whoa!! What are the dates, mjiahua!

Anyone wanna publish, helix?

Sue, that's so sweet! Thanks a million.


mjiahua :: tyne&wear said...

June 16 - 30 would be ok?