Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hanya Kawan

Just friends.

How does that actually work? Seriously. How do you go from secretly fantasizing about getting a hunk hot, naked and wet in a shower to having platonic coffee with him over at the local Starbucks?

Evening coffee!
A late night cuppa

Took a while but we're certainly getting there especially when I am scoring like hell when it comes to poking jibes at him. Hilarious actually teasing the big guy who's starting to turn out to be quite a good friend. Just this past week, Big Bicep Barry had a dreadfully demanding client who has been driving him a bit crazy at work. Bad-Ass Brenda was in charge of business acquisitions of some sort - hell, excuse me if I am a bit confused on what exactly happens in big business - and had some dealings with sales. Which is where Barry came in.

Working dinners and sudden late night appointments with prospective clients are par the course for Barry - so it didn't seem unreasonable to get a call at an unseasonable hour from Brenda. Not that unusual especially since she'd been dragging her maneater stiletto heels on some points in the agreement. Nonetheless, there was growing horror in his voice as he explained that Brenda had asked him to meet her at her place.

Paul : So what? You just went up and got the files with the whatever agreement. What's the big deal?
Barry : Yeah, but she wanted more than the files.
Paul : OMG! Are you saying what I'm thinking?
Barry : Yes.
Paul : So why didn't you give her what she wanted?
Barry : Hey!
Paul : Why not?
Barry : What kinda cheap ho do you think I am!
Paul : Uhh...
Barry : Don't even say a word.
Paul : Think of it as going the extra mile for a client!
Barry : Not even going there!

If you didn't get the hidden innuendoes ( a bit difficult since you couldn't see his face! ), unfortunately it seemed that Bad-Ass Brenda seemed to want more than just look at his ample goods. Guess the poor man does get his share of propositions :) Comes with the big biceps.


hrugaar said...

Heh. Well yeah, if he spends hours building the biceps & starving himself to avoid even an ounce of bodyfat, guess he shouldn't be surprised at the incoming propositions (from both sexes la).

What's the deal with guys who polish their looks and then turn everyone down? Hint of ice queen cruelty there? ;oP Or who's he saving himself for, if Bad-Ass Brenda is out of the running? Heheh.

Kiss My Mike said...

Isn't that late-night-activity-at-her-place part of the customer satisfaction process?

Sue said...

Is she even attractive? Barry has made himself attractive. I think he has the right to wait for what he wants in a "mate". Don't you?

sharon said...

is it any easier for a gay guy to have a platonic relationship with a guy he's interested in than for a straight guy with a girl he's interested in?

Annie said...

OMG! That's despicable Brenda to me! It's a business transaction - BBB isn't moonlighting as a whore is he? Geezuz.

Being friends with someone you had fantasies about are cool. You get to continue the fantasies "and" still be in their presence and be friends. Just don't tell Big Bicep Barry about it.

Maximus Leo said...

I can somehow relate to this. 10 years ago, I was really attracted to this straight friend of mine! It was really intense and did not like others to be part of this friendship. Somehow, it got too complicated! I got burnt emotionally and off course broken hearted. He did not know about it. I moved country! and now back in the same country. We are still friends but not so intense but I trust him 100%. Cest la vie!!

Ban said...

Barry to himself: I don't want her, I want you...


Las montaƱas said...

doing sales... as what a friend said, gotto sell BS also sometimes. ;)

Mr.Brian/Mr.Fletcher said... he is getting it from both sexes!

CR said...

I guess sometimes that is what it takes to gt the job done.

I had a friend who use to sleep with his clients...he made a pretty good living...he was also in sales.

SeanScott said...

Well, I for one think you should be so proud of BBB. He definitely has his standards, and playing ho to a business associate simply crosses the line!

Regardless of WHY he told her no, you can enjoy the fact that he DID say no. Of course, it's the MOST fun to imagine that he is saving himself for YOU at just the right TIME. I am hoping this is the case. And I am hoping that when that time comes (and I believe it will) you will generously supply all of us, your Curious Readers, with every. single. morsel. of. detail!

savante said...

OMG. You are so righT! Gonna tell him so, ru! Bwahahahaha...

Obviously not, mike :)

True, I shall tell Barryw hat ru said, sue :)

Not easy at all so we need sympathy, sharon!

Hilarious Brenda, you mean! BBB might be moonlighting as a ho for all I know.

Who knows which way he leans, ian.

Fat chance, Daniel.

Can see that it isn't easy doign sales, las montanas.

Brian... or more likely.. not giving it to both sexes :P

cr, what does your friend sell? I wanna buy!

Proud? :O Shall tell him that, sean!


northernlad said...

wow - what a great blog site - i just love it
keep up the great work!

northernlad ***
:)))) gay & proud ****

Adam said...

Gay and Proud! cheers!