Sunday, August 27, 2006

Rainy mornings

Rainy sunday mornings are the worst.

When you have to go to work, that is. All I can think of is snuggling in bed, warm and preferably naked under the thick blankets with my sweet Charming Calvin. Instead I'm braving the howling rain, the rousing thunder and the slippery skids for the hospital this Sunday morning - muttering curses under my breath all the while.

Lousy work hours. The unforeseen perils of dating a physician.

The heavy iron shackles of duty and responsibility are factors that drive me to work but I'm not sure how much ambition there is in that volatile mix. Not much, I gather since I still find myself a bit lackadaisical when it comes to my professional exams. I'm sure the ambitious sort - such as the overenthusiastic, desperately kiasu interns in Grey's Anatomy - would have found some ingenious way to smuggle in some textbooks during their tiring on-call but all I wanna do is get some shut-eye when I catch a break. Like my other unfortunate compatriots facing exams, I'm starting to be a bit unsure about the road taken.

Road Less Travelled!
The road not taken

Perhaps a last-minute detour to take the one less traveled by would be a better idea. After all like Robert Frost, everyone wonders about the road not taken. And I do have some semi-serious ambitions when it comes to interior decorating ( and my lovely curio shop! ). :) Anyone care to give me a paying job?


Las montaƱas said...

you have come so far... its just another hill/mountain to conquer to become a specialist of your calling. Suffer now, enjoy later.

Jemima said...

I often wondered too - if I should have taken the other road. But, which ever road we take, it's the one that "that has made all the difference" - and it is how we live our life that is most important.

Hemce, I agree with las montanas. :)

Sue said...

At least yours is a warm, tropical rain. Not the cold, freezing rain we get up here. Then you really want to snuggle under quilts with a warm loved one.

I agree with las motanas, suffer now, enjoy your chosen occupation (curio shoppe) after retirement. May I be your first customer? I need to find a new lamp for my Asia room... ;)

Pete said...

Better than stuck in the same job for almost 10 years and now struggling for a way out ://

At least your job are in demands, by choice your can migrate teo any country in the world :pp Whine all you wants but deep down you know you are in good career track :P

Annie said...

Oh Paul, you have IKEA written all over you. What you need is retail therapy. I suggest you pick me up as soon as you have a day off. Calvin needs to come too, somebody with muscles and a good back has to push the cart. You, dear Paul, just need to bring your credit card. *wink*

hrugaar said...

The important thing is to ask yourself the question. :o)

It's when we stop questioning ourselves - whether caught up in some kiasu drive of ambition, or from the dullness of inured habit - that we're more likely to lose our way.

Desperate Danny said...

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envy said...

I don't know maybe we should do that step after all and leave everything behind for our dream...I want to have that small shop too... a small books shop/a small coffe shop/a small pizza place with 2 or 3 tables maximum/I thought about it 2 it will be somewhere near where i live near a university full of students... yet Family pressure and living here wouldn't allow it...They all expect a big income from you, and such a dream wouldnt be the perfect thing to bring money! i guess if someone can have both it could be nice...seing your squeduale i don't know.. though keep on dreaming you never know...Lets open the same shop one here and one there and we will have a chain:P

envy said...

By the way here the week end was very sunny, still is...come over have some tan!

savante said...

Suffering certainly, las montanas!

Living my life well, jemima... but the studying is really cramping my style.

New lamp? Sure! No problem, sue :)

TIme to search for a new one, pete.

True. Haven't had retail therapy in more than a week! Been working all weeeeeeekkk... annnineineieiee..

Yes, I do ask myself that, ru.

Hot guy photos. Hmm... danny.

Sounds like a good idea, envy!