Thursday, August 31, 2006

All about Ken and Raoul

Just another creepy thought on coming this perilously close to the big terrifying 3-0 precipice.

Even the clothes you wear starts to change. Seriously. Progressively expanding waistline aside ( dammit think positive, think of lipo! ), the old stuff that used to be a staple during university life just doesn't cut it anymore. Never imagined that I'd actually give up my plain comfortable tees and loose battered jeans - surely regular everyday joe kinda wear - but come on, how would that look on someone you're supposed to respect and trust? Someone you're supposed to entrust your life to for even a moment?

Even with the semi-sloppy casual wear doctrine slowly conquering offices everywhere, the ultra-conservative medical bastion has remained staunchly unmoving on this sartorial matter. Hell, even loosening the tie knot when the weather gets sultry can raise more than a few conservative eyebrows. Shirts and ties have remained the norm, some daring, unconventional few even coming out with the snazzy bow ties - though oddly enough most of them are psychiatrists. After all, not even the redoubtable Dr Gregory House can pull off that brash, slovenly look all the time.

And who could blame them? We do have a clothing allowance of sorts so it wouldn't be fair schlepping around the hospital in crumpled leftovers from the nearest pseudo-Goth garage sale - although more than a few doctors could be charged with such murderous fashion felony.

Kenneth ColeSo nowadays, a walk at the mall has me overlooking the usual shiny sequins, dazzling technicolour baby tees and crotch-enhancing denim that the gym-built circuit party boys adore ( and I envy! ) and heading straight to the near heavenly Raoul and Kenneth Cole - despite the fact that I'd have to sell the shirt off my back ( and possibly my first born too ) just to purchase one of theirs.

Has anyone seen their desperately dear - yet wonderfully wearable - menswear? Hell, a decent Raoul shirt can successfully salvage even a hideous homely wreck like me.

And the delicious cufflinks! Yeah, I do wear them, cumbersome as they may be at the job - and no, they haven't fallen into a patient's open abdomen yet. Haven't found one that truly matched my wacky personality yet so I'm dealing with some plain run-of-the-mill silver cufflinks for now.

Don't even get me going on the shoes... :)


Las montaƱas said...

cuff links at work? with all the handwashing...etc? cannot!

and shoes of nice soft calf leather.. oh the nice leathery smell.

If you join the corporate mob, you'll be dressed lidat!

And the scary thing about hitting 3-0; your girth size moves in tandem with age!

Ianfluenza said...

Yeah man... Cufflinks... My new-found obsession!

CR said...

You can still have fun clothes. You need a wardrove for work clothes and one for your evenings and going out.

Jemima said...

Think positive, think lipo? Nip/ Tuck? No Thanks!

I would rather think positive, eat in moderation. :p

So, when's the birthday? ;)

Annie said...

Sexy = stiff-ironed well-fit shirt with a flattering tie. *drool* . Behold, my favorite place to shop for my big brother and my husband:

How I transformed my husband from docker pants/wrinkled shirt/boring tie/sruffy shoes to HOT, professional and Competent looking banker. mmmm... and he thinks he's been promoted three times because of his intelligence alone? I THINK NOT! It's all in the presentation. Follow thru with intelligence is a plus, but usually expected by clients/patients.

Now Paul has a lab coat over his professional wear, yes? not many choices for accessories.. I've recently acquired a tie chain - very lovely piece. :D

Grafxgurl said...

i cannot resist a man who is well dressed.

and i DONT mean jeans an baggy

darn ed said...

try Paul Smith's cufflinks. Them bitches are pretty nifty imho.

envy said...

Yeahh when is the birthday Paul?
Well i would love a man with a suit on...and he can be pretty cool too with jeans...Why can't u be both?...Nice to have u with a jeans on after work for barebacue thing in the garden:P don't envy now...envy is bad:P

Anonymous said...

Raoul? Raourrr. The shirts are nice.

g_c said...

now we're talking!lol!when it comes to fashion blog talk,you know im never far away!

raoul and kenneth cole huh? was partially distracted by the hot male models on the raoul website(damn those old asian ladies sure do love their white models!and im not complaining either!)...

but just wondering,you ever tried zara?!has the most amazing cuts and quite cheap for good quality *almost feel like street vendor trying to sell his product*lol

nyonyapenang said...

kenneth cole, raoul, cufflinks, armani ties, are of a totally different league, paul. i think if i were your patient, no need too much medicine, i'd get better already. LOL

Musang said...

hey... i like kenneth too occay. and polo. and nicole. and camel. and i'm not 24* yet. i just like the class and style.

omg. i do sounds old eh?

oh. and i love samuel&kevin. but of course, as long as you love what you wear, you'll look good in em.

(*: will be 24 for the next 6 years)

Dave said...

How about those jeans and tees that was worn during ya uni days? Don't tell me lack of exercise and over eating makes you kiss goodbye to the jeans and tees??

Can i trade my Levi's and those XL sizes Nike tees with u? ;)

Shigeki said...

I think shopping is endless even how much you shop. :-) You cannot get enough clothes can ya? :-) Make friends who can get you corporate discount. That way, your life will be much easier and more fabulous.

Steven said...

I'd be afraid of losing a cufflink. Those things get stuck on everything, I swear.

But, one thing I never get to see enough of is a man in a vest. Not a sweater vest, a vest vest.

Michael said...

Mmmm, I adore Kenneth Cole. And though I could spot you ten years, Paul, I will NOT succumb to the expanding waistline. ::turns to check tag:: 30, bitches. You can't wear Ken's pants right with a 35+. ;-)

And the shoes. C'mon! Let's talk about the shoes. It's one of the best parts of being a homo!

Not so Single Guy said...

I turned 30 last month. It was a scary experience. I went to thailand to a budhist meditation centre. It was good..I am more confident. I still look young but I may need lipo!

suituapui said...

Gosh! How I envy you! Can talk about what to buy and what to wear! In my case, as long as I can find the size (XXXL at least), I'll just matter how ugly. The problem is with underwear, the biggest is XL, so...????? Ha ha ha!

Xavier said...

cuff links! love them too! hey i wanna see ur collection!

thompsonboy said...

I learnt from my sister, if you try and hunt hard enough you will get some stuff at really cheap price. Forget the labels.

Didn't kak Siti taught everyone a lesson? Money can't buy class. Just look at her pricey roadkill she called a wedding gown.

nyonyapenang said...

kenot find size, then no nid to wear lah. save money summore. LOL

sori paul,
tumpang your space sekejab. tks.

Jay said...

Being on the wrong side of 30 myself, I think I should be reassessing my wardrobe too. I don't think I can get away with tight clothes for very much longer... but a H&M t-shirt IS a lot cheaper than a Kenneth Cole shirt!

thompsonboy said...

H&M is fabulous esp during sale...well something that we Malaysian won't and don't get. HMMPH!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Raoul is just so nice. Got some great Raoul-like shirts from Bangkok the other day...but I still can't get over the loss of my beloved Raoul tie! May it rest in peace, not in pieces.

quirkyJ said...

Yeah, Raoul is just so nice. Got some great Raoul-like shirts from Bangkok the other day...but I still can't get over the loss of my beloved Raoul tie! May it rest in peace, not in pieces.

savante said...

Well, i wear them when I'm in the clinic, las montanas :)

Mine too, ian but I'm looking for some nice ones. So don't have that many yet xavier!

But I usually go out straight from work so my clothes are pretty much work clothes, cr.

Why no nip/tuck, jemima :)

Hot banker, annie? I really gotta see this!

Same here, grafxgurl. Always have this wild fantasy of fucking a well dressed man in tie and jacket.

Gonna take a look for sure, darn ed.

My birthday, envy? that's at the end of October, man!

True enough, cliff! They have Raoul shirts over there?

Yeah, I love zara too - and desperately watch for their sales, g_c.

Hardly wear them around though since I'm usually in my scrubs, nyonya.

Hey, musang, I'm 24 too :P

Nah, it's around but I usually leave them for the weekends, dave.

Friends with corporate discounts, shigeki! Good idea!

Cufflinks getting stuck? Yeah, I see it happening, steven, which is why I usually remove them first.

My waist isn't that large, michael :P.

Whoa, single guy,... meditation is cool!

Wear boxers then, suituapui.

I know! I do look around too, thompson boy. Not a label freak.

Darlin Jay, I'm sure you can still look fab in tight tees :)

Anon, what happened to your tie?


charm.calvin said...

You look nice with the clothes you wear. And even if you don't, it wouldn't matter much cause it's just clothes.

And besides, I'm no good with clothes either.

You'll still be my dearest, no matter how.

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