Friday, September 01, 2006


Sassoon lives on it. Godiva lived in it. Samson certainly couldn't live without it.

Hair. Love it or hate it, whether long, short, straight or curly ( or teased up, streaked and mangled beyond description ), most of us find it simply impossible to live with and yet nearly impossible to live without.

Gay men are easy enough to recognize by the amount of time they spend primping up their hair. Some opt for million dollar haircuts to look fabulous while others remain fabulous even with a twelve dollar haircut in ten minutes, and then there are Brit Jays who change their hairstyles faster than Lindsay Lohan. :)

Mine's perfectly straight - utterly without curl, innately resistant to change and like the recalcitrant bastard that it is, challenges the laws of gravity in the early hours of the morning. By late evening it's usually out partying on its own, shaking and flinging in all directions without care. Unfortunately, any vain attempts I make to tame the wild unruly crop only seems to make it angrier, tempting it to mount a dangerous revolution.

However some people find other more unconventional ways to deal with their hair. Not sure what are his exact plans but I assume that Handsome Hui is trying to enact some sort of sadistic punishment on his naughty chin by allowing a growth of blackish curls to sprout, shielding it forever from the healing powers of the sun. Even Shameless Shalom found herself temporarily speechless. Not sure what possessed him to grow that little tuft of curls on his chin - oddly resembling a mini hairy hamster that had taken up stake on his face - but I seriously came this close to calling an emergency code blue just to excise that malignant hair tumour / parasitic hamster from his handsome face. :)

Abs and hair
Naked abs always go with any kind of hair!

Perhaps that little tuft is a living testament to his virility. Perhaps it's an unusual experiment on his obvious attractiveness. Perhaps it's his way of empathizing with the desperate plight of the disappearing billy goats.

Still as a true friend, I should be providing support, standing with him through hairy and sparse, and not making fun of the hair tumour / parasitic hamster. So my suggestion is that he should take a look at site for goatee management.


Annie said...

HA! I'm FIRST! *dance*

the Asian hair - boggles and baffles the mind of all hair stylist. I lucked out and have waves. Big Brother inherited the thick straight fast growing black do. He tames it only by getting his hair cut every two weeks by a very well trained hair stylist. Hair- a difficult challenge for many of us. As for the GOATee - I'm shocked! Most Asians can't grow two hairs on their chins, let alone a hampster kind of crop. Amazing. I'm stunned.

Grafxgurl said...

lol. i did a post on hair too....... it really does have a brain of its own!!and is SO demanding!!

nyonyapenang said...

not many chinese men are blessed with attractive facial hair. saw evidence of many sad attempts that resulted in the 'satu batu, satu batang' (1 mile, 1 stick of hair) look.

Gay boy comes to London said...

And when it totally gets on your nerve - shave it all off, after all, it's ONLY hair!

Holden said...

My hair is an entity different from me. I keep it short so that it's manageable. If it gets slightly longish, then it starts to get a life on its own.

Btw, facial hair is attractive when it's properly managed. ;)

Sue said...

Ok kids. This is a case of the grass is greener. I would love to have long thick straight tresses of black Asian hair. My hair is fine mousy dirty blonde (I can't figure out why they call it blonde), without any body whatsoever. It is so fine that a rubber band will not stay in it. I keep it cut short as possible to control it. To my way of thinking Asian men are lucky that they do not have much to shave every day. Am I wrong?

Jay said...

Lindsay Lohan! -thwap- How dare you compare me to that filthy hoebag?!

Anyway, the avatar shows the evolutionary process of many, many years - not my daily quickchanges. I only wear my hair short, spiky and -ahem- butchlikehell.

Jemima said...

Just the other day, my boss said that he's worried about his grey hair that is starting to show. I told him having grey hair is better than having no hair. LOL

As for goatee - I've yet to meet any Asian man with a nice one. ;)

FamezGAY said...

goatee.. well some guys looks really good with it eh.. so he might think that he is much more attractive on that!

hrugaar said...

I really miss having a bushy blond mane of hair. Curse the receding hairline, damn! :o(

Mr.Brian/Mr.Fletcher said...

But you have to admit there is a certain level of heated attraction to "skinheads" (depending on the shape of the cranium).

envy said...

I'm attracted to guys with facial hair...goatee...beard...and sometimes to smooth blonds...Hair affects a persons look about 70%...short if u have a cute proportioned face...long if u have a wide forehead...quality wise it can be arranged with gel, wax and some other stuff...Short is more of a manly thing, reflects the army image... longer hair seem to give a less tough image...never been with a long haired guy...mmm i wonder why?