Saturday, September 09, 2006

Oriental Dreams

The old clocktower struck midnight a while back but my ears were still ringing too loud to hear then. Hour's getting late but the night's just getting started in Club Shalom where my vodka's waiting. Guests in all their glam and pearls are starting to glide in to the smoky little nightclub just down the way and I find myself heading there myself - with my pistol still warm and my scraped knuckles hastily bandaged with a dead man's shirt.

Bang. You're dead.

Dreams are funny, aren't they? When the legendary Sandman decides to pay a visit, there is no absolute certainty of what can happen since anything within the realms of possibility - and impossibility - can happen in dreams.

Eventhough I didn't have such a frenetic work pace last night, I still found myself needing at least an hour or two of downtime to recharge. Being dead tired usually, I probably fall straight into non REM sleep which precludes dreaming of any sort ( possibly missing several REM cycles :P ) Never can understand how some guys can recall with perfect clarity every minute detail of their passing dreams when I find myself groggily wondering how exactly I've fallen off the bed - or fallen into someone else's bed.

Yet this afternoon I actually found myself in the oddest dreamtime. Not only was I dressed in a sleek Mafia-like all-black suit - looking surprisingly dishy - my ISO was dressed in the exact same manner, and we'd both just returned from gleefully strangling one of our competitors in a darkened alley.

Who knows what exactly our purported triad was peddling, perhaps pirated DVDs? Perhaps opium? But whatever it was, the competitor had definitely pissed us off and it was our sworn duty to toss his barely breathing body into the cold unforgiving arms of the Huangpu. Not only did we strangle the guy quite without qualms ( after beating him to a bleeding pulp with slow-mo martial arts sequences worthy of a John Woo blockbuster ), the only passing concern I had was getting his bloodstains on my white cuffs.

Such a bother. Seriously.

Then in the Club Shalom I mentioned, we arranged a clandestine meeting with Shameless Shalom who had her brimming assets squeezed into a slinky red cheongsam while she blew tendrils of smoke lazily out of a cigarette. Showing us to a darkened booth in a secluded corner that somehow still managed to secure a commanding view of the small stage and the front foor ( in case we had a crazy shootout ), Shalom tried to interest us in some of her more nubile submissive girls but we both pleaded a headache ( obviously still vaguely homo even in my dreams ).

Nubile girl?!
A nubile girl!??!

Shalom was undeterred however and remained by our side even as her entertainers took the stage for the night. For some obscure reason, she seemed to be a breathless femme fatale club owner by night and a schoolmarm teacher by day since she started talking oddly enough about Secondary School History. The salient facts and historical dates that tumbled out of her heavily rouged lips were amazingly accurate - which actually made me wonder briefly why my hot-tempered ISO who was no fan of history didn't take out his revolver and blow her brains out. Obviously the possibly narcotic-laden smoke she was blowing into his handsome face was causing a hypnotic effect together with the copious amounts of alcohol he was imbibing.

Not being the discriminatory sort, obviously my other friends were in on the Shanghai Bund fantasy too. In the periphery I could even recall Handsome Hui flirting with the customers and Preity Posh fluffing her ravishing furcoat as she sauntered lazily into the club.

And then Charming Calvin came out on the small stage with the spotlight focused on him and started belting out a tune with the help of the small orchestra. Anyone expecting some golden oldie from Shanghai's celebrated heyday would be disappointed since what came out instead was Christina Aguilera's Aint's No Other Man. Fortunately he didn't have blond pageboy curls on his head nor was he wearing some slinky barely-there flapper dress.

Which is when I woke up.

Obviously taking dim sum before sleep conjures up outlandish oriental dreams of Shanghai in the Roaring Twenties.


k said...

in one word: brilliant!

hrugaar said...

Wow that is a cool dream! Except maybe for the blood on the cuffs, such a nusiance to clean la.

Dreams can be the subconscious trying to balance things out. So you could end up with the complete opposite of real life ... or some kind of intuitive vision of it. And no clue which is which anyway.

Bet Shameless Shalom would love the role you gave her though. ;oP

ikanbilis said...

oh dreams. i had bad and good ones. well since i've just met an old friend who appears to be in my dream earlier today, i'll break something on it. he's a indian+japanese american and he's homophobic and i had the weirdest dream about him, with him. i wont say much anymore. let the mind blows to its destination

CR said...

What a fun dream. I almost never remember my dreams.

I did have a strange one last night.

Ban said...

Woooohooo! Now that's the kind of dream *I* want! Better than supernovas and flooded shopping malls and pulling veges from the nose. Pity you didn't have time to woo the show-tune belter. :)

...does he really listen to Christina?

Annie said...

geez.. you have dreams of vodka, dancing Calvin and smokes and women, I had a dream this morning about tightening a corset around me to the point of suffocation. Now, why can't I get dreams like yours? I need dim sum. I had trout last night; maybe that's what did it. mmmm.

nyonyapenang said...

geez, your dreams always so vivid?
99% of the time i can't recall an iota of what i dreamt; dimsum or bkt not withstanding.

g_c said...

and i thought my dreams were weird!!!lol!! i don't know why but i can't help dreaming bout men these days!! i close my eyes and ,poof!! there i am getting kissed by a stranger!yeah im desperate! lucky you..and lucky calvin!

canardbidon said...

heh! such an adventure my dear!
... now to spice up the post-dream world :)

Sue said...


nemesis-on-fire said...

u got one hell of an imagination :) ever considered becoming a novelist? :D

Jemima said...

Be it a dream or imagination, I think you're a good writer.
Maybe you should consider writing a book or a compilation of short stories. ;)

xavier said...

dr is getting GANAS!

Perky said...

Ooh i love dreams where i can work out some angst. If only i can have mafia-like dreams whenever I get stressed out from work. Gosh... imagine who's head I'll blow off first *Muahahaha evil laugh*

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day =)

Anonymous said...

Well, if you remember, I recently dreamed about you telling me about some hunky dish of a patient with a broken leg!

Yes, dreams are amazing things.

Las montaƱas said...

i need a dream interpreter.. anyone?

savante said...

Thanks, k!

Bet she's tittering away right now, ru.

We need more details on that hunky jap American guy, ikanbilis.

Tell us more, cr.

Yes, bunny, Calvin does listen to Christina. So gay, huh?

Trout and tightening corset... I am getting the connection, annnienine :)

Usually I can't recall at all, nyonya which is why I found it significant enough to write it down.

I know it's weird, g_C :)

Taking some time to spice up the post dream world, canard.

Thanks a lot, sue!

Well, I do write, nemesis! Just wish someone would publish my stories, jemima :)

Xav, always been ganas!

Hi, perky!

Oh yeah, the patient dream! Maybe I got it from you, Brian.

Can't even interpret mine, las montanas!