Saturday, September 30, 2006

Dragon Eyes and Love Fists

Since I find myself running ragged this weekend, lemme give you some updates...

1. Exams suck.

Especially mock ones. Has anyone ever told you guys that?

2. Love hurts.

Unfortunately. No, it doesn't have anything to do with me but someone dear to me has suffered a minor fist in the gut - and I doubt it's gonna be the first. Love hurts, people.

Heartbroken. Sigh.

But it certainly doesn't mean giving up, does it? Easier to bandage up the wound and start afresh after all.

3. Management rules.

Seriously. Let me explain. One of the restaurants that Charming Calvin - aka the ever-lovin Pork Eater - and I love to frequent is a particular chain of Chinese restaurants that feature mini Chinese dumplings in the menu. And a succulent dish that obviously Calvin adores. Me, I prefer crispy carrot pastry and Huang Xiaoming.

There's always been a number listed in their comment card that mentions a person to send a message to improve the services. Since the service on that day was more than excellent - albeit a little juvenile - I wrote immediately to congratulate the management.

To my astonishment there was an almost immediate response from the extremely efficient 'Top Management'! Almost fell into the la mian bowl in surprise but managed to read the extremely enthused reply from an obviously desperately bored and extremely jobless manager locked up someplace in an anonymous cubicle. So terribly thankful that it wouldn't surprise me if they hired Huang Xiaoming to serve me several slices of pork ribs slathered on his naked chest - and a privilege card tucked suggestively into his seductively lowered drawstring pants.

4. Jack's mine!

Placed an order for Dr Jack Shepard. Soon to be MINE!


ikanbilis said...

exam sucks + love hurts = no objection =)

Jemima said...

Love not only hurts me. It cuts me to pieces.

Pete said...

I don't wanna imagine what you will be doing, alone in a room when Jack has arrived :P

Dave said...

Yes, i could agree no more. Exams sucks.

And i believed that practical test is always better than exams.

Anonymous said...

Of all the things that I'm proud of the ancient Chinese civilization, exams aren't one of them. Gunpower though is great when applied to the examiners. :P

I don't like Grey... She's suck a whore and gready... Gready gready gready... Two super duper cute guys... Arrrg...

Anonymous said...

I don't like exam too but i have to sit for two professional exams. Sighing....That is part and parcel of my professional life.

Annie said...

Everyday you wake up and get out of bed is a TEST. Can you take a shower without slipping in the tub? That's a a test. Can you drink your hot coffee without burning your tongue is a test. Can you drive without having a stroke because of traffic is a test. Love. Love and Food will always comfort the mind, heart and stomach... and I say we must share. So pass Jack around when you're done with him dear Paul. :D

Ban said...

love hurts - anyone I know? I'm a little worried for the folks back in Msia now.

nyonyapenang said...

maybe they cannot afford Huang Xiaming and might just offer you the pork ribs on that jobless manager instead. OK with you?????

Sam said...

Unfortunately dear Paul... you will have to fight me for Jack Shepard. =P And if you're thinking of bagging Nick Lachey too, I'll... hmm... well... maybe I can let Nicky go, but Jack is MINE!!!

If you want him, come and claim him! =P