Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Devil and Prada

Let's face it. I'm certainly no fashion maven. When I'm cavorting in public, I do try to dress myself in accordance to the style befitting my lowly status in society and hopefully not disgrace myself amongst my learned peers. Rare enough that you'd find me trotting around town in tattered singlet and stained shorts. Although I might even be able to tell the difference between a Prada and a Gucci, I don't pretend to be a vaunted sartorial guru the likes of chilly Anna Wintour.

Being a keen fan of music channels such as MTV and Channel V ( due to a preponderance of sexy, hawt, distinctly unavailable VJs such as Dominic Lau and Colby ), I have begun to note that there is a distinct difference when it comes to cheap couture these days.

Just watch the videos playing and you'll get what I mean. Seems like the clothes are getting small and tighter for the ladies ( are they actually wearing anything substantial? )while it's the exact opposite for the rapping homeboys.

Seriously. The heterosexual men and our lesbian sisters are having the times of their lives. Between the whole preening, pouty posse of Pussycat Dolls, there's hardly a sheer yard of cloth to share between the whole butt-shaking, boob-waving femme fatales. Any more bootylicious shaking and pushing buttons - and some sort of serious wardrobe malfunction is bound to happen.

In comparison, our straight gangsta homies however are finding themselves covering some mighty fine booty in sports tees large enough to make generous caftans for three oversized African grammas and pants low enough to render lowly road sweepers obsolete. Wonder exactly what they're trying to hide from the general public. Sometimes the pants are low enough around their narrow waists that I wonder what exactly is holding it up! I have a vague idea but it's pretty crude - even for me :P Don't even get me going on the shiny, tacky bling blings.

Maybe I'm getting old and cantankerous but.... VJ Colby darling. You're hot. Toss those oversized stuff, just get into a sleeveless tee and tight pants. It works.

Before the large tees!
Before the tees and the bling blings come along...

Fortunately the budding gay boys still know exactly what catches the eye - and have remained faithful to the tried and true. Ephemeral fashion trends might come and go but tight tees and skintight jeans have never actually left the wardrobe of any good ole circuit party boy. Step into any fabulous thumpa-thumpa gay disco and you'll still find hordes of boys in shiny baby tees filched from their tween queen sisters and sprayed-on pants dangerously tight enough to cut off the circulation.

Now if they'd only spread the word to the rest.


xavier said...

that's why darling, i only wear size S, for Sexy (thanks carnie for pointing that out to me btw ;p)

ikanbilis said...

i prefer Utt. i do wear singlet and sarong at night and most of my shirts are size S and below. i'm a little aneroxic tho, but i can't stand wearing oversized clothing. it feels odd to me therefore i go for fit size. i think that baggy pants are not so cool while straight cut jeans are just fantastic. but most of the VJs' clothing are sponsored isn't it.. but i love hoodies! just can't get enough of them, and my friend told me the red hair girl in PCD is actually a transx. not sure if its true or not but i just don't give a *toooot*

Shigeki said...

Let's face it. I'm certainly no fashion maven.

um... excuse me, what about the post you talked about power mall shopping. :-)

My theme for this autumn is to be slutty in a sublte less obvious way. :-)

Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

I love the photo, although those poor boys must be uncomfortable wearing their little brothers undies. I started laughing when I saw it, and then when I saw the eyes of the lad holding the gun, I raised my hands in surrender before I was even aware of it. "Don't shoot me, I'll do anything you want!"

g_c said...

ahhhh the world of fashion where knowing prada from h&m and being the smallest size possible is required for all...ohh let me tell you that since ive become a fashion design student ive suddenly gone from xxl to small and am prepared to spend 4 months part time job pay just for that *IN* bag!thats what peer pressure from the fashion crowd does to you! yes the devil certainly has shares in prada!!

Gay boy comes to London said...

A guy can get VERY poor in London if he kept up with the styles - that's why most of the gay boys are poor *sigh*.

nyonyapenang said...

not every male can carry off a tight tee. i seen some who look like hulks. and about those skintight pants - some appears like they're wearing 'push-up' thongs or something.

Annie said...

I'm a 37yo WOman now and I want to look my age and not the 20yo girl I used to be. When it matters, like at company dinners and at my work, I want to be taken seriously. Your presentation says so much. If you're wrinkled, wearing inproper blings, tacky colors, Southpark ties = it represents how you should expect to be treated. So, I'm into classy these days and just things that flatter me and make me look well put together without breaking my husband's wallet. My husband is a banker. He wears the tie chains/bars and pressed white shirts and tie. He's uncomfortable, but it exudes confidence and competence and good taste. I bet you exude the same Paul with your choices. :)

envy said...

The photo describes it all! I love being so gayish when it comes to clothes...it becomes a fetish...Shopping is an addiction for me yes...Talking about Prada can't wait to check the new movie:"the devil wears prada"...I dont have any Prada's though but i like to look good, sexy...Jeans works..tight or loose...underwears are a majot turn on for me like in this pic!!! Any guy with a hot underwear can make an effect...what if it was a jock! Gay world is sooo gayish i mean stylish...

asm@di said...

i love utt ! and colby too! (now i sound slutty :D)

everytime i pass that prada store at klcc i cursed at it. in addition to being expensive, it's also unforgivable to guys who are "blessed" with "big frame" :D

that said, i'm no fashion maven either and dress in tatty clothes at home. outside, it depends on the occasion (i can't very well wear jeans and t shirt to a job interview can't i? can i?)

nemesis-on-fire said...

no fashion maven? if u know who anna wintour is, u know your fashion :)

i love men in:

1. silk pajamas long pants/ boxers and nothing on top
2. boardshorts and nothing else
3. nice-fitting straight-cut, stone-washed jeans with a fitting polo tee/ loosely-fitting long-sleeved knit sweatshirts (preferably V-necked). loose enough to not look like they are trying too hard, fitting enough to give a hint of what's underneath. and knits cling to all the right places. yummm.... that's understated virility for you.
5. a well-tailored 3-piece suit. that's masculine elegance!
6. his birthday suit, of course!

wont you agree? ;)

savante said...

Unsurprised, xavier :)

Hey, I think Utt's cute too, ikanbilis.

Ah, but I usually shop for other stuff, shigeki!

Probably getting arrested for wearing pants that were too loose, daniel.

We depend on you for new clothes then, g_c. After youd esign them of course.

True enough, gay boy.

And the bigger they are, the smaller the tee, nyonya :)

True, annie. I am already done with all that. :P

You already are pretty cute, envy :)

Nah, you don't sound slutty at all, asmadi :P

Well, I do have a bunch of silk pyjamas at home, nemesis :) And tons of V-necked sweatshirts.


Sam said...

Colby is definitely HAWT.

Well, I don't dress up madly but I'm more of the smart casual type, jackets on T-shirts, etc. etc.. as if Malaysia ain't hot enough! LOL! =P

My boyfriend calls me: "high maintenance".

Ocassionally, I do dress hippy hoppy - but I've only got one hoodie to date. LOL! I guess I'll make do with what I have.