Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This ain't Kansas anymore

Before I transferred to my new hunting ground, I'd been forewarned that it certainly isn't going to be the same.

Back in my old workplace, sure we had our share of work gripes and general dissatisfaction with the draconian authority ( but here's guessing that happens everywhere else too! ) but in general, we also made up for it with our little shared intimacies, our coffee-break rants in the pantry and our regular dinner gatherings. Although we are all a pretty diverse bunch ( from the admittedly Shameless Shalom to the undeniably Handsome Hui to some others yet unnamed ), there was a general sense of camaraderie amongst the beleaguered residents at work - and in a mushy sense, yeah we were a dysfunctional family of sorts.

With the countless numbers of physicians in my new workplace, it isn't very long before we start feeling like a tiny anonymous cog in the monstrous medical machinery. Easy enough to disappear in the midst of hundreds - just imagine Dilbert lost amongst the nameless office drones in the neverending cubicles. In a place where rotations shift faster than Madonna's hair colour, it isn't easy trying to maintain regular contact with anyone long enough to start any kind of friendship. Unfortunately there is no deep sense of kinship and belonging that you find in other smaller hospitals since everyone just comes in to work on time, does their job efficiently and then leaves for home. Hardly any scandalous pantry gossip or friendly after-hours java at the coffeehouse.

Which is a pity since it was that indefinable sense of fellowship that kept me going sometimes. Medical life would have been quite intolerable otherwise :)

Talk to me!
Come talk to me!

So here are some updates on my wicked cronies for those who are wondering...

Helped in part by his relentless pursuit of locum tenens, Handsome Hui has finally gotten his act together ( perhaps stung by my cutting comments on his unlivable squalor :) ) and has made the monumental move to a swankier place. Or so he says. Watch out for updates as I have been invited to Hui's Homely Heaven for an assessment. I hear the man has fishies in a tank! Would prefer him in a tank top and tight speedos but I guess some goldfish would do.

A fellow advocate, Shameless Shalom has been possessed by the shopping goddess and has gotten her greedy little hands on a divine black top that showcases her best assets. Farewell to the shapeless blue scrubs. Handsome and eligible heterosexual interns and residents, take note! Homosexual ones, call me instead.

Sacrificing her weekly spa treatments and hair salons visits, Preity Posh has given herself wholly to the wicked sadism of her professional examinations.

Silent Sally remains as ever silent - albeit about five hundred miles away.


hrugaar said...

Don't think size is the only issue (heh). There are a couple of places I've worked (big and small) where I haven't 'clicked' with any other member of staff to become friends - unusual for me, but it happens.

I guess the fact that you're only there on a temporary placement might also make a difference subconsciously.

closetalk said...

awww, hon, am sure u'll soon find its not all dat soulless u think it is! *hugs*
sweet to hear of de changing dynamics between u n hui... must say, ive been down dat road myself. *grin*

Jemima said...

Life (work) is how we live it & how we interact with ppl around us - regardless of their perception on us.

I'm sure you'll be fine at this new ground - for all we know, you might end up liking it. :p

g_c said...

awww...hearing you talk bout work and stuff reminds me of my ex workplace ! even though the pay was crap and i came back home totally drained,i still felt excited every morning to go to work just cause the people working there had become some of my best friends!
can't wait to go back!
but if its only a temporary placement,i'm sure thats its gonna be alright!just smile and dont hog all of the coffee!!

Las montaƱas said...

bigger place. more face. more politics. but the catch will be better!

I like pretty posh. She is doing the logical/sensible thing. returning to her roots in the spa! detox... massage... beautifying...sliming...

nyonyapenang said...

i guess, it's always the case - small & intimate; or big and impersonal.
and it does not get any better when you may have to move before you get to warm the seat/bed.
perhaps, it's easier for you with your charm and personality. ;)

Sue said...

Handsome Hui is getting goldfish! Now that is news. I need a full report being an expert koi keeper of sorts. Keep me posted.

Annie said...

Tiny anonymous cogs? Disappearing in the midst of hundreds? No deep sense of kinship or belonging?

You've just described living in the State of California. Sad, but true. Understandable.

Ianfluenza said...

Tell me all about it. Apart from the occassional stroll into the workshop, I work at my desk, eat at my desk, space out at my desk, anticipating the end of day at my desk... etc... There is hardly ever a chance for me to talk about anything personal with colleagues... Maybe I am the only male staff in the office... I dunno...

Anonymous said...

I like to think that any movement is good for the soul. A new environment, new people, new challenges. It's good to be renewed.

envy said...

Cut guy (in the pic), i think he must not have any problems at work...

hrugaar said...

Oh yeah, have bad premonitions about Hui's fishtank. Unless his reformed attitude to housework extends to regular tank maintenance, those fish are going die... :o\

sharon said...

if you are as lovable as how your blog portrays you, i'm sure you'll do fine anyway paul! :)

Jay said...

And whattabout YOU and your luvlife?

Dave said...

Loved my previous industrial workplace, where everyone shared tea time talk with one another, regardless of rank and age.

It's just like some magic powder has been sprinkled on this company, where everyone is so united, that there is no politics at all. ;)

CR said...

Once you get more settled in you will find the clicks and you will get to know the gossip.

Every office has gossip. Even mine and we are a department of 3.

savante said...

GASP. Clicked with no one, ru? I've clicked with a few but then they move on and there's no more clicks.

closetalk, hope I'll find that out soon enough.

Hope so, jemima. Getting bored at work.

Hey, you are alive, g-c!

Catch will be better? God, you gotta see some of the dogs at this place, las montanas.

Nyonya, charm and personality? :P

Will ask him about the koi if he wants any, sue.

State of California has some beautiful cogs who go shirtless, annnnieneineieie...

That is even sadder than over here, ian! Why! Speak!

Boo hoo, cliff. I don't like change. much.

Doubt he has any problems too, envy.

Surprisingly he did have some dead fish.

Lovable? Me? Thanks, Sharon.

Going well, jay.

I love that workplace, dave. Where is that? I wanna work there!

Hope so, cr!