Friday, April 27, 2007

Meme All About Me

Never thought to write a meme today but since I've virtually been ordered by Strapping Shane to comply to the urgent summons, I see no reason to argue. After all, all I did today was a perfectly mundane 5 km trek around town paying various bills shod in crappy painfully torturous shoes.

For those in a helluva rush to grow up to become an adult, watch and learn. Bills suck. Paying bills in crappy borrowed shoes suck even worse.


name : Paul, Saint Wicked.
date of birth : Easy enough to find since I've blogged about it once or twice, somewhere at the end of October.
current status : Uhh.. single but not exactly available. Resting in my bedroom watching DVDs while sending provocative sms to a select few - and obviously writing this post :P
eye color : Dark brown. Boring. Dull.
hair color : Serious black with tints of brown here and there from my last failed dye job. At least it's better than the brassy Ah Beng blond I once had.
right of left handed : Right handed. Though there are some activities I excel only with my left hand. :P
zodiac : Scorpio. Damn. I really blog lotsa stuff about myself.


my heritage : Plain Chinese ( mix of Foochow / Teochew ) with a dash of spicy Thai
my fear : Icky things - and the list of that seems to be growing. Maggots and worms and creepy-crawlies.
my weakness : Handsome boys with pretty eyes, preferably blue. Blue eyes and a stubble make me melt.
my perfect pizza : Eh. Not a fan. Can I skip this? Waitaminute, I recall the perfect pizza I once had with apples and cinnamon. Amazing.


your first thought waking up : Fuck. I have bills to pay.
tomorrow : Lunch with my sweet Charming Calvin, hope he's not too grumpy from piling work and my interruptions :P...
your bedtime : God, Chris, you're hot. Oh, Mr Evans, do it again. Oh yeah, do it just like that.
most missed memory : That perfect summer getting my shoes shined in front of the ancient mosque with the taste of sweet Turkish Delight on my lips and the scent of the Marmara in the air.

Finally got the time to sit down and blog!!
Fucking tired from all the running around!


pepsi or coke : Is there anything else on the menu?
mcD or burger king : I'm lovin' it.
single or group dates : Both are fine. Depends on the company - and if it's lousy company, depends on the attractiveness quotient. They might be nasty fellas but at least I have something pretty to look at.
adidas or nike : At the moment? Neither. JM Weston.
lipton tea or nestea : Bleh. Plain water then.
chocolate or vanila : Death by Chocolate for me always.
cappuccino or coffee : Coffee strong enough to stand up and give ya that wake-up morning punch.

PART 5 : DO YOU...

smoke : Ten years back, tried it once. Haven't stopped coughing since. Didn't smoke since then either.
curse : In my head, yes. Otherrwise I'm as prim and proper as a convent novitiate.


drank alcohol : Yesterday evening, I did. Not to the point of inebriation though since I didn't have a hunky fella to drive me home. Sigh.
gone to the mall : On a daily basis. Sometimes twice. Sometimes even three times. Note that I'm a leading charter member of Shopaholics Anonymous ( unfortunately not kicking the habit ).
been on stage : Humiliatingly enough, yes.
eaten sushi : Sashimi. Yum. I can eat it raw with my hands like Gollum.


1 minute ago : Reading Strapping Shane's summons. I'm a speed typist.
1 hour ago : Had my dinner after a whole day of running errands on foot - since my car was being overhauled. Blegh mechanics but HOT salesmen.
4 1/2 hours ago : Watching my car being overhauled while reading Bet Me by Jenny Crusie. Serious demi-babe gets propositioned by Mr Beautiful. Wish I was her.
1 month ago : Thank God for blogging to jog my failing memory. God, I was actually out with Beercan Boy! You guys would be pleased to know he's single, off beercans and going clean.
1 year ago : Recovering


i love : beautiful men. Preferably in my bed, naked, submissive, sweating.
i feel : wicked all the time. Only act on it quarter of the time - otherwise I'd have been stoned to death by furious vengeful villagers a long time ago.
i hate : bad drivers, stupid incompetence, lousy superiors, crappy on-calls, bad pay... etc. The list continues ad nauseam.
i hide : my more X-rated indescribably filthy thoughts. Come on, the blog is already semi-banned in certain conservative countries! Not sure how they even got wind of my little blog!
i miss : autumn in London.
i need : Chris Evans.


Come on, just do it for the fun of it :P Especially you, Charming Calvin. At least you get an update!


Anonymous said...

Ehhhh nothing that we don't already know! this meme is interesting nonetheless though. woohoo!

(and wtf is up with this freak long word verification..)

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Very interesting....

Although more details on this humiliating stage experience are needed...

And if there is one thing you are not allowed to do is hide your more x-rated indescribably filthy thoughts. We're all adults here - speak your mind. We all have our dark sides ;o)

Pjotr said...

Love to read your X-rated filthy thoughts, add for good measures also the XX and XXX ones.

Anonymous said...

And here I am doing all things with just my strong hand/arm... That gave me an idea, I could develop the other, then maybe that give my anatomy some symmetry.

Clark Can't said...

The best, most entertaining meme I have come across so far. Wow, just by reading that, it seems like I know you like a neighbor already. Haha.
Nice blog, doc. Added this blog to my blogroll by the way. Hope it's ok. Thanks. =)

cleo weiland said...

Ykno how annoying it is when you get all those Friendster memes..well yours isn't. Kudos for making something so mundane seem so interesting!

Darn I just remembered I've got a meme to do as well. Sigh. Thanks to Sotongzai! Ahah!

Cyclohelix said...

A meme! btw, imma right, but my left one is of deviously unimaginable ;)

ulliterative.ullvin said...

Special Request

Here's a special request... could you please go watch the movie Hannibal Rising before the run ends, and post an entry on the movie, with particular focus on the Gaspingly 'Ulluring' Gaspard Ulliel?

I'd like to see how you describe him in your inimitable style... :)

jay said...

I must agree stubble makes me melt. Your obsession with Mr. Evans is well documented on this blog, glad to know I'm not the only one longing for a piece of that action!

Your blog is banned? Where?

savante said...

GASP! You know it all, junkie!

Why! It's humiliating, dreamer. Will tell all one day when I'm real drunk.

And I'll be summarily banned from all the other countries as well, pjotr :P

Well, mark, your other arm looks pretty strong enuf :P

Added you to clark! You're clarific!

Go do it, cleo. It can be quite hilarious recalling old memories.

Good to be able to do it with both hands, cyclohelix.

Watched it already, ullvin. Will talk about it soon :)

Ah, Chris. I need Chris Evans...