Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tyra Banks This

Sometimes things occur so providentially that I can't help but write about it - and lately it seems as if Big Bicep Barry's gotten himself involved in all sorts of queer shenanigans. Guess the man just needs something to keep him occupied through the week till our ( admittedly increasingly rare ) weekend movie nights.

Of course since our man's the gregarious sort, he doesn't find himself short of company - though his bunch of good-time cronies just doesn't seem to frequent cinemas possibly because they are too busy peddling pirated DVDs I suspect. Or busy urging tipsy clients to continue plying their karaoke gals with overpriced alcoholic drinks. Well obviously the criminally-inclined bunch do find other legal activities to fill their time during the day since one of their number actually sponsored Big Bicep Barry as an emcee for a fashion show with a walk-on spot on the runway himself.

Barry : So how? Any tips?
Paul : Like I'm a huge Tyra Banks izzit?
Barry : Well I know you're a fan of America's Next Top after all.
Paul : Funny. All I can say is... be fieeeerrrcceee....
Barry : And how would I do that?
Paul : Going in a sleeveless tee, flexing your arms and pouting would do it.
Barry : Contrary to the rumours you're spreading around, I'm not a gigolo.
Paul : Is it modelling for Aussiebum? 2xist? Ginch Gonch?
Barry : Hardly! You think Janice Dickinson would take me in? BTW I'm vaguely disturbed by your knowledge of underwear.

Unfortunately no, we won't be seeing him strut his stuff in skimpy wonderjocks anytime soon.

Sorin Mihalache
Watch me on Janice Dickinson's!


But that's not the shocking part of course. What stunned me was the fact that Barry actually turned in to watch America's Next Top Model. Seriously how gay is that! Well only as gay as watching Janice Dickinson's trials with her new ( but unashamedly gorgeous ) models. What next? Watching Queer Eye?

The things you learn when you pay attention. And here I haven't even mentioned that he's actually attending a motivational course this weekend :p


Defiant85 said...


Tyra... Janice... Tyra... Janice...

cleo weiland said...

ANTM is a good watch for all the drama. Models can be such bitches, really. But it only makes for better reality tv!

And Janice's Modeling Agency? Gorgeous hunks in nothing more than their underwear. I've never seen such yummy eye candy since that flop they call Manhunt. Haha!

m5lvin said...

Janice Dickinson's would be much nicer without her...wait then it's no longer Janice Dickinson's...hohoho~ Anyway...models plz...but no lovely~

Anonymous said...

Oooh now the forces that be are now working for you. Lol. And did he really say you "are a big fan of America's Next Top..." insinuating something prurient or he just missed out on the word "model"? Har har har.

Anonymous said...

Ohh! ANTM is cool! Used to catch every single episode with my ex and bitch about the girls!
Hahaha! All the drama!

jay said...

I actually never watch Top Model, alot of my gay friends do however.

I've seen like probably 3 episodes in total.

Just not my thing, but I figure there might be some educational value from him watching it just like there may be from watching Queer Eye.

I'm gay and I learned a thing or two from that show, besides the fact that Kyan is hott. Which he really is lol.

Jonzz said...

Why is it gay to watch ANTM?

Maybe some fellows do it to oogle at the gals?

Ban said...

Tyra who?

You should ask him back about his knowledge of underwear brands. :p

Andy Kuramoto said...

You learn how to become a better bitch by watching ANTM, not a better model.

That's first, and second, most of the things they say in ANTM doesn't apply to male models.

Reality TV is all about the drama, without the drama.. it's not interesting at all. That is why Manhunt was one of the stupidest reality shows to be released.

Bitches sell Reality TV to the public, not nice people. I mean, let's admit it, most of us are morbid one way or another.. we take pleasure in people's pain (somewhat).

Anyway, sorry for babbling. Haha~

I z U a N said...


I love that 2 kick-ass woman as well as the show!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

So THAT's what janice's modeling agency is all about! Darn I have got to get out of my tempurung and start living life again.

savante said...

Love them both, defiant!

Mmm.. cleo, yeah, I love Janice's agency. Gorgeous - though weepy - hunks in underwear. Yum.

Why no Janice? She provides half the drama in the show, m5lvin.

He did suggest that prurient innuendo, mark. Even laughed a little.

They certainly are fieeeerrrce, k!

It's hilarious, jay. Go watch their shenanigans.

DOubt they could sit through all the bitching just to watch the girls, jonzz.

Tyra Banks, ban. Google her.

A better bitch! Bwahahah... you're right, andy.

I love that show as well, izuan.

Yeah, it is. And Janice can pick some really hot guys as well, junkie.