Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ghosts of Summers Past

Certainly seems like the week for brief encounters with ghosts of summers past - though this time I couldn't even point the finger at my faulty memory as a possible scapegoat since I really had no clue who this strange new ghost was.

Seemed like a nice day for trolling the malls ( when is it not a good day for shopping? ) which is what I did - hoping to find something new, perhaps a new store or a new eatery - after all there's always something surprising around every corner, and today I found a quiant little bakery tucked right at the entrance to the mall.

It was hard not to notice the cute salesman in his late teens, this well-set-up young man with enviably broad shoulders clad in shirt, pants and a green apron trying his best to peddle his freshly baked goods. No doubt most of his hungry customers wouldn't have minded getting a taste of his hard baguette dipped in creamy sauce.

Cute boy
Care to try my steaming buns?

But wicked salacious thoughts aside, that certainly didn't prepare me for another look of clear recognition from this total stranger.

Bread Boy : Hei, Paul! Long time no see.
Paul : Uhh... hello.
Bread Boy : You don't remember me do you?
Paul : Have I seen you in the hospital? You're an intern? A medical student? A patient of mine?
Bread Boy : None of the above but you should know me, you've seen me naked before.
Paul : OMG.
Bread Boy : You were very naughty.
Paul : Who are you?

Our playful young stud here refused to comply despite my barely whispered threats and just kept flashing me his dazzling grin, not knowing how close he was to homosexual danger with me only seconds away from performing a thorough body search for some item of identification.

I wouldn't have enjoyed it. Not really. Maybe.

Bread Boy : Take a bite of my buns and I'll tell ya. Come on, try it.
Paul : Have you seen me online?
Bread Boy : Sounds like you've been up to no good lately too.
Paul : Who are you?
Bread Boy : You really can't recall? Look at me closely.

I really did. Came close enough to bite his full sensuous lower lip and all I could see was his flawless tanned skin ( damn him! ). Still had zero clue who he was.

Bread Boy : Think back. I'm Jack. Remember? John's brother? You used to bring me out for lunch and movies?
Paul : Just Jack?!
Bread Boy : Yeah! Guess I've grown up some.
Paul : Shouldn't you still be in kindergarten? You mean you've already left school?
Bread Boy : Definitely. Been legal for quite a while.

Okay. My hyped up hormones might have added that legal bit.

Seriously though, nothing makes you feel older than finding out that you actually babysat this shockingly grown up kadult back in secondary school ( perhaps even a few inches taller than midget me! ). Talk about a frighteningly chilly splash of reality to shove you right back into the creaky 30s.

Damn. I really found it hard to believe that this eminently fuckable hunk shared the same genes with my perpetually stick-thin friend John, not to mention that he used to be this little shy plump kid who used to tag along with us to the movies every once in a while when we deigned to bring him along. Is it immoral to dream about shagging a child you once played Lego building bricks with almost a decade ago?

Horrified me enough to demand some proof of identification which Jack finally complied, handing me his driver's license with a terrifyingly sexy smile. God. No child should look so damned good. Especially a pre-pubescent child who once had chocolate sundae splattered all over his shirt. And mine. Reason enough to have him change back then which is how I've actually seen him naked.

Not that I wouldn't mind changing him now. :)

Moral of today's bedtime story - be nice to everyone. You never know when those crazy ducklings are gonna morph into fucking swans.

Still, I got to taste his buns for free. And they were good :)


xoussef said...

lucky boy!

cleo weiland said...

Hard baguette dipped in creamy sauce.


What are you waiting for? Go get him, for old times' sake! From the come-hither looks, I'd say he was thinking of the same thing :P

k said...

someone's rather popular.

Ban said...

Just... Jack? Ergh.

How on earth does he know you're gay if you were all that young when you were hanging out?

EarlGreyTea said...


pass me the steaming bun u paediatrics!


(i do hope the way he carries himself doesnt have anything that resembles JustJack?)

m5lvin said...

ugly duckling ~ fucking that's hilarious*

strapping.shane said...

How can he know that kor's not gay - it's so obvious, Ban! =P

Sue said...

This is one thing I detest about life: kids grow up and remind you how old you are! It is just not fair!!! Kids that I have seen as babies are now grown up, married and have children of their own. Stop! Stop! I say! I feel your pain Paul and your guilt, for lusting after someone you baby sat for.

Cyclohelix said...

Bread Boy : Definitely. Been legal for quite a while. - LOL, picturing phoebe buffay saying that. But gee-whiz, how inviting, err, i mean sweet

Anonymous said...

he said you were a naughty boy and that you've been up to no good recently.. hmm that just sounds so suggestive. so so alluring.. muahahaha :p

Elliot T. McBeal said...

Oh my... the stuff of romance novels... albeit a gay one...

savante said...

Agreed, xoussef.

Go get him, cleo? Want my boyfriend to kill me kah :P

Shockingly enough, k!

His brother knows. AS he probably does too, ban.

Nah, just called him jack cause his brother is john, earlgreytea.

Believe me, he's a swan, m5lvin.

I am so gay, shane :P

I know. It's painful lusting after youths, sue.

Phoebe Buffay? :) A FRIENDS fan, helix!

Bread Boy is pretty naughty, junkie. Should have spanked him.

Hardly romance lah, just kawan, elliott.