Sunday, April 22, 2007

Finding the Right Fit

Men, especially those who happily term themselves metrosexuals, are becoming quite as fastidious as the ladies when it comes to their footwear - rather than depend solely on those trusty loafers adaptable to every social occasion imaginable from that exclusive society fete in marbled halls to that twenty minute slog through the muddy streets of Chinatown. Though severely lacking in terms of colour and design ( in comparison to those sinful fuck-me pumps over at the ladies department - practically works of art ), men's shoes have nonetheless developed a small but extremely worshipful coterie of followers.

Mehmet Gunsur
Men and their shoes!

Including me. Seriously. Came about this shoe fetish honestly since my father actually has dozens of pairs himself. Charming Calvin can attest that I can actually stand and stare for hours at a particularly beautiful pair of handmade J.M. Weston boots. Near orgasmic really.

Obviously I'm not the only one who thinks so. Why else would a late evening discussion between friends drift inevitably to two of our favourite topics? Men ...and shoes.

Nothing like comparing the the relative merits of... ummm.. shoes. Like how the easy fit of a pair of comfortably worn sandals compares to a pair of deliciously sinful - but obviously dangerously painful - pair of leather boots. Most would obviously pick the former but don't you think sometimes it's worth it just slipping your feet into something enticing for once? Might not fit just as well as those reliable sandals but hell, you're not keeping those boots on forever :)

Paul : So you actually can't make up your mind?
Walter : Well it's like settling for an inexpensive Bata shoe when you're in lust with a Prada!
Paul : But the scintillating Prada already has his own comfortable Hush Puppies at home waiting!
Walter : Hence the dilemma.
Paul : Hmmm... you could indulge in the Prada for a brief weekend, work that obsession out of your system and then at least give the worthy Bata a chance. He might surprise you.
Walter : A weekend fling with the Prada? You are the devil!

Mixed metaphors, I know :)

People ( especially an astonished Strapping Shane! ) still find it odd that with all my endless talk of commitment, I'm also one of the first to urge young guys to indulge in decadent one-night-stands if possible. Come on - safe sex notwithstanding, I don't see why a single foot-loose, fancy-free guy shouldn't be able to go around sowing his wild oats in as many fertile fields as possible. Especially if all skanky libidinous parties involved are informed of the no-strings-attached rule prior to the event.

Before you guys all start leaping into the wrong conclusions, you might note that I actually mentioned single and unattached. Adulterers should still be stoned in my book.

But for the rest of the singletons, you're only young ( and hopefully pretty ) once after all. Be safe of course but that doesn't mean you have to cloister yourself in a secluded hillside monastery eschewing all forms of hedonistic debauchery.

There's always time for just a little bit of naughty sin ( and if you're extra lucky a hunky bicurious novitiate cloistered together in that monastery! ). Of course, that's just me. :)


strapping.shane said...

Let the one without sin cast the first stone! :P

EarlGreyTea said...


i never liked bata anyway :p

and prada is definately toxic to the core!

and i am given this darn extralong verification word!


Lance said...

...I like a good looking pair of sneakers or a sleek running shoe. What does that say about my taste?

suicidalconversationjunkie said...

Extremely tempted but still finding it hard to indulge in my shoe fetish since the darned pumps are way beyond affordable, by my tastes anyway. :P

i suppose i'll take your advice (however shocking it may be) and go indulge in some other sin then. hehe

polar bear in the desert said...

been out in the desert for quite some time and am back in the good ol' islands for vacation. havent read your blog in AGES since desertfolk BANNED it from their "uber-rich" country, saying it did not "confirm" with their beliefs and principles, yada, yada. all i can say is tell that to all the prostitutes and men being raped on their streets! anyway, sadly, i hafta go back tomorrow, so i guess it will be another dry spell for me from hearing of any of your wonderful bedtime stories.

Chris Vineyard said...

Eh? All this time, I thought you were with charming calvin??? I'm wrong?

daniel said...

... shoessssss... WHY did you had to put the url there!!! now i'm soooo curious with this brand... mmm...

Janvier said...

Hmmm, isn't that what all bare-footed souls do? Test before they buy? And oft times fall in love with some lovely-looking pair, and while initially snug and all might chaff after a bit of wearing :s

William said...

Shoes do not give me an orgasm. I went on a dry season of 6 years before buying a new pair. :D.

Hey, and I DID link you on my blog leh.... fitnah me. Blek.

Sue said...

I have a closet full of designer shoes. But since I am no longer working I have no place to wear them. I suppose my Ferragamos get lonely alone in the dark.

closetalk said...

mmm.. i last went mad on a shoe shopping binge on my birthday. picked up 3 pairs then. gaaaahhh! and a smokin credit card. *sigh*

savante said...

True enough. Just don't let Mary hear you, shane.

EGT, poor Bata! I love Bata!

Well, lance... not sure whether Shane fits into the running shoes or other footwear.

Wait a few years. Work a bit more. You'll be able to afford it soon, junkie.

Can't believe I'm banned in the desert dammit, polar bear!

Yeah, I am with calvin, chris.

Don't the shoes look simply heavenly, daniel?

Chafe a bit, janvier? Bwahahahha...

Six years wearing the same shoe, william?!

Speak Ferragamos to me again, sue. Sigh.

Three pairs! Where are you wearing them to, closetalk!


BicaraTeruna said...


I actually browsed around looking for ur email. lol. ?