Saturday, April 07, 2007

Imagine This

It's a lazy saturday evening - and as usual, I'm here stuck at work rifling through patients' records searching for that missing piece of information.

Most first-time visitors are actually curious to know what's actually hidden inside the hideaway storage closets situated alongside the empty hospital corridors - where even intrepid nurses fear to tread and only foolish interns venture. Far from containing such hysterical flights of fancy as decaying corpses or bloodied murder implements, they actually contain medical records stacked up from the time of Methuselah's birth. With long-staying tenants, it's quite unsurprising that their records start resembling mouldy, unwieldy encyclopaedias, with little reference sheets edging out in every direction liberally dotted with blood stains and other bodily fluids.

And that's not counting other dried-up creepy-crawlies and silverfish paraphernalia.

Decided to take a short coffee break five minutes ago to rest my aching eyes ( and my puffy nose from all that damned flying dust! ). I'll admit it's not easy interpreting a hurried doctor's scrawl ( unintelligible chicken scratchings anyone? ) after all. :)

Taking a well-deserved break...

After scanning through a few blogs, seems like this snazzy visual profile idea has become the latest bloggers' hit du jour - so how could I not jump on that particular bandwagon with the rest? Of course I'd prefer jumping onto a passing wagon with Brandon Routh and Chris Evans blissfully naked on a comfy haypile - but that's not gonna happen.

Unfortunately. Sigh. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride and all that. :) And I'd be having a deliciously dirrrty threesome with Brandon and Chris in all sorts of illegal sweaty tantric positions ( but I bet the boys are bendy enough ) amongst the dusty medical tomes. Sometimes I wonder whether my wicked inner fantasies would actually show on my visual DNA profile.

Not sure what sofisticat means exactly but escape artist sounds true enough since there's nothing I'd love to do more than to just run off into the sunset, passport in hand with destination unknown. :) Which of course goes with the junkie monkey without rules or restrictions ( no inhibitions? ).

So what do you think? An accurate enough reading?


strapping.shane said...

Once you're free - you can go read and scrawl more info on the script I've passed you last week. =P

That should be more fun than patient's records. =D

Andy Kuramoto said...

Ah, a doctor. Saving lives, curing illnesses and of course, filing through patient records. An admirable job ;)

Haha, you seem like the wild doctor though. That, however, is just my presumption ;).

Haha, thanks for dropping by my blog ;)

Anonymous said...

Gads. I know all about boring record offices.

JL said...

Love bug! :)

Anonymous said...

I hate reading doctor's handwriting
prescriptions. But i have to do it everyday for the rest of my life.Damn it, i dont like guessing at all, it will kill the patients.

:)Wish me luck


Ban said...

Everyone of us is a lovebug! But you're the first sophisticat among us. Descript for that says " the high life mixing in the rigt cricles, always look their best, like to impress and make an impact."

Pretty accurate don't you think?

jay said...

I'm not a doctor but I can relate. I was working on this assignment at this company that had over 22,000 records dating back to 1901!


And btw, could you make the 3some with Brandon Routh & Chris Evans a 4some? Thanks :).

suicidalconversationjunkie said...

that seems pretty accurate to me, based on what I've read so far anyway.

once again i've to salute you doctors for being so tireless, I cannot express my hatred enough for rummaging through dusty tomes inducing my nose to go on a marathon. :p respectO!

Jemima said...

Happy Easter, Paul. :)

p/s I love travelling, too.

k said...

cheers for the comment. i'm fine. much appreciated.

savante said...

Already read it a while back, shane. Looks okay.

Hi, andy! Me wild? I am a shy submissive creature!

And the dust too, anon!

You got the same, didn'tcha jl?

Do it everyday for the rest of your life, wayne? You're a nurse?

Sofisticat... hope I am, ban :P

22,000 records. God, till 1901. What exactly does your company do, jay?

The nose thing, junkie? Yeah, it deserves respect !

So what did you get, jemima?

No prob, k!


jay said...

It was a school assignment. I'm still in grad school.

I was assigned to this non profit organization to consult with them on ways they could use technology to be more efficient.

I was a 3 month long assignment.