Monday, April 16, 2007

You've Been Punked!

Tied shoelaces. Sawed chair legs. Pail of water on the door ajar.

Toothpaste in briefs. Wet flour in hair.

Seriously. Been there, done that. Silly childish tricks, mindless juvenile pranks. Had them done to me ( ah those crazy days in the camp! Amazing what wild ingenious schemes bored teenage boys can come up with! ) and obviously retaliated more than once or twice as well.

Guess what, man. You've been punked!

Although I was relatively a model student ( I can already hear the snickers amongst my classmates ), I still managed to stage some careless hijinks every once in a while. Certainly not in the class of that Home Alone monster brat but I did have my delinquent moments. After all I had some brains, shreds of ingenuity and plenty of choked-up, pent-up tension to release - come to think about it, Freud would have said that my neverending pranks were a sublimated way to get close to the cuter boys.

Since I obviously couldn't express my deeper lusts otherwise! Ah, all those missed chances. I was a pretty naive kid back then.

Sometimes when I recollect funny reminiscences of my sordid past, I can see trouble dawn slowly in Charming Calvin's eyes, almost as if he's wondering what kinda terrifying reprehensible demon he's gotten himself involved with.

Paul : And it was so much great fun pulling that prank! Muahahahaha!
Calvin : How could you? They could all be scarred for life!
Paul : By tied shoelaces?
Calvin : See the sign of the cross! Get thee behind me, thou creature of evil!

Not that dramatic of course but you get the point. Still... from the astonished look on his face at my extracurricular exploits, I have a pretty good idea what kinda student he was in school. Bet he was that scrubbed-up, clean-cut prefect with the spit-clean shiny shoes :)

For myself, I believe even my colleagues enjoy their share of mischief. Believe that nerdy workaholic doctors spend half their lives cooped up in their dormrooms studying so by the time they are out in the world, they are barely in the teens - mentally speaking :P Why else would they bother to cook up such elaborate schemes?

Hell, I just got punked the other day by being sent for a late referral to a ward no longer in use. Believe me, it's a bit chilling to come off a creaky elevator to an abandoned ward, inhabited only whispers of the wind and fluttering sheets of paper.

But of course I managed to get my own back later :)


nyonyapenang said...

"Why else would they bother to cook up such elaborate schemes?"

errr...because you are good to punk!

suicidalconversationjunkie said...

ahhh the fun-filled days of secondary school! and a bit of uni. so wat actually do we call "breeder boys"? :p

cleo weiland said...

I was a goody-two-shoe back in school..the prefect with the squeaky clean image, teacher's pet, the works.

Until I got myself into a relationship with my lesbian so-called pet sister.


m5lvin said...

the best was not on friends but one teachers!!! muahahahahaha....we (me and my friends)tried calling one of the most-eligible-bachelor-teacher in my school back then...asking him whether he would like to have special services...*grin*

"hie darling...saya pelacur jalana...nak i tolong buka baju tak..???"

he was terrified....lolx

Sue said...

When I used to work at a research hospital we used to play horrible tricks on the interns. We had one holding back the foreskin of an anthesitized dog for no reason at all for a good 10 minutes. You should have seen his face when he realized the trick we had played on him. We used to pith large bull frogs and they would pee a meter stream and the lab manager would tell the intern where to stand so that it land on his tie. Oh yes, those were the good ole days.

savante said...

GASP! i guess I am, nyonya!

And wasn't it all fun, junkie? Calvin insists that they are all scarred for life.

What is this lesbian story again, cleo? :)

You have made me curious about exactly what happened to this bachelor teacher, m5lvin!

Ah, guess I'm not the only punked intern then, sue.