Thursday, April 05, 2007

Case of the Fixer-Upper

On my way home from work today, I heard an intriguing question posed on the airwaves.

Are women or men easier to please?

Seriously. Could there even be such a question? Seems like the answer would be obvious.

Put it to my friends and came away with a smile. Boys and girls, we all came up with mostly the same answer - surprisingly enough!

I do believe girls are more eager to please ( can already hear the militant feminists roaring :) ) but guys are certainly easier to please as well. Not to be utterly biased but sometimes when I hear my single galpals speak of their significant others, I have to pity the adoring boytoys. Certainly not easy to please these touchy high-maintenance goddesses.

In general guys are easier to please - just give a man a gorgeous babe with hooters galore holding a barrel of fried chicken in hand and a football in the other - and I think that men would be well pleased for days on end. Or easier yet, toss him a PS3 / Wii and you might not see him surface for the next few months at the least.

Chris Evans
Hell, I'd take him even with the crutch!
Do you see the size of those guns!

Unlike us guys though, girls are a bit more demanding. Especially when it comes to close relationships. Give a girl a gorgeous man and soon she'll expect some change. Maybe not the first time she meets him. Maybe not even the second night.

But definitely in a year ( possibly spurred on by the advice by manifold women magazines on How To Better Your Man ), she'll wake up early in the morning to gaze at the man beside her, somehow discern an almost indiscernible flaw in her man - then slowly distort it into unimaginable proportions and then start thinking... 'Hmm... maybe he could do this differently.' Then our progressive lil miss will start thinking of him as a household project, a challenging fixer-upper with a solid foundation.

All while her poor groggy boyfriend's probably still wondering whether he's got serious bedhead.

Give her a Sensitive New Age Guy and she'll want some tough no-holds-barred machismo, some grab-em-and-slam-against-the-wall. Give her a Silent Tough Streetbrawler instead and she'll want some sweet sentimental stanzas, thoughtful conversations and long walks in the park. Give her a hardworking gardener contented with his lot who gives her all his time and she'll push him to be an overworked city banker. Give the gal a high-powered workaholic attorney instead and she'll want more leisure time as a couple.

Honestly, why pick the perfect guy only to change him?

My point of view? If I had Chris Evans wet and naked in a towel - with a yet unpublished bestseller in hand, I'd be a happy man :) I'm easily pleased too.


matrianklw said...

Oh, aren't we all guys, Paul! I believe guys are easier to please too and I couldn't agree more with girls picking the perfect guy only wanting to change him!

Anonymous said...

such accurate yet widely denied revelations! i, too, have to agree that most girls just aren't happy with what they have on their hands.

if I had brandon routh in a superman suit on my hands i'd die smiling. heck, maybe even laughing. but that just makes me shallow, no? hehehe :p

William said...

"OMG! I love those pumps. Give me a size 6 in brown."

"Sorry miss, we only have them in black."

"What?! Only black?! Seriously, what other colours do they come in?"

xoussef said...

I wouldn’t agree more...

xxxguy said...

Chris Evans is mine! mine mine mine! =p

savante said...

I know! Keep telling them their boyfriends are normal but they just won't listen, matt. Guess they do need their projects.

Not that fussy. Brandon Routh without his suit would be nice enough, junkie :)

Women and shoes. Ah. That's hallowed ground, william.

Guess it is a worldwide phenom, xoussef.

This boy is mine, xxxguy! :P