Wednesday, April 04, 2007

An Apple A Day

For those who actually believe in the odious misconception that doctors actually live in a life of opulent luxury unseen since the heady days of the sinfully wealthy maharajas, they couldn't be more wrong. Far from living in the land of milk and honey, it's possible that we're actually being persistently fed an unhealthy cholesterol-laden diet that's calculated to kill us off softly - if stress and overwork ( and that unfortunate nagging chest pains ) doesn't kill us first.

Tyler Florence
Not what you're gonna get here!

Just take a look at what's in our pantry at work. Far from pandering to the regular notion that doctors conform to the acsetic diet of a vegan mystic enconsced in a mountain hermitage, our larder actually resembles the stuffed backpack of a pimpled, testosterone-poisoned sixteen year old jock - sans homework.

Although I swear I saw a few ancient scribbled case notes flying out when I opened it.

And that's about the only touch of high fibre you'll see. Think chips. Think snack foods. Think peanut butter and jelly. Think instant noodles. Think burn-your-stomach java. Anything fast and furious, easy to nibble and chew, quick to digest and burn. Short of an intravenous dextrose drip, anything goes. Seriously, post-adolescent frat boys mugging for their tests would go wild over the easy pickings.

Wonder what the hospital nutritionist would think :)

But I guess keeping it to an apple a day would keep the snack-craving doctors away.


Lance said...

doctors on the go = snack food huh? No wonder you look so dfferent from high school days. :p

Anonymous said...

No darling, I am in no such illusion about docs. Leave alone healthy diet,I have seen docs puffing up smoke as soon as they finish operating on a throat patient or some of them even chewing tobacco inside the operation theatre area. God help us patients!

√úbermensch said...

Is that why you doctors try and taunt us plebeians with “now it’s healthy – now it’s not” routine. I’m thinking chocolate & red wine.

Anonymous said...

hospital food, or rather, snacks are nothing a well-self-disciplined doctor can't handle I believe? Think of all the clogged arteries man.. hehehe :p

Dave said...

Come and see what is served in my unit for lunch every week:

Mon: Fish and Chips/ Fried Chicken and fries
Tue: Sayur Lemak with Sambal Ayam
Wed: Nasi Briyani
Thurs: Stir Fry Satay Ayam and Sayur Lemak
Fri: Laksa Lemak/Lontong with Fried Chicken Wings

And not forgetting the food in the canteen where it hardly comes with any veggie. Mainly fried and re-fried.

And just imagine the number of overweight personnel in my unit.

savante said...

GASP! I know, lance... But it's so hard to starve myself!

Smoking and doctors actually go together unfortunately. I don't smoke but many of my colleagues do. Stress relief? Who knows, imphaldiary.

Do we taunt you guys? :) Blame the researchers, ubermensch.

I know! i know! Stare at the charts everyday, suicidal conversation junkie.

OMG. I wanna eat all those, dave!