Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Taste My Wiener!

Every once in a while against all seeming odds, I actually finish my work early and manage to leave just a fraction earlier than most ( a delightful rarity really! ). When I glanced at the clock realizing that my work was done, I almost took up a breathless jig of joy. Seriously, is there anything better than having your dreary work schedule suddenly cut short leaving you an hour or two of leisure time? Didn't take such unexpected bounty for granted of course and immediately took the opportunity to rush off from work to have a sausage break.

Yeah, you heard me right. Sausages. Nothing I love more than hot, thick, moist sausages with cheesy cream on top. And don't even snicker at the phallic connotation, ye dirty minded buggers! :P

I mean surely some of you out there know what I mean when I say there's nothing like a plate of sausages, hash browns and eggs in the morning, don'tcha think? Of course Charming Calvin never quite understands my carnivorous need for a plate of meat and oil without boring greens to spoil the fun. Surely a gastronomical heart attack waiting to happen - and I can easily imagine Big Bicep Barry staring at my plate in consternation.

Eggs for breakfast
Would you like some sausages with that?

But I can't help it. Just hope my arteries can stand that little bit more abuse!

Somehow or rather biting into a sausage reminds me of late mornings lazing about in the English sun. Right after the rigors of my final exams, I actually made a sweet escape to Cambridge one brief halcyon summer ( I bluffed an excuse about attending lectures shockingly enough! ) to camp out in my cousin's crammed pied-a-terre. Amazing how I can recall my long ago summers there with perfect clarity ( when I can't even recall the names of people I've met a week back ) but it's simple really. One of the few times in my life that I've felt really free surprisingly, totally liberated from the restrained behaviour expected of me.

God, some of the shocking things I did :) Talk about Boys Gone Wild.

Nothing wildly improper about my sausage experience though. Although my cousin dutifully dragged me to a few of her dull, didactic dronings / lectures ( where I spent my time casting amorous glances at her hunkier classmates imagining naughty licentious affairs with delicious English boys ), I still managed to sneak off for several excursions around the rustic countryside. London didn't seem so far away when I had hours to spare and change enough for transport.

As fortune had it, right before my getaway train station there was this crusty old gentleman who made his living selling fresh hot dogs from a cart. Typical Brit in tweed and jacket, I assure you - and quite possibly the shrewd salesman hammed up his thick accent just a tad to amuse the tired traveler.

Sure I know the sausages were probably full of discarded intestines, leftover crud and pumped chock-full of dangerous chemicals enough to preserve a good dozen aging Mak Datins for another decade or so. But by God, it tasted good, redolent of heat, lard and spices. And it was just cheap enough for a shoestring-budget, back-packing student like myself back then.

And did I mention that he also had an economical buy five free one offer? All prettily packaged with a loyalty card - and seals in the shape of a hot dog? :)

Now wouldn't you want to take a bite?


suicidalconversationjunkie said...

ooh er. sausages are my favourite breakfast food! veges are for pussies! hehehe

k said...

certain memories r reinforced. my guess is tht yr summer spent in cam was much more interesting n enjoyable instead of the ppl u've met within the past week.

k said...

hash browns...mmm...gurgh...

Defiant85 said...

Ooo sausages~~~


I love IKEA sausages though they are quite plain. Just fill it up with garnish and mustard. Hmmmmm yummmmm.

Musang said...

nak nak nak!! nak sausages for breakfast!!! i want i want i want!!

mana nak cari sausages pagi pagi neh!!


*lapar sausages*

Ianfluenza said...

I eat cereals for breakfast... And sausages in the afternoon... Have been cutting down on them for the past few months though... Arteries aren't really working properly...

m5lvin said...


You can still eat it in a slightly more healthy way. no frying, juz boiling....

Less burdening you arteries then...

Sigh~ So ma fan when we are old...kiasi*

jay said...

I can certainly understand you love of meat. I am someone who if he gets a sandwich, eats everything in between and leaves the bread.

I wouldn't even think twice about it.

Jonzz said...

Seeing the word 'wiener' suddenly reminded me of the first Austin Power show and it's countless references to well... 'wiener's towards the end of the show, LOL

livinghigh said...

hehehe. come to goa - apart from their beaches, goans are famed for their yummmy pork and mutton cocktail sausages :) (and i'm not talkin the men here! hehe)

drownedglass said...

is there anything better than having your dreary work schedule suddenly cut short

Like, did you kill a patient or something?

Jay: Oh I couldn't agree more. As far as I'm concerned, the bread on a sandwich is for holding the stuff in between without soiling my hands.

jase said...

i dunno which is worse.. raw eggs or sausages.. grroossss

savante said...

Totally agree, junkie!

True, i really had some fun times over there. Simply unforgettable, k. And I still love hash browns :P

Tried it once a long time ago. Must take a bite again, defiant.

Kena masak sendiri loh, musang.

Take cereals for breakfast too, ian. only have the chance to have sausages in the wekeneds when I cook.

m5lvin, I do have a fryer at home :P

Yeah, nothing better than the meat in a sandwich, jay. bwahahahaha.

Exactly what I thought when i read through my blog as well, jonzz.

Pork sausages. Yum, livinghigh!

That would make my work longer, drowned glass :P

Both are great. Anything wrong with raw eggs, jase?