Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kevin's Klutzy Kapers

Whenever I get to thinking that I'm a massive failure when it comes to budding relationships, Kevin trumps me one. Seriously.

That's Kevin Walker and he's the oft-mentioned luminary gay brother in Brothers and Sisters. Mentioned him a while back as he fumbled through a brief but clumsy affair with the lovable Scotty - since then his intimate relationships have seriously gone down the drain with a painful-to-watch liaison with commitment-phobic closeted actor and now to his latest dating faux pas.

Eric Winter
Too sexy for this shirt!

Seriously this man needs lessons. Although commitment-confused Kevin manages to hook some mighty big snappers, he doesn't seem to be able to hold on for long!

During their first greet-and-meet set up by an overly enthusiastic sister, our rabidly anti-Republican Kevin manages to thoroughly insult this poor ( but incredibly sexy meltingly hot I-wanna-have-his-baby! ) man by inadvertently jamming his foot in his mouth. Desperately trying to impress Jason MacAllister, the hot date with his liberal cred ( hoping to get into his pants no doubt ) but only managing to trash the man's elder brother who incidentally is a Republican senator bent on running for president.

Convoluted? Yeah, it is but you gotta watch the series to know.

Admit it. We all love awful blind dates.

Not necessarily when it's happening to us of course ( I bet we all have our own terrifying horror stories to tell of the one where we got away ) but it's always so deliciously scintillating to hear when it's happening to someone else. We see the predicted social disaster coming from a mile away and yet most of us can't resist creeping closer to take a better look just to ooh and gasp over the ensuing bloodbath - kinda like bad traffic accidents and voyeuristic Malaysian drivers. Why else do I live to hear of Posh Preity's latest match-up scheme devised by her ambitious parents?

You all know one of my own horror stories of course. No doubt you've heard of the Insurance Octopus with the runaway hands? Taking a chance one of those dull nights, I made a date with this unknown stranger to meet somewhere before midnight at a coffeehouse - not knowing that I'd soon be fending off endless requests for insurance coverage! If that was all he was selling, I'd have been offended but still civil but in between muttering endlessly about yearly rates and indemnities, his roving hands were busy roving all over underneath the table and it's all I can do not to shove the briefcase into his face.

Or how about Silent Sam, who had to be persistently prodded with a cattle prod to produce a monosyllable in reply to my questions. Sure I know you're shy and closeted but at least make some attempt at polite conversation instead of making me appear like a babbling nutcase talking to himself in a crowded pub.

Still at least I had some memorable dates :)


Linus Linnaeus said...

How you know a date is boring? I had a date once that I felt like I was a job interviewer...

ME :errm...what do you do?
Girl :SALES (as dull as possible)
ME :Sale what?
Girl :COSMETICS(as brief as if saving saliva to counter water waste through evaporation to save the planet)
ME : What else you like to
Girl : ?? (Looks bemused)

Needless to say, she never ended up a gf...and as cruel as this may seem, she is last i heard still single...come up!!!


suicidalconversationjunkie said...

i was thoroughly depressed when they broke up. found it increasingly difficult to watch B&S ever since. *sigh* maybe i'll go get myself a few blind dates and start my horror story collection. :p

cleo weiland said...

Oh we've all had bad dates. But I guess it's kinda expected that you have to kiss a lotta frogs before you meet your Prince Charmind isn't it? :)

fresh hunk said...

all i can say is that kevin is a cutie

jay said...

I loved this episode as always. I loved the new eye candy as well.

I couldn't help but sigh to myself as I saw how Kevin put his foot in his mouth. Totally something I would do.

Anonymous said...

totally can relate to that incident. its quite cool doing medicine to be able to come up with such "get-me-out-from-this-date-phrase"..

CTG said...

new blog address

CTG said...

I meant, haha

savante said...

OMG Linus that's hilarious! Yeah, I've met the silent ( and unfortunately not strong ) type as well!

Well, according to the writers Scotty will be Kevin's Mr Big, junkie - so there's still hope after all.

Wish I'd kissed plenty, cleo :)

Yeah! Matthew Rhys is hawt, hunk.

Painful to see how he continues to fall into these silly accidents, jay!

Never thought of that but now that's you've said it, anon :)

No prob, ctg!