Tuesday, July 31, 2007

All's Fair in Love and War

Relationships are all about compromise.

Charming Calvin tolerates my insanity, my arrogance and my eccentricities while I do the same. But that doesn't mean we don't have the occasional fight. Unlike certain lovey-dovey saccharine-sweet couples who coo and cuddle at every turn ( you know who you are, don't hide yourselves! :) ), Calvin and I do have what I term ... our weekly disagreement. Which I'm secretly glad for since living with a spineless yes-sir creature with no opinion of his own would drive me crazy insane.

Sometimes though I do tend to voice my opinion a little louder than usual. I place the blame squarely on my ISO's shoulders. You see, my ISO and I had a totally different relationship dynamic. The fights I have with Calvin could be considered insignificant border skirmishes compared to the devastating nuclear assaults my ISO and I launched at each other. And that doesn't even factor in biological warfare and political assasinations yet. Think a metaphorical version of 300 with the guts spilling and the heads rolling with my ISO as the sculpted, square-jawed Spartan and me in the role of the hideous, misshapen enemy with bow and arrow.

Hell, I might be puny but I still won the battle. But we had our daily monumental brawls and fractious catfights with no quarter given. My ISO is an alpha male after all and I'm... whatever, I just hate to lose. Especially to him.

I laugh at defeat.

This means war!!

Guess we knew after all that no matter how far we might go, we still had an unbreakable bond... of friendship, if nothing else. Hard to dismiss someone I've shared nasi lemak with during primary school recess.

This time around however, things are a little different with Calvin and I sometimes forget. You see, my Calvin here is a more sensitive beta fellow. Each time I even throw him my evil eye, he flinches and I feel bad. Try to tone it down these days but sometimes on the rare rainy days Saint Wicked inevitably seeps through. It's hard keeping evil down after all.

But don't raise your arms to defend the fella yet. Monstrous though I can be, that still doesn't stop Calvin from going all crazed bitch with me sometimes - since he knows a tough guy like me can take the punch.

Compromise. We're learning. :)


Ryan said...

Aww... That's sweet! What more can I say?

:: samasam :: said...

well i bet, that is the healthy relationship ain't ?

Jason said...

I wish there's someone for me whom I can fight with :(

Queer Ranter said...

As weird as this may sound but occasional arguments and disagreements are healthy for a relationship. Rather than it suddenly blow into a huge fight. :)

Makes the relationship feels alive and dynamic.

JL said...

hmmm... what and how to argue ya? not really good at this :P

William said...

The Chinese saying, "Fight at the bedhead, resolve at the bedtail". Hopefully ends with sex.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Dear Paul, if I could be so blunt to ask a link from you please? I'm Pisanu from Bangkok. I run a bisexual blog and features Eurasians. Obviously, I have been following your blog for sometime now and this is the only time I had the nerve to leave a comment. :-)


Ryan said...

Though I don't profess us to be those lovey-dovey cooing couples (ugh!), Willsn & I have not had our First Big Fight (tm). Should I be worried that the waters are so calm?

What's your diagnosis Doctor?

closetalk said...

hehehe. cute. i'm seeing pink angry rabbits in front of my head right now. teehee

Janvier said...

It's them little tiffs that allow for the fun of 'Kiss And Make Up'. :)

gaia19 said...

The more you post about Calvin, the more I adore the man (and I don't even know him).

savante said...

But not diabetic I hope, ryan.

Well I guess it is kinda, samasam.

:) You sure you want that, jason?

Alive and dynamic.. I can imagine you and your bf then, queerant.

We will not teach you, sweetie JL.

Bedtail, william :)

Not a problem, pisanu but which site?

Take deep breaths, ryan. The time will come :)

PInk angry rabbits would be SBB, closetalk. :)

True enough. I do that all the time, janvier.

Glad you're loving him as well, gaia.