Sunday, July 01, 2007

Betrayal in the Banana

An early evening in the meandering historical enclaves in Malacca as two friends met up for Bailey's Irish Cream Cheesecake. Big Bicep Barry had called me out earlier for the hilarious mockumentary Surf's Up - incidentally the perfect animated movie for a laid-back surfer dude like him. Though I had some serious doubts, surprisingly enough surfing penguins with koa surfboards actually work :) A pity they didn't have Jack Johnson strumming his tunes though.

Still Barry had other more important things on his mind.

Paul : Seriously. You got a new place to avoid bad funk shui?
Barry : Seriously. Hoping for a reversal of fortunes.
Paul : You couldn't get new underwear instead? Maybe red Aussiebums?
Barry : No. So where's Charming Calvin? Thought he was coming down this weekend?
Paul : Yes, my poor dear. All alone.

Or that's what Calvin would like me to assume. For almost a year now he has led me to believe that he leads the life of a strict seminarian observing piety and chastity in his secluded hermitage / apartment during the weekends I go home.

Do not be fooled! Well he plays the sympathetic role of the discarded boyfriend weeping over a dinner of Ngan Yin peanuts and soya milk in his derelict abandoned apartment but I now know better. While I'm away for the weekend thinking with some heart-rending guilt that Calvin's sitting pitifully rejected by the phone waiting for it to ring, in reality he's actually out having the time of his life partying without restraint at the new Banana!

Really! While I was gone, it seems my man spent the time drooling over Sean Ghazi's tight bubble butt in Banana Republic. Wholly bewildered, I don't know which I'm more jealous of - the Banana or Sean's banana.

More likely Sean's.

Sean Ghazi
Seriously. Go listen to Semalam!

Come on. Sexy. Intelligent. Articulate. And the man can seriously sing.

And did I mention his ass? Which even my taciturn Calvin didn't fail to mention which tells us something. There was even a naughty bit about Mr Ghazi's perky nipples as well but I shall keep that to myself ( unless Mr Ghazi himself wants to know and then he's more than welcome to mail me :P ). Though I hear from my sources that the man's already taken I can still dream, can't I? Sean Ghazi naked on a grand piano - that's my new fantasy of the week.

From what my reliable partner tells me though, seems like the Malaysian crooner performed a few songs at the opening of the Banana Republic.

And I missed it. Damn.

Then again if I had been there... I would have followed Mr Ghazi to the parking lot ogling his delicious ass. Then spent the night in jail waiting to be bailed out for stalking. Hmmm...


charming calvin said...

I also mentioned he totally couldn't dance. And yes, he couldn't. I wish he could learn it (really fast) because that's what entertainers should do, at least entertainers with tight butt should, it's a sin to not shake that butt.

And I am alone at home. This time I even bought 2 packets of peanuts. It's true.

Chris Vineyard said...

no need to go and see other people la... charming calvin already hot enough... sudah ada temannya nak menggatal pulak... :P

matrianklw said...

Aiyo! I thought I was the only one who thinks Sean Ghazi's hot. Well, not that hot, but still charming (that's all I can say from his posters!).

Though, I've never listened to him before. Been trying to get my hands on him (his album!) in the online world or the pirates but I can't seem to find him.

Kinda got me interested with his looks and the fact that he does jazz. Tell me if you can find him online? Or better yet, get a copy for me if you happen to get one? =P

Ryan said...

If I am not mistaken the Banana Republic has its opening on Friday night in KLCC. I passed by the KLCC center court not knowing what's Banana Republic. Thought it's gonna be a banana festival or what. But I didn't find any bananas around. Disappointed.

Sean Ghazi?! Hmm... I have never heard him singing yet. Thought it was the Malaysian version of Michael Buble. I'll check out his butt whenever possible.

"I would have followed Mr Ghazi to the parking lot ogling his delicious ass. Then spent the night in jail waiting to be bailed out for stalking. Hmmm..."

That's a good one. Keep it as your fantasy, alright?! Don't want anybody to get into trouble.

cajunwolf said...

Hello I am back! For now anyways!

I'm gonna try to keep blogging as often as necessary. It's just hectic around here. I miss reading your blog and I'll try to read and keep in touch more often!


JL said...

c.calvin... juk juk juk...

:: samasam :: said...

G. Sean is HOT ok!! walaupun umur dia dah 38 tahun sekrg...

Sam said...

I'd probably head over to jail to bail you out, but not before ogling at Sean Ghazi sign the forms at the counter - and getting thrown in jail myself for indecent behavior. :P

Elliot T. McBeal said...

Oh... I made Sean's website, he's nice... he bought us this unbelievable delicious chocolate cake :)

thompsonboy said... did the website one ah. No wonder la.

Anyway, doc. Don't you dare buy anything from BR. The pricing is crap. You are paying competitive pricing to Ralph Lauren but gaining less credibility/glamour factor for 0.10 cent sweatshop labour work.

Boycott BR. Boycott Gap. Show them we Malaysian are not as stupid as that.

zack said...

thanks paul for you comment in my blog

savante said...

A sin not to shake that tight butt? Hmm... only calvin! :)

Tengok aje. Bukan kata aku mengorat Sean Ghazi, chris :)

Can't find him? I am stunned. Go check in your record stores! I've seen them everywhere, matt. If at a loss, even San Francisco Coffeehouse sells them.

Ryan, I know! And Anya Hindsmarch is gonna sell that plastic bag. :P

Thanks, jamie. THat's sweet!

You can say that again, jl!

He's aging wonderfully. I thought he's younger than that, samasam. Must be on account of that ass.

Enough of the May-December ogling, sam :P

Send us some nice pics of Sean Ghazi then, elliott!!

Thanks for telling me that, thompsonboy. I was this close to getting a jacket.

No prob, zack!


Vengelyne said...

I was so sure I commented last night abt this Ghazi fella.

Anyways, I said that I used to go to the same gym as him until I switched gym. He's also not very tall.

Anonymous said...

once i saw him changing at the gym, too bad i only managed to see his ass...nice bubbly butt. wished he would turn, but he didn't n wrapped a towel n headed to shower.