Saturday, July 21, 2007

Spill the Beans

Surprise parties aren't easy to plan. There's always a tendency to slip especially when a large multitude of people are involved. Someone always manages to spill the beans.

Or at least a bean.

In today's case, a particularly oblivious neighbour of mine almost let fall the secret but we managed to retrieve that little nugget of information before my perspicacious mother managed to piece together the pieces of the puzzle. I do come by my snooping skills honestly after all.

Fortunately I had my friends close at hand. Or at least Big Bicep Barry ( since Charming Calvin is away tending to familial upheavals ) who managed to keep my increasingly suspicious mother busy while we were busy setting up the stage. It was a hit surprisingly and no one could have been as pleased as my mother to have a surprise party planned for her.

What's this I hear about a party?

Of course she couldn't have been half as surprised as I was when the unsinkable Fanny Flake made an unprecedented appearance, not only intending to share in the just heavenly birthday cake but also obviously to make off with some forbidden man-candy as well.

I doubt Barry was as pleased by the fact since he was obviously the scrumptious man-candy in question :P Seemed like our brawny hero had made quite a hit with her before - though it seemed to take her a while to rev up her rusty engine to respond. I would have made my move a long time since. I had some inkling of her manhunt the week before when she sent me a message asking about the man's current availability.

Since she'd made her last disastrous appearance woefully underdressed earning two thumbs down from the disapproving critics, Fanny had decided to overcompensate this time by dressing up to the nines in strappy skyscraping heels and a scandalous micromini. Seemed like she'd decided to make a last ditch attempt to gain his attention since she found herself fortuitously glued to his hunky side from sofa to buffet table. Surprisingly quite tenacious this little lady.

Quietly amused, I watched in increasing awe as the slinky predator cornered its lean, mean, sex-machine prey, weaving an endless web of prattle from Harry Potter's Deathly Hallows to boggling misadventures with board games. No doubt she was this close to suggesting a one-on-one adult version of Twister. Just like the last time, Barry's charming affability didn't fail to dim even a little though I saw that he was looking a bit stressed out at the end of the day.

Barry : A bit tired, I'm afraid. I gotta get some rest soon. I'll see you tomorrow.
Paul : Sure you wouldn't want to chat a bit more?
Barry : Ummm... a little sleepy. Just tell everyone I said goodbye.
Paul : Even Fanny? She might want to say farewell and...
Barry : No! I mean, don't call her. I gotta go.

Wonder whether I could get her interrogated for lunch tomorrow.


nyonyapenang said...

You are very good at planning surprise parties too, huh?

Ryan said...

OK. I also want surprise party. I guess nobody will ever do that for me. All my friends are just too busy to do that. They'll just simply buy a slice of cake from Secret Recipe and give me as a gift.

Poor Barry. Is he that hunky?!

savante said...

Hardly, nyonya! So many folks almost spilled the beans dammit.

They will do it one day for sure, ryan... now that they know :)