Friday, July 20, 2007

While You Were Sleeping

I slept with a man at work yesterday. And it wasn't Charming Calvin.

It was a brief interlude no doubt but we were still lying in the same bed, sharing the same pillow in the still of the night. Our hands ( and... *ahem* other parts ) almost touched making it feel like the beginning of an illicit affair. Scandalous? I know. What makes it worse is that I half suspect my erstwhile colleague could be a friend of Dorothy's as well since these days my previously rusty gay-dar seems to be working overtime.

Before you start reaching for some sharp stones to pelt the adulterer ( namely yours truly ), you gotta hear me out first. Listen to this bedtime story.

Bed hunk
Come back to bed!

It was early in the morning, the wee hours of the morning when I finally made it back to the oncall room. My back was aching, my head was throbbing but I was still thankful that I'd actually survived ( rather than having one of those awful disastrous calls ). Picture this. The room was pitch-black, tomb-silent and ice-cold, just so terribly tempting to just sink myself into the nearest mattress. Fortunately all the bunks were happily empty so I made my choice and settled myself in for the night. Unlike Charming Calvin who plummets straight into Non REM sleep the minute his head touches the pillow, I took a while before finally slipping into the land of Nod.

Not knowing that someone else would have the same idea barely an hour later. By that time I was already sound asleep ( anyone who has worked twenty hours straight would know the feeling ) and barely noticed that someone else had stumbled in to join me in bed until I drowsily turned over to find myself face to face - and nose to nose - with Brash Brandon.

I know. I thought the same. WTF!

But it was possibly three in the morning, my head was still floating and the words just wouldn't form on my cottony mouth ( otherwise I'd have eviscerated him for waking me up ). We all worry about things that go bump in the night but I'd never expected one to drop into my lap literally. Took my groggy head a while to even grasp the untenable situation.

Surprisingly Brandon didn't seem the least bothered. Perhaps playing musical beds was one of his talents. One would think that the fella would be hopelessly abashed or possibly dying of embarassment at finding himself sleeping in some other man's bed but he only grinned, his white teeth flashing brazenly in the relative darkness.

Brandon : Oops.
Paul : G'morning.
Brandon : Hi.
Paul : Your feet are cold.
Brandon : Heh.
Paul : Bad night?
Brandon : Yeah. *yawn*
Paul : Move over. I don't do strange men. You gotta buy me dinner first.
Brandon : I didn't realize you were sleeping here. Sorry.

After another enormous yawn, he nodded sagely, promptly crawled out and deposited himself in the opposite bunk.

Still want to stone me? Of course Brandon was just lucky I wasn't in the passionate throes of some wild wet dream involving Chris Evans and suntan oil. Bet he wouldn't be smiling then :P


Queer Ranter said...


Super scandalous. Is he hitting on you? :P

ry said...

Remember what they said about eating and shi**ing at the same place :)

Anonymous said...

If I were you and Brandon a really cute guy, I would have pretended to be asleep and see what he was REALLY up to ;>

And ofcourse I can always wake up just in time before he goes too far.

Lewis said...

At least it wasn't The Burning Bed. If Farrah Fawcett ever tries to get in bed with you,!

Sue said...

So just what was he up to? More information is required here Prince Paul for the final determination of motives operandi. Do you have any suspicions?

Cyclohelix said...

why doctor...almost a score there :)

matrianklw said...

Is that a waste of chance or faithfulness?? =)

Ryan said...

OHHH.... MY.... GOSH!!!

How come such things never happened to me?! Darn darn darn! Is he cute?

"I don't do strange men. You gotta buy me dinner first."

LOL... you're cool, man!

Brian Chang said...

Ah.. another case where you are almost fall into the category of adultery. I know you want to :p

Ban said...

Did you really say that to him? Kinda suspicious if you ask me.

gaia19 said...

I'd probably have screamed, and wouldn't that have been fun.


Don't you just have the best adventures ♥

EarlGreyTea said...

maybe he was hoping thAT U are having such saucy dreams ler... :p

doctor on flower bloosom luck eh..? :)

Vengelyne said...

What if you got molested (yippie for you?) whilst you were deep in slumber without knowing it? :P

Janvier said...

He might've ended up grinning wider if you had had that Chris Evans dream.

Ah-Bong said...

aren't u like, erm... *closeted* at ur place?
that last one of urs are... erm... WOW. haahaha...
i do strange men, provided they tell me they're queer first. hahah

Jason said...

*runs and sulks in with Ryan*

Yalar, how come such thing never happen to me?? *sniffs, stomp foot*

savante said...

Nah, queer rant. It's late in the night and we're all groggy. We tend to walk into walls if you must know.

Ah but it's different for hospital staff, ry :P

Tru, if Brandon were really cute, I might have stayed silent for a while more, anon :P

Ooh, Burning Bed. I'd have run screaming, lewis.

Not suspicious at all. It was late and he was semi conscious, sue.

Hardly a score, helix. Just a funny story.

Nothing happened, matt! :P

I mumbled that bit out, ryan. Wonder if he even heard.

Nah, I don't do adultery. Unless Chris Evans comes along, brian.

Not suspicious at all. It's dark and we're all confused at that hour of the morning, ban.

Uhh.. why scream, gaia?

Hardly flower blossom luck, egt. Where's my Chris Evans?

Hope I would have felt it, vengelyne but I doubt I'm all that tempting.

Wouldn't be surprised if he had, janvier.

I think most guys in the department have vaguely guessed my orientation, ah bong.

You want this to happen meh, jason?


Reyville said...

TAKE ME pls.