Sunday, July 22, 2007

Speak Serenity

The sand on the ground crunched under my new leather boots, spitting gravel as I walk towards the town. Silk and satin didn't exactly make it a good fit in this sultry weather but I hadn't had time to change after getting the distress call. Slick shiny citywear, the captain would call it with his signature smirk. Not exactly making a stealthy appearance but then again, I'm not exactly equipped for that. A showdown would no doubt have me riddled with bullets in seconds - not unless I manage to bean the assailant with my hefty medic kit.

My tranq gun would have to do for now though. Or even my acupuncture needles. But from what I knew of the brigands who traded here, I wouldn't get close enough to do so.

Wish I could say that I was running down to save lives because of my vocation but 他妈的. Gorram my ISO for getting into this business. Wouldn't have minded leaving him behind on the godforsaken planet to rot but he was the best captain around. And possibly the only one who could fly us the hell back out of this place. Only a milk run, my ISO had derided the latest job. A walk through the park, he'd said.

And so Calvin had tagged along. Weird enough to have my current flame being buddy-buddy like with my ex but now they were jetting off on missions together? Obviously I was the only one finding it crazy assed insane since everyone else wanted a piece of that action, everyone else in the crew including Shalom. Leaving the ship's doctor and the companion, Preity Posh behind waiting.

Exactly what did they expect the both of us to do?

Fortunately Preity seemed pretty well versed with a taser gun. Wonder exactly what they taught in the Academy. Fending off unwanted advances with a bullet?

Preity winced a little, a minuscule wrinkle on her perfect brow. And then I heard the sound I hated most in the world. The mechanical click of a rifle cocking.

Sean Maher
Dr Simon Tam

Then I woke up.

Yeah. Don't sit through a weekend marathon of Firefly and nachos if you don't want space frontier dreams. Same advice goes for Dim Sum by the way. But munch enough nachos before falling asleep after five consecutive episodes of Firefly and you just might find yourself centuries in the future flying around in a clunky spaceship speaking an amusing gobbledygook of Chinese and English cobbled together.

And if that still doesn't scare you, your ex just might be the captain.

Just last week, I finally purchased the series - after getting tons of online recommendations, egged on by my ISO. Seems like he'd seen an episode or two before, liked it and came around this sunday to join me for the marathon with tidbits in hand.

Now, which sci-fi / internet geek hasn't heard of the hype surrounding this particular series with the overzealous fans rallying when their beloved series was to be cancelled due to poor ratings. The dedicated Browncoats were right though - and I'm definitely a convert. Glad I finally got a chance to watch Firefly since I'm loving the series. And the quirky characters that populate the nifty ship ironically enough named Serenity. Joss Whedon wanted the original nine characters to view their journey in entirely different ways and he certainly managed to do that. From the heroic cowboy captain to the elegant witty companion, from the brash lawless mercenary to the urbane young surgeon.

My ISO : I'd have been a sheriff for sure. A good guy.
Paul : Get real. You'd have been the baddie. Probably even a petty thief.
My ISO : Whatever, I'd have been good, doc.
Paul : Hey, I could be the saloon owner dispensing gin with advice. The lawman arresting criminal deadbeats like you.
My ISO : Yeah right, Dr Quinn wannabe. City doc fraternizing with the yokels, I'd bet.
Paul : Probably have jabbed you with the biggest needle I could find then.
My ISO : You do that anyway.

Well just to prove him wrong, I decided to hunt down one of those quizzes you find everywhere on the net these days.

Hmm... guess my ISO does know me after all.

You scored as Simon Tam,The Doctor. You have a gift for healing that goes beyond education. You took an oath to do no harm, even when your patients have tried to kill you. You are out of place where you are, being used to refined society. However, if you take that stick out of your arse you should be fine.

Which Serenity character are you?
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Cyclohelix said...

the ISC (insignificant chats) keeps the flame going afterall... having that most of the time with a closer friend of mine who brings you to both heaven and hell at the same time,priceless...

Annie said...

Here's my score:

You scored as a Zoe Alleyne Washburne
The Soldier. You are the second in command, and that is fine. You like a chain of command, but only when the one in charge has earnt your respect. Those who earn your love or loyalty will find no one better to guard their back.

Is that good? I never watched the series; but from her picture she looks like a badass!

Ryan said...

I scored as the Capt. Mal Reynolds

"The Captain. You are the captain of the ship, so the crew are your responsibility. You just want to do the job, get paid and keep flying. Why is that always so hard?"

Oh, who cares?! But isn't Nathan Fillion looks HOT!?

Anyway, not so much into sci-fi movie/drama series unless there are hot guys "in action"! LOL...

Gauzzel said...


You scored as a Inara Serra
The Courtesan. You have a job that brings comfort to people and eases their burdens. It took years of training and dedication to perfect. So why do people keep calling you a whore? You tried to get away from those people, but something keeps bringing you back.

i am no whore man...

danielhenry said...

YES. it's true... we have a MIFC! LOLs.
dang you're an early bird... ;o)

Gauzzel said...

and wats a mifc?


savante said...

Oh that explains it then, helix.

Zoe is a tough babe, anniiieieie! :)

No argument there! Nathan Fillion is HAWT, ryan.

Hey, I love Inara. She's enchanting, intelligent and poised. What more could you want, gauzzel?

IT's already 10, man! What time do you wake up, daniel?


Sue said...

I scored as the Operative. I do what needs to be done, no matter what the cost. I'm not trying to get into heaven. Boy, that is for sure. I gave up on that a long time ago! God, I loved Firefly. Have you seen the movie yet? I think Josh missed the boat when he didn't make the movie R or X rated. I mean really, think of all the possibilities lost.

danielhenry said...

given the choice... never... LOL...
but when i'm working... usually... 6am... and i sleep at... 2am...
so you see... given a choice... i never wanna wake up from my dream land!!!