Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Crazy Clubbing

When I was in school, I practically joined everything. If it had a roster, a club charter and cute boys, I was in the club. From the Scouts to the Red Cross, from English Debate to Maths & Science, from the Choir to the Chess Club - and even to the Cricket Club ( don't even ask! ).

Even had a short memorable stint in the Student Counsellor's Club, believe it or not! Learnt way back then that being an agony aunt wasn't for me since I spoke much too plainly even then. More than a few troubled boys went wailing out of that counselling room, I can tell you that :P

Club's in session
Come join us!
( And I did! )

Seriously. I collected club memberships like other boys collected stamps or soccer player cards. Crazy juggling the entire lot but I somehow managed the near impossible. Not sure exactly what was my motivation was back then but it seemed like a fine idea at that time to reach out and socialize - I was a shy, tongue-tied wallflower back then but that didn't stop me from spreading myself around as the resident wallflower for as many societies as I possibly could.

Anyway it looked great on my resume.

But I steered clear of certain clubs. Two to be precise - the Brass Band and the 12 Drums Lion Dance Committee. Purely because they held activities during the weekends ( come on, wake up early on a weekend just to go bang on a drum? ). And partly because of the pure geekiness factor, I have to admit. Have you actually seen the unconventional uniforms? Somehow or rather these two clubs never held any appeal for the general masses - at least not in my school. Saturday Detention ( ah, mission schools and their love of penance ) and the two societies mentioned were synonymous - and obviously associated with juvenile delinquents and quirky society outcasts.

Schoolboys can be cruel, I know.

Well at least that's what we all used to think.

Paul : Horrible but true.
Calvin : But I was a charter member of the Brass Band. I played the oboe.
Paul : OMG.
Calvin : We won competitions!
Paul : You know, I might have locked you in the boy's toilet once. Maybe even gave you a swirlie.

Ironic. The guy I'm going out with actually attends Brass Band Competitions - until now! How cute is that! According to an earnest Charming Calvin ( not that I believe a word of it ) only the elite kids get to be chosen for the oh-so-cool brass band. Must make him dress up in his band uniform and let him play a tune for me :P

Then I can corner him in the men's room.


Ryan said...

Whoa! Aren't you tired joining so many clubs? So many commitments.

I didn't join too many clubs as most of the clubs/society's activities were held during the weekend. I even tried to come up with lotsa excuses to be absent.

kon kon said...

hope you enjoy Charming Calvin's music :p

err.. don't bully him too much lol

jason said...

The last part sounds interesting ^^

mstpbound said...

that last bit was titillating! :D :D more! more! haha you know what they say about people in BAND.... ;p ;p ;p

nemesis-on-fire said...

but i always liked the boys from the band...

they looked so cute and smart in their uniforms... :P

and they're musical....

then again, i was a nerd :P

himbos hold no appeal for me :D

Queer Ranter said...

Ooooo. Calvin in uniform. Kinky. :P

CTG said...

I was in the French club and Music society. Marching band was fun - but we just used our normal school uniforms. I went to an all-boys school btw, lol. The only thing was that marching and playing the flute at the same time caused some nasty bumps against the teeth -ouch!

Sue said...

Oboe eh? Lots of tonguing required for that instrument. I'm just sayin'.

kaze said...

tune up, calv! ladilalalalalalaa~

savante said...

But you get to know lotsa people, ryan. Nah, I joined because... not sure why...

He has developed better taste now, kon kon :P

What last part? Happens all the time, jason and mstpbound. And what do they about people in the band?

nemesis, you like the uniforms?!

Totally agree, queerrant.

Flute caused bumps on your teeth, ctg? What exactly did you do!

Muahaha, sue.

I am sure he does that fine, kaze.