Friday, July 27, 2007

Meet The Simpsons

If you'd told me that I'd have spent an enjoyable hour and a half watching the Simpsons ( and paying ten bucks ), I'd have snorted and laughed. Homer Simpson would probably have given a signature D'oh in reply!

Still the boys had voted nearly unanimously and I fell in easily with their plans. Glad I did though. Sure the movie is just an extended version of the regular TV series but hell, we all know the Simpsons are a barrel of fun. And terribly gay-friendly as well judging by the endless hilarious references in the movie ( including two amorous cops who end up tussling ala Brokeback Mountain into a sleazy motel ).

And who can forget the quietly adorable Waylon Smithers, sycophantic personal assistant to Mr Burns, the demonic tycoon of Springfield. Ah the love that dare not speak its name.

But of course none as oddly humorous as my Charming Calvin. You see, the reticent fellow failed to remind us that there was a short skit at the end of the credits where the Simpsons family sat down to actually watch their own movie.

Paul : Should have stopped us from running out of the cinema!
Calvin : How!?
Paul : Just tell us before we leave.
Calvin : You are unstoppable. Do you think I just met you yesterday?

Gosh. I sound like a freakin' force of nature.


adrien said...

we missed a part after the credits ke!? eekz! didn't know bout that either.

oh well. i had to pee badly anyway.

Roxie said...

I can't WAIT. It's gonna be awesome!!!

Also, hi. :p

Dave said...

For those who missed the credits...

Homer: (found a tub of popcorn on the floor after the end credits) Oh popcorn!

Lisa: Mum, i want to see that no animals are harmed in the process of making the movie.

And after the end credits...

Usher at the cinema: this is the type of job i got after studing in the film acdamy for 4 years.

Musang said...

alaaa... i baru je tengok simpsons tadi... and missed the last part.

should read your blog everyday laa macam nie..


aNson said...

i never like simpsons..
even when i am very very small..
everyone of them look too alike..

Maximus Leo said...

Hey - how goes the world with you? I have not been blogging for awhile. Anyway, don't think I will part my hard earned S$10 to watch the Simpsons. Will probably wait for the DVDs if not the RM10 at Petaling Street! :-)

josh kimura said...

Thx. Hontoni Arigatou. (^^)v

Anonymous said...

though i like futurama better, i guess i'm gonna watch this, too. thanks for the heads-up on the ending! :)

Sue said...

It was a perfectly cromulent movie I am sure.

savante said...

I know! Only found later from Calvin, adrien!

Hi, Roxie darlin! Hope you catch it over there!

Sounds hilarious, dave. Will try to look for it on youtube.

I know! We both missed it, musang! Damn.

But they're so hilarious, anson. Go take a look.

:) Not as easy to find these days, leo.

No problem, josh.

No futurama movie yet so you gotta be satisfied with this, mark :)

It was, sue. :P