Sunday, July 29, 2007

Karaoke Queens

Stereotypes are surprisingly easy to live up to. So what do you get when you have a bunch of Chinese boys ( well most parts... ) with several hours to kill on a Saturday evening?

If you guessed filthy dirrrty orgy like I did, you'd be dead wrong.

Seems like Chinese boys can be quite prudish when it comes to such delicate matters. Shy Asian blossoms, the lot of them. However they certainly didn't seem to have any qualms about thoroughly humiliating themselves by screaming their voices hoarse on the microphone in public.

Or at least that's what I used to term the dreaded bane of many, karaoke.

Since it was an impromptu farewell for Charming Calvin, I acquiesced with little demur, falling in with their enthusiastic plans - rather than follow my original instincts which was to run hysterically screaming as far as I could from the sleazy karaoke joint. After all Calvin's a typical Chinese communist indoctrinated fella - along with the Mao Red Book, they must have instilled the mantra to love karaoke.

Hunk with a guitar
Dang, why is he butchering my song?!

Over salty chips ( to get us all dead thirsty, clever these Red Box minxes! ), chicken wings and mountains of cream puffs ( my one weakness I admit ), we managed to make it through an entire repertoire of English and Mandarin songs from the terrifying 80s to the solemn 90s. Well my karaoke-phile friends managed to do so. I on the other hand butchered the whole lot by squealing inappropriately in unexpected intervals.

Of course with a bunch of fag wannabes in the midst, there were the typical musical showtunes ( The Phantom seemed to have made quite a surprising hit! ) to torch songs from Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive. From bootylicious gay icons such as Madonna to Abba's Dancing Queen ( and even to the gay-dont-wannabe Mika ), it wouldn't have surprised me to find them branding the lil karaoke room with a pink triangle.

Surprising to note though that the younger folk don't even know Madonna's Like a Virgin! Seriously what's the fabulous gay world coming to. Soon they might tell me they don't even know about Barbra! :O

But I did manage to view a surprisingly homoerotic music video from 2moro.

Guess Chinese boys aren't that prudish after all.


Ah-Bong said...

2moro's mv is so damn gay... and i mean... gay gay gay. LOL
but it's really sweet..

adrien said...

i. think. i've. lost. my. voice.

shouldn't. sing. phantom. songs. consecutively.

btw, that was rather quick of you to have found that video clip! i can still hear alex's "omg omg omg" in my head. lol.

like a virgin...eekz!! *shivers*

Ban said...

Haha...damn, wish I was there too. :(

Ryan said...



I am a ktv fan as well. Colleagues and I will at least go to Green/RedBox once a month!

Silentside said...

Meow...~ Karaoke... Bad singer but still like karaoke! Wish I could go as well... *sniff~

ry said...

heck with the singing..just watching that video will be well worth the trip...can't decide who's cuter, the artist or the actors in the video...sigh :)

Alex said...

Oh my Zeus!

Aren't the twins cute?????

It was such a great time with you guys.... I love the Phantom part and especially Adrien's high pitch singing.... And I was hoping Jin would sing Elliot Yamin :P Hehehe...

Jaded_Jeremy said...

I would pay to see Paul sing! I remember it was so damn hard to get him to sing even a line...decades ago ;-)

Read that to minimise chances of polyps growing on our vocal chords, we should restrict singing difficult songs to only 3 per karaoke session. Damn, I love singing.

The MV is light and sweet. Paul, try looking for an Emil Chau's MV of which the tune of the song is exactly the same as Ocean Deep and one of the main character of the MV is the main actor from Formula 17.

conan_cat said...

hum!! it's been so long since i've been to the karaoke room lor! i wanna mic-whore too! XD

and it's so sad that 2moro is not gay... haha

closetalk said...

ok, not knowing 'like a virgin' is a cardinal sin, i agree, but BARBRA???!!! omg... cmon, she cant even sing nicely!!!!

and yes, paul luv, u DO sound like a "force of nature"!!! hehehe

all the best, with CC gone now... sigh.

Reyville said...

Oh golly, THANKS for the video link. And oh, the pic's nice too.

Stephen said...

My one and so far only public Karaoke experience was prompted by so much alcohol that to this day I do not remember what I sang.

If indeed I actually knew at the time.

Jason said...

I remember that MV... kudos to 2moro! There's another one by Edison Chen... too bad I sucks in remembering song name.

William said...

I miss Karaoke!

adrien said...

william: didn't you miss it cuz you had a haircut appointment? whose ot blame here huh!? huh?! lol

josh kimura said...

thx! somehow i found my answer thx to u. btw wat with the eek thing? =p (^^,)v

Queer Ranter said...

Fun fun fun indeed. We should do that more often Paul. Rekindle your roots. Hehehh.

savante said...

IT is so damned gay, ah bong :)

Hey Like a Virgin is a staple, adrien :P

You should have driven faster, ban!

Once a month :O You are a real fan, ryan!

GASP. You wanted to come? Mana tau, silentside?

I know. Cute video, ry.

The twins are damned hot, wish they were more pics around though, alex.

No need to pay. Cats caterwauling like me would have people throw rotten tomatoes, jeremy.

Conancat, you sing too :O All Chinese boys are karaoke fans?!

Hey, don't diss poor Barbra, closetalk :P

I love the pic, reyville.

I wish I could blame the alcohol, stephen :)

Damn. Gotta go google all these videos you guys mentioned, jason.

You do? But why william!

Let me try to recall, josh.

My roots? :P Hi queerrant.


Jin said...

Oh ya... why no one chose Elliot Yamin for me to sing eh :P

Cyclohelix said...

Nice karaoke!

"The MV is light and sweet. Paul, try looking for an Emil Chau's MV of which the tune of the song is exactly the same as Ocean Deep and one of the main character of the MV is the main actor from Formula 17."

Well, i think i have uploaded the video on Youtube before, and here is the link (it's a meaningful one):