Monday, July 23, 2007

Take a Break

In a normal day's work for me, I hardly sit still. Work work work. That's all I do from the minute I clock in till the minute I leave. Just like the well-choreographed dramatics on medical dramas such as Grey's Anatomy, the hectic work continues non-stop just like the neverending patients who come streaming in to the hospital. When the adrenaline's pumping, the hours seem to fly by. Vitals crashing, patients destabilizing, medical staff yelling... never a boring moment that's for sure. Of course, there are brief moments of relaxation that we manage to steal, escaping for a five-minute kit kat break just to catch our breaths but those precious moments come few and far in between.

And then it's back to the madhouse.

Do I look stressed to you?

So when due to a surprising turn of events I find myself given a short spell of relaxation ( blame it on tons of leave backed up for months ) for the past few days, I find myself feeling almost guilty. Blessed miracle it may be but it's starting to make me look bad. Feels kinda weird going to the office to find that there's actually not much work to do apart from twiddling my fingers staring at the clock. I read. I do some paperwork. I check some medical journals. I look up and barely an hour's passed.

I read some more. I check in my locker. I look up again and it's barely ten minutes. Like shouldn't I be breaking my back working hard? Shouldn't I have something for me to do with my hands? Surely there are patients out there who need my help?

Then when I find myself breathing just a bit too hard, I rush to look in the mirror. Surely I haven't turned into a freaking workaholic / adrenaline junkie! One of those insane weirdos who break down when there's no work to be done?

Damn. This is my break. I just gotta relax.


closetalk said...

lol. dahling, i LUUUUV de snaps dat u dig up, but yes, u DO seem like a workaholic. u need some chilled white wine and a nap now. :)

A.d. said...

nice stories...but seriouslly...get some sleep ;)))

Ryan said...

Workaholic? Maybe. I guess you're just needing more time to slow down. I tend to freak out a bit when I don't have anything to do suddenly after working like a mad cow for a certain long period of time.

So if you find it hard to relax yourself, then try to do something you like. Your hobby? Or something you haven't done in a long long time. Make sure you take your time enjoy what you're doing.

Or perhaps just go and sleep. Maybe there'll be another scandalous event like the story you told us recently. Just a thought! :p

Jason said...

Long break? Stay away from the hospital doc! Then you'll eventually know what to do to kill time :)

nyonyapenang said...

you spend your well-deserved break at your office?
go plan some more parties. :P

Sue said...

Crossword puzzles waste lots of time.

Jonzz said...


If you can't relax when you have a break, it's when you really need to learn to take a break!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

thank you for the consult dr. savante!!

i guess its a personal first that a true-blue doctor visited my site. hope you liked your stay. =)

hope you'll enjoy your break.. take the time to do some soul-searching, to create new relationships, to do the things you love... and i want you to know that you've got a friend in me. =)

savante said...

Get me some wine, closetalk :)

I know I know! Shall do so, a d.

Slowign down for sure. Hardly did anything today, ryan.

And I will stay away from the hospital as mentioned, jason.

Though I'm not too sure about planning any more surprise parties, nyonya. Surprise parties are helluva difficult!

Can you tell that I hate crosswords and sudokus, sue?

Learning the rules now, jonzz.

Not a problem, ruff nurse. Glad to drop by.