Thursday, May 29, 2008

Playing the Coquette

In taking up the heavy burden of women's lib and feminism, I think some of the girls I know have turned their backs on the weapons readily available at their disposal. Opting instead for direct aggressive confrontation like any one of the rough testosterone-charged bulls rather than depending on their own feminine wiles to win the war.

Not knowing that the seemingly soft ways can be quite as effective.

So when my single galpal met up with a reasonably attractive guy in a bar, I expected at least a modicum of wink wink flirtation. Or at least a coquettish look with a come-hither smile though shaded lashes. Coming up with a smooth pick-up line is generally a job for the men ( sexist though! ) but I think the ladies can afford to offer some encouragement.

Hardly the case however.

It could have been a meeting at the boardroom with civil business-like handshakes all around. Half expecting a quick manly pat on the back actually. Seems like playing the sly coquette - a seemingly unscrupulous trick of the feminine persuasion - is a serious no-no breach of conduct for brash Miss Independents these days.

Did a quick head count of the truly flirtatious girls I know and realized that their numbers are seriously dwindling. Really? Are the days of the vamp over?

Boy, I could peel that shirt off you right now...

Hell, if plain flirting for practice is deemed a social faux pas, I'd be in serious danger of being branded a shocking tease! Come on, what's the harm with some coquetry? After all, isn't it nice to share a light dalliance with some amorous wordplay? For instance, rather than a simple strict hello at a meetcute with a reasonably charming fella, I would have found at least something sincere to compliment. Or at least titter a little.

Joe : Hello.
Paul : Hi, I'm Paul. You know, that's a really nice shirt.

And if I'm feeling daring enough ( or perhaps drunk enough! ) I might even run a finger assessingly down his shirt.

Seriously. It wouldn't be my first time. Perhaps I was a vampish courtesan in a past life.

Depending on how he responds to the teasing overture, I think I'd have gotten a reasonable reading of his character. Say what you might but first impressions do count. Look at it this way, any regular red-blooded joe would respond favourably to a light flirtation. Guys are built this way - we do like the occasional stroke to the ego. And if he has any sort of wit, he'd be able to counter with a sassy riposte.

Joe : Hello.
Paul : Hi, I'm Paul. You know, that's a really nice shirt.
Joe : Now, wouldn't you rather see me out of it?

Unfortunately not every guy's that quick ( or direct ) at verbal fencing. Usually you'd have to parry aimlessly a bit through the conversation ( a few detours over at his career and work life ) before you'd get at least a hint of humorous repartee. But you'd get there soon enough. Thankfully most of the guys hanging around bars are sensible fellas who don't mind having a lil something to talk about.

After all if you don't want to get picked up in the bar, buy some booze and hole up in your fucking mountain hermitage. Don't socialize if you're feeling antisocial. Of course be warned there are blackguards everywhere. If the guy in question can't take a compliment well and gives you an impolite rebuff, you can rest assured that he has got quite a chip on his shoulder.

Broad though those shoulders may be. Probably to accommodate the larger-than-life boulder of ego and insecurity perched on his shoulder.

No need to feel ashamed at the rejection though. Brush aside the glancing wound and call it an early save. After all, would you wanna date such an arrogant bastard?


Lewis said...

Coquette??? Isn't that something I should eat? Served alongside a pile of leafy field greens or something?

Darren said...

Hmm i wouldn't mind someone flirting with me either. Keke.

RPMnut said...

If you're the shocking tease, savante, then I'm likely the anti-tease. One with a shocking lack of practice on that front :P

gay camerawhore said...

Thanks. I'll use that line. . .I must be a bit slow. Should have said that last time a nice guy said he liked my jeans. . .
Oh well, there's always a next time. (I hope.)

savante said...

Another word for flirting, lewis :P

Neither would I, darren but those days are few and far between. Alas!

But I'm sure you have innuendoes aplenty, rpmnut!

No worries. You'll know what to say the next time, camwhore.