Sunday, May 18, 2008

Icons of Style

Personal style.

Have friends I've actually pegged with certain looks - for example Jaunty Jared with his snazzy psychedelic printed 70s shirts and Zany Zinedine with his chapeau fetish.

Never though that I'd actually have something approaching a signature look though. Thought I usually roll out of bed, throw on whatever's on the top of the cabinet and it's off I go. Usually to work hence my button-down shirts and such. Seems I was wrong though since my ISO called me up on it when we strolled by a men's store today.

My ISO : Hey, that sweater is so you.
Paul : What? It's so me!?
My ISO : Seriously. Preppy. Stripes. Gray-blues. So you. I call it Chandler-Meets-Nate-Archibald.
Paul : That's not too bad.
My ISO : I meant a bad version of that pairing.
Paul : Bitch. You are so paying for that sweater if it suits me.

Would have been insulted that he'd pegged me so easily but I couldn't blame him though. Especially after strolling in for a random peek and realizing that I actually liked the cashmere sweater on the mannequin - and it certainly suited me. Damn.

Chace Crawford
Prep chic - that's me, Nate Archibald.
Paul is just a cheap pretender.

After running through an inventory of my wardrobe, I've come to realize that apart from a light smattering of reds and pinks in the mix, the majority of my button-down shirts and striped sweaters are in sedate blues and grays. And judging from the pants hanging in my wardrobe, I'm obviously a conservative Dockers kinda guy.

Wonder whether that says something about me.

Guess the leather pants and hawaiian shirt hidden deep in my closet is gonna stay in the bottom drawer for a while longer.

BTW obviously I did purchase the sweater.


Queer Ranter said...

I thought going nude is more of your style. :P

Anonymous said...

Did you make your ISO pay for it?

I'm imagining you wearing leather pants combined with hawaiian shirt *giggles*

savante said...

But we'll keep that our secret, won't we, queer rant?

Hardly, lada-hitam. I think I can buy some things myself :P