Friday, May 30, 2008

Begging for Mercy

I do have a serious weakness.

That radio-active something - my kryptonite - that really makes me weak in the knees.

Which evidently leaves me gaping agog over a dinner table with my wine glass in hand, the entire conversation forgotten as I stare transfixed.

At a man's arms. Call them whatever you want - biceps and triceps - but yeah, a pair of really great guns really gets me going. And like the eyes of a trained predator, I can spot sculpted gym-bot arms from at least a hundred metres away on a busy mall floor. Whether guy has a bald pate, a straining paunch or a face like the back of a bus, all that comes in secondary since I usually zero in on what's under his sleeves first.

Now I'm ready to carry those bags...

And not what's under his pants - get your minds out of the gutter :p

Paul : I almost bought that CD at the fest when I....
My ISO : Paul? What are you looking at? FUCK.
Paul : What ... what?
My ISO : Stop staring. You're drooling over the waiter's arms again.
Paul : Well he flexed when he picked up the plates. Sorry for noticing.
My ISO : Look at mine then.
Paul : Nice but you're wearing long sleeves. I need upgrades on my X-ray vision.

Seriously. Nothing better than the curvaceous swell of hard muscle under cotton sleeves with the long line of vein that you just wanna lick. My ISO claims it's some subliminal Freudian obsession to have a guy who'd take care of me by shouldering my heavy shopping bags. Hence the muscular arms.

Kinda makes embarassing sense actually. Especially judging by my weighty hardcover purchases at the bookfest today! Easy enough to claim that my income tax rebate for books has been well exceeded since March. Honestly, a measly thousand wouldn't cover a tenth of the books I buy.

BTW if you were wondering about the CD I almost bought ( and weren't irresistibly swayed by the sweat-soaked vision of a man's beautifully sculpted arms! ), check this out. It'll have you begging for mercy for sure.


underneath said...

You should for sure buy it! Duffy has the most rare and beautiful voices of the time. It is truly a great album!

freshmess said...

roundish strong legs are nice, too. :)

Lewis said...

An arms man, eh? Sigh. I'm afraid I'm just out of luck then. You wouldn't be at all happy with me. Skinny arms and legs. Damn.

Bengbeng said...

to get arms like that in the pic takes years of training and hard work. most of us aim to keep fit and healthy in the gym only :)

dylan86 said...

I am seriously in love with this song especially so after the morning crew did a parody on it.

lada-hitam said...

Bookfest! I want to go! Sadly, I could only visit Kinokuniya today :(

Man's arms? I prefer thighs myself, especially if it's nicely muscled and connected to bubble butt ;p

Anonymous said...

What does ISO stand for...I kind of thought it meant "InSignificant Other" but...LOL

deeperanddeeper said...

yes, absolutely. the right pair of arms can be such a turn on... !! I too have an "arm-dar". some kinda fetish perhaps?! eek! :p

savante said...

Great! Finally a recommendation, underneath.

Haven't reached that far yet, freshmess :) Just focus too much on arms.

Doubt you'd be very happy with me either, lewis :P

But it's so damned tiring, bengbeng!

They did! I am so tuning in again to catch it, dylan!

Why didn't you drop by the fest the ladahitam! It's so near!

yeah, it does mean Insignificant Other. Why, anon?

Nah, we just like arms. THough I'm curious about your reasons, deeper.


Anonymous said...

sorry, didn't mean to go anon. Just wondering. I think ISO is a great little quip. It basically tells one everything you need to know about the status....i assume. LOL....