Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pride and Prejudice

Obviously my wicked reputation precedes me.

Or maybe it's just my avidly ogling eyes - though I seriously doubt it. Whatever it was, when I walked into the on-call room this evening, I found McWacky in a state of undress. Seems like the sultry weather outside had forced him to abandon his clothes in a freakin hurry. Now now... don't get too excited. I certainly wasn't.

Firstly, it's McWacky. Like ... huh? Let's be honest here - McWacky's built like a skinny stringbean straight out of the cruel depths of some wartorn, starving third world nation - certainly no shiny buffed-up Chris Evans for me to drool over.

Secondly. It's only his shirt off. And it was certainly not some cheap come-on.

Man In Hiding
At least give me something to ogle - like this fella!

Certainly see no reason for our freakish McWacky to screech like a defiled Victorian virgin caught en déshabillé to reach for the blankets to cover up in a hurry. Probably would have clung desperately to the chandeliers - if we had them.

Gobsmacked yet again by his unpredictable reaction, I was caught between the sudden urge to laugh in derision - or to bitch-slap him repeatedly. Come on, I might be a lusty raging perv ( and seriously sex-deprived ) but even I have my standards! Swear I didn't even ogle for a second! Hell, I'd have told our capricious friend to keep his clothes on if he hadn't gotten to it first. :P


deeperanddeeper said...

Maybe McWacky had it all planned out! He's probably expecting you to walk in on him! Haha! :p

Glog said...

Its disturbing to have people scar your mind with those awful images...

David the Man said...

Were you excited when he got undresssed? :O

savante said...

Had it all planned, deeper? Don't scare me!

Glog, I am erasing it from my mind at the moment. It never happened, I swear.

Oh pls. I couldn't get away faster. david.