Sunday, May 04, 2008

Thrill of the Hunt

Men are primarily hunters.

Back in the good olde days when prehistoric monsters roamed the earth, alpha males had to survive by flexing their testosterone - keeping a watchful eye over their clan to the best of their ability by wit or guile.

Not to mention ensuring their precious progeny survives the turmoil of the hostile environment. So here their choice of mate comes to play. Men had to find the perfect mate - not just any runaway cavewoman who hunched on by in her straggly loincloth. Unfortunately in those times where men still lived hundreds of miles apart - and the population probably numbered less than a few thousands, the choice was slim pickings. You just bashed the closest wandering babe and dragged her home - then prayed really hard to some heathen gods it wasn't your sister or worst, your mother.

Without make-up or nair, they all likely looked the same.

Despite the fact that men have stood up to listen to Ipods, things haven't changed all that much since then - and those primal survival instincts haven't faded away. Reason enough that men do tend to stray in search of greener pastures, fertile ground and younger mates.

Time to move on...

Despite having better taste in cave paintings, gay men aren't all that much different. Worse in fact when you have two hunters cooped up in the same cave - both out to score with the new younger meat. After all, there's always younger, leaner, sleeker prey leaping gaily around the pastures.

Sad fact - I can count on my hand the number of gay men I know who have stayed in the same relationship for more than five years. Not sure how we're ever gonna plan homo dinner parties at this rate! Gotten so inured with the recurring news of breakups that I hardly batted an eye when I heard that one of my friends had just broken it off with his boyfriend. I'd have been more surprised to hear of a commitment ceremony!

Isn't that sad? And you wonder why I'm cynical.


Quentin X said...

There's something in that water you're drinking.

sbanboy said...

I am waiting to be your wedding photographer :)

Glog said...

Whats with the negative remark???

Of all people you shouldn't be worried right???

Queers United said...

i think gay culture is shifting and the idea of long term relationships are starting to take hold as society accepts us