Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting over Barnes

Forget what I said about being independent.

If a prince charming ( who incidentally looked like Ben Barnes ) asked me to stay in his fairytale kingdom with the minotaurs and the dwarves, I am so dropping all my lofty ambitions to chase this particular happily-ever-after. Need you even ask?

That wasn't the reply given by Susan Pevensie. Seriously tough gal with impossible standards, I'd say.

Ben Barnes
Disregard the dwarf. Focus on the prince.

The guy is smokin' hawt ( even in tights! ). The guy is chivalrous. The guy is a prince. What more could a upper-class Brit lassie want? Sure, obviously staying in the Kingdom of Narnia without make-up and perfumes would be intolerable. Let's not forget cleaning after the numerous centaurs and minotaurs leaving their... daily contributions on the castle floor. And I guess regular armed battles in muddy fields must be hell on the embroidered silk gowns.

Of course if I were Queen, I'd have the miserably muddied forest creatures a.k.a. the Talking Beasts sent out to the farm to work. Would be little need for a restive army after my sheer ruthlessness in savagely butchering all my enemies on the spot with a blunt axe ( rather than chatting endlessly about chivalry and nobility ) would send the rest of them cowering in the shadows. Can't do much about the decidedly poor retail experience over in Narnia but Aslan can always transport some designers over with his magical portals. After all, lowly pirates ( i.e. Telmarines ) sneaked over, I'm sure Manolos can do so too.

And yes, I did catch the movie Prince Caspian today with Jaunty Jared and Lanky Lex. Suggested a cosy threesome in the cinema but anything more than popcorn and movies would have gone over poorly with the Victorian prudesome. :P Witness their appalled faces when I mentioned Spin the Bottle during dinner later.

What can I say about the movie? The kids from the previous film are called in to help save their beleguered Narnia yet again - this time from a race of wicked overlords. It was alright for a rainy evening. Certainly different from the more sedate book I remembered reading in primary - yet I didn't find much to complain since most of the details of the Chronicles of Narnia have seriously faded with time. All I can recall are the High Kings and Queens. The rest of the books have congealed into a mess of silver chairs, horses and flying ships.

Of course we all dished about the movie after - but the topic inevitably veered to our friends since we had so much more than that to talk about, especially with our last outing being full of alcohol, skanks and laptops.


Sam said...

And on our end we're talking about busybodies, loud mouths and bitches.

Queer Ranter said...

I sure could use another night of drinking. :P

Not sure if I wanna catch this but I wanna watch Sex and The City!

Jaded_Jeremy said...

Peter looks better than Caspian, IMHO.

savante said...

Sam, the barb certainly stings when it's true, doesn't it :)

You're gonna have to wait a while more before it arrives on these shores, queer rant.

Seriously, jeremy?


William said...

"even in tights"? Better in tights. :P

hbjock said...

Can't wait to see it! :)

savante said...

True enough, william.

Make sure you catch it then, hbjock. Don't get your hopes too high tho.


mrs phillippe said...

I watched it last nite, and while watching can't help to think, Caspien will look very pretty as a drag LOL he's too beautiful for me, I prefer Peter. But needless to say, 90% of the women and PLU's who go watch are only going because of Caspien LOL