Thursday, May 22, 2008

Students Sexy School

Look, I'm a gay man.

Pretty obvious if you've been following my last few posts. But I just had to reiterate that fact. You see, I don't see the unique licentious charm of schoolgirls in uniform - all those buttons, bows and white blouses. Peeking through the blue pinafore for a glimpse of lacy bra isn't going to turn me on. Despite the fact that some grown men do furtively fantasize - no matter how secretly - about such dirty scholarly fetishes.

Then again, give me the reverse and I could possibly drool just a lil. Gotta admit I have had the stray sexual thought when I see a particularly hunky kadult strolling by in school uniform. No doubt some passing fancy in school that I buried deep deep inside only to resurface now.

Don't you think we look hot in prep school uniforms?

But I don't blame the hot-looking teenage boys for trying to entice me with their sweaty muscles inside transparent white shirts. Nor trying to seduce me with their shockingly tight green uniform pants.

Because they are not to blame.

It's all in my perverted lil head.

At least I do admit that. Guess not everyone thinks the same since there are folks out there - specifically the National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia - who are out to declare the school uniform far too licentious for public viewing. According to Munirah Bahari - vice-president of said association, covering up according to Islamic precepts was important to fend off social ills, including rape, sexual harassment and even premarital sex - possibly leading to babies born out of wedlock and prostitution.

Sounds like I'm reading from the Victorian Times circa 1800s but I kid you not.

By reading from their entirely erroneous method of leaping to far-fetched conclusions, don't they know what comes next after covering up with a dresscode to avoid the things they mentioned? That leads to one brilliant mind suggesting placing the women out of harm's way by enforcing a strict curfew. Then another one would come up with the next option which is to have them all cloistered in a convent together.

Lo and behold. No more female students. No more Munirah Bahari as vice-president either. Haven't we all seen this happening before?

Brava, I say.

Sad to note that a number of our students these days are just as close-minded as I imagined. Just exactly what asinine rubbish is being taught to them! Having such a statement coming from a myopic female student herself, I find myself astonished not only by the fact that she said - but also why she hasn't been lynched by half the independent-minded females I know. Come on, what happened to blaming the predatory paedophilic-minded offender? Don't point the finger at the victim dammit. Rape's never the fault of the victim.

I wish they'd just remember that.

And stop blaming the dress.


Jaded_Jeremy said...

"Don't point the finger at the victim dammit. Rape's never the fault of the victim."

Darn right! Ridiculous people.

Anonymous said...

i JUSTTTTTTT read that stupid thing.

don they just sound like people from the scale association,

prolly it's a planned thingy by the scale...


la tea de fire~~`

Queer Ranter said...

Should just chop it off really... Stupid narrow minded pricks...

Oh but I love Chuck, Nate and Dan~~~

Legolas said...

Why you didn't put up her blog address so that people can go bash her stupid statement and that useless brain?

Perky said...

Instead of blaming the dress, she should try to educate the public on the basics of respecting another person's body, i.e. don't violate someone else's body juz coz you get a turn on.

Blaming the victim is the same as saying,"I have a vagina, therefore I should expect myself to get raped".

I hate her. She just takes stupid to a whole new level.

Will said...

Actually, there's a solid body of evidence that when kadults (love that--is it an invention of yours?) become involved with older male teachers, the boy is frequently the seducer of the man.

Bengbeng said...

sometimes i think people like that live in a different n parallel world with ours. when i read the post I thought to myself,"Huh?" I wonder what were the real motives of issuing a statement like that?

when there is lust, there is matter how a person is clothed

savante said...

Jeremy, we think them foolish but it's true that a segment of the population thinks that way. Sad.

Yeah, it does sound quite staged, la tea.

They do look cute tho, queer rant.

No need to popularize her blog anymore than it already is, legs.

So right, perky. We should teach our kids to respect each other.

Kinda like Andrew in Desperate Housewives. Totally agree, will - since I was kinda sexually mature at that age as well. I knew what I was doing after all. But not all of us mature in the same fashion.

Agreed, beng beng.


gay camerawhore said...

I am trying to imagine as a boy coming home from school in something like a chador, instead of slinging my blazer over my shoulder, tugging my shirt out of my pants, loosening my tie and baring half my chest . . .(All of which had to be tidied up as I got to the front door, of course.)

(But then. look how I turned out, too. . .But I never got raped, or raped anybody.)

This kind of thing scares me. It's not even medieval. It isn't even Victorian, it's just repressive.

Anonymous said...

They forgot that some girls do want to get rape...

gay camerawhore said...

Really. Like some boys who did what I did on the way home from school, I suppose?

Alex said...